Friday, January 31, 2014

Transformation of Herman (now Kodi)

We introduced you to a very miserable Herman on a blog post about six weeks ago (Link to it here). Since then he has made a remarkable recovery in the kind care of Dr. Melissa at Minnesota PAWS Rescue.
Kodi (formerly Herman) is doing fantastic, he has hair almost growing in every where and shedding the old hair like a mad man!! 

He is now loving life, running around the backyard in the snow with my 2 big dogs, playing with toys and just having fun! He is one great pup! 

He is getting neuterd next week and he will soom be able to find a family to call his own! He is one of the best fosters that I have had!
I am floored by how Herman now looks! What a makeover!! I am so pleased and so happy we went out on that cold day to pick up this boy! Thank you Dr. Melissa and foster mom, Nicol!!

Karen RLRR

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Superbowl fan!

He plans on watching the Super Bowl !
Foot is doing great.

Abused kittens

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call from a woman that she and her kids had two kittens since October. She explained that the kids were not kind to the kittens and she wanted to "get rid" of them as one of the kittens had bitten her child.
Dan went over there to pick them up. Then the woman called again to say that there was a rubber band around the leg of one of the kittens! She had NOT bothered to remove the rubber band and now the kittens foot is swollen with infection and hard.
 Polly rode with Dan and the kittens and she removed the rubber band. We started the kitten on antibiotics right away. It appears the rubber band had been on the leg for some time - so sad!  :( 

We were very grateful to ACT V that they offered to take the kittens for medical care and foster care.


They made it from Red Lake just in time. Taylor had a rubber band place around his leg for an unknown period of time. Karen took it off last week. By the time we got him today, all the skin on the foot fell off. It’s going to take some time, but I think the foot will be ok.

The kittens look understandably solemn now, but I know they will brighten up in foster care.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buffy: Shave, bath and life indoors

Poor Buffy arrived the second week in January at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  He was living outdoors in subzero weather and at first we thought he may be part schnauzer. Dan brought the little guy to the shelter. Buffy was very frightened at first, and gradually came around and was moved into the cathouse where he was warm and cared for by Geri.
After being in the cathouse a few days we got the good news that Jean Rice of Carver Scott Humane Society would take Buffy into her foster care and that’s when his new life began.

It was obvious that Buffy had never been groomed and his nails had not been clipped.  Thanks to Jean, Buffy was shaven, bathed and his nails were clipped. Buffy is actually a poodle!  Now Buffy has a new lease on life and hope for a forever home where he will be properly cared for. 
Red Lake Rosie’s would like to remind local residents that we provide grooming and bathing at our clinics, and there should be no reason why Buffy should have suffered all his life in this condition.  Also, if you decide to have a long-haired breed dog or cat, you MUST provide brushing and grooming. And certainly, these small dogs should not be living outside in this harsh climate!   
Thank you Dan, Jean, Carver Scott and transporters for helping us get Buffy on to a decent life.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR 
Here's a new photo of Buffy, after his grooming. He loves cuddling, but, also loves to wrestle with our puppy Rico.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's it all about, Alfie?

Alf goes from the garbage dump to living large in Minneapolis with P.U.P.S. Rescue!
A larger black fuzzy puppy was found at the Red Lake garbage dump huddled against the garbage bin on a very cold day. Thankfully, Dan found him and brought him to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. It did not take long before we named him ALF as he reminded us of the little television personality ALF from the past.

Soon we moved Alf into the cathouse and did some clipping of the matts and gave him a nice warm bath. Alf was a model puppy- no barking, no fussing in the bath, and seemed to be so grateful for the love and attention we started showering him with. Alf played quietly in his cage which became a very safe place for him. We left the gate unlocked so Alf could come out whenever he wanted.
We are so happy that Alf got his chance to leave the shelter on Sunday January 19th and go to P.U.P.S. Rescue in a foster home. We sadly miss him but know he is in good hands and now will have an opportunity to get his “forever home” that he deserves so much - this is one GREAT dog.

Alf made many friends, canine, feline and human, during his time at RLRR!!
Alfie is a new foster transferred to us from Red Lake Rosies. Alfie is about 3 months old and weighs about 15#. He was found running loose at the garbage dump, likely dumped by people who could no longer care for him. He is definitely having a bad hair day! He was pretty matted and the fine folks at Rosies trimmed them out, leaving his coat a bit hacked up. He may have missed a few meals, but he seems to be in good spirits and good health. He will not be up for adoption until he has done some serious hair growing and is neutered.
We took Alfie to the vet yesterday for his check up with the idea of scheduling his neuter and getting the rabies vaccination done. The vet checked his teeth. The emerging tooth that I thought was an adult tooth…. That would be an emerging baby tooth. Not 4-5 months old, 8-10 weeks old. He already weighs 25#, not 15#. SO, he is not a cocker-cross; he is a Newfie on his way to 100# ++!!

Of course, the rabies vaccination and the neuter are delayed. The vet prescribed an antibiotic for his skin irritation and several baths with a medicated shampoo. The photos are evidence we got the first bath completed.

