Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. & Dr. Dosal!!

Everyone associated with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue extends their most sincere congratulations to our loyal volunteers Lauren and Mike who just graduated from vet school at the University of Minnesota!!

These two have volunteered for RLRR since they were in college together and continued all through vet school. We knew them before they were married :-)

They have helped with community outreach bringing food, houses and straw bedding to animals without shelter.

They have made countless trips to the shelter to help with chores and socialization of the dogs and cats.

 There has been lots of cuddling and kissing involved along the way.

They have helped at so many fundraisers. Don't let that sweet smile fool you -- don't challenge Lauren at bowling!

They have helped at clinics from the very start and got some early experience neutering cats for us.

The cold winter weather never stopped them and I know their youth and smiling faces helped Karen keep going many times.

They have driven loads and loads of supplies up to the shelter and transported animals back to the Cities. They have also fostered many cats and dogs from RLRR and helped find homes for even more.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sami, the senior pug, is home

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received an older pug dog transported from White Earth. We arranged placement with Grey Face Rescue and they adopted her out to a great home. We are happy to partner with WE R Furr Rescue and Grey Face Rescue in order to save Sami and others like her!

Karen & RLRR


We adopted sweet little Sami the Pug about 2 weeks ago! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and the perfect companion for our other Pug who is both deaf and blind. 

She has adjusted well and learned the routine quickly! Seems like we have had her forever. She enjoys spending time outside, lots of belly rubs, and laying on Dad's lap! We cant help but spoil her because she is such a good doggie and we love her so much!

Thank you to both Rosie's Rescue and Greyface Rescue for the amazing work you you do to help animals like Sami! Now Sami has her Fur-ever Home!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day: Thanks to Feline Rescue!

A skinny dehydrated mother cat who had given birth to five kittens on April 1 was dropped off at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a few days later, after two of the kittens died. Karen fed the hungry mama and kept the kittens alive with formula until the mama started to produce milk. The little family came down to the Twin Cities on the next transport to be fostered by Feline Rescue, Inc.

Mama is a pretty calico and her surviving kittens are all orange and white boys. I am their foster mom, so I got them set up in my bathroom/nursery.

Kittens are safely in the tub lined with padding and fleece and a cozy teepee den. Mama is free to come and go from the tub when she needs a break to eat or use the litterbox.

It wasn't long before the tent bed was too small for the whole family, but the kittens kept using it for naps until they learned how to climb the tent bed and then they slept on top!


Originally, I thought I would call the group the April Fools because of their birthdate and name them after famous red-headed comedians, but the kittens were just too yummy and sweet, so I named them after favorite golden treats with fun names.

Mama now gets time out in the rest of the house and the kittens are approaching six weeks of age and are anxious for life outside the confines of the bathtub. The bathroom will be space enough for them for a few more weeks. They will be ready for adoption after spay/neuter when the kittens reach 12 weeks of age. Contact Feline Rescue foster adoption coordinator Joan at 651-705-6264 if you are interested in meeting them!

RLRR blog editor

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Animal Clinic May 5-7

Community Animal Clinic - Thursday through Saturday at NOON, May 7.

Services for all dogs and cats, and grooming!


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