He spent much of yesterday hanging out with grandma Tansy and playing with Miguel. He is walking nicely on a leash now and loves going outside. While he is laughing at the cold, I am not so joyful. 
I'm not sure if Jeanne from PUPS contacted you. She took Alfie to the vet today and it turns out he is only 10 weeks old, he weighs 25 pounds and he is a Newfoundland. :)

The vet thinks he will weight 130 pounds as an adult.

How awesome is that?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life is looking up for Lou

Lou is one of the top 3 most starved animals I have had here at the shelter in the years we have operated.
Lou was found on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.  He went to the Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji and Saturday was transferred to the Red Lake Rosie’s Shelter where he is kept in the heated cathouse.  Lou is being fed small meals at regular intervals and is on ivermectin, antibiotics, and vitamins.  Lou loves his food and is so happy when he gets a bowl. 
The rest of the day Lou rests peacefully and seems to know that he will be cared for now.  Hopefully the memory of the months of freezing bitter cold and the gnawing pain of hunger will pass and he will have a speedy recovery and a home where he will be loved and never have to suffer again.
Lou reluctantly goes outdoors to do his business and has not had an accident in the cathouse yet.  Lou is indifferent to the other dogs at the shelter and mainly just wants to toilet and hurry back in to the warm comforts of his favorite easy chair.

We are so thankful that the Leech Lake companion animals have the Leech Lake Legacy program without which Lou would not have this second chance.  A big thank you to Rory for finding Lou, to Jenny and Marilou for getting him help at the Animal Care Clinic and transferring him to our care at Red Lake Rosie’s.  Thank you to all the supporters of our cooperative rescues.  We are expecting Lou to have a full recovery and live the life he was meant to live. 

We are hopeful that one of the rescues will consider taking Lou in the future to find him a forever home. I have discovered that there is no better feeling than to feed a hungry animal.  

Sincerely, Karen Good

The good news is that angel Laura of Pitbull Rescue is tasking Lou.
Dr. Vickie of ACT V is going to provide medical care and a special feeding program for starved animals!!  I am so happy for Lou! There are so many great people and great rescues out there willing to help!
Sweet skinny boy rests warmly tonight because of so many angels took an interest in him
Lou is off to Pit Bull rescue with Barbara
See you for a skin check in 10 days!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carson and Tinkerbell: Happy Endings

Here are the other two little ones from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that I have fostered since October.
Carson has become a beloved family member to an active young couple, which is perfect for energetic Carson. He gets lots of of walks, runs and play time.

A few days after Carson was adopted Tinkerbell became my new foster.
Tinkerbell was chained outside before being rescued. She is an angel, an absolute angel!

Applications poured in for Tinkerbell. Her gentle spirit obviously was apparent in her pictures. 

Tinkerbell found her new home and forever mommy with Sandra, the owner of the Finnish Bistro.  
If you ever happen to stop in for lunch or a delicious dessert you may ask to see Tinkerbell as she goes to the office with Sandra every day. Tinkerbell has the luxury of being with her mom around the clock.

For an extremely affectionate little girl, like Tinkerbell, this is an ideal situation.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Addie

Little Addie was rescued from the Red Lake dump in December.
She is 3-6 months old and weighs in at a whopping four pounds. 
Loving, curious, sweet and smart, this little girl is going to make someone a delightful companion!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Smiles for Andrea

My name is Andrea. I’m a petite gentle German Shepherd/Husky mix, coming in at about 45#. Karen Good from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue saved me from a garbage dump on the Red Lake Reservation. She thinks I’m about 10 months old now.
I got to move in with a foster family the week before Thanksgiving and am really coming into my own. At first I was so afraid of everything that I hid in my crate. My foster mom had to coax me out to go outside to go potty. I loved being outside so much that for the first few days they had to find me outside to bring me back in.

Being in a house was very scary for me. I just didn’t understand how great it was. Now that it’s so cold out I like being inside! I really really love people and want to be petted, but it is hard for me to trust people until I get to know them. After a couple days of sticking to my kennel, I decided it was safe to watch my foster family and their dogs from the safety zone under the dining room table. Since then, boy, have I decided life is good inside. I love to play with my 3 canine foster brothers. The absolute best thing in the world is rolling around in the snow; I just can’t get enough of it! I still sleep in a crate and stay there when my foster family is at work and school.
I am very smart and am learning quickly. I ‘come’ when called, understand ‘sit’ and ‘wait’. Walking on a leash still makes me nervous, but my foster mom got sick and hasn’t been able to work on that very much yet. We’re hoping to start working on that soon. I will walk on a leash, it just makes me super nervous. My foster mom tells me I’m smart and pretty and that I’ll get it. I respond very quickly to a quiet ‘no’ and am house trained! I do like to chew on socks and one time thought a shoe was one of my toys. I was so sorry that I haven’t done it since. The more comfortable I get, the more I play with toys, the other dogs and my foster family, although my foster dad is very tall and I still run away if he stands up, but I do go to him for loving when he is sitting down.
I would love to be in a house as an only dog or with male dogs. Because I grew up in a dump, the other female dogs at the shelter were pretty mean to me so I’m very afraid of them. I’d also prefer not to be with small children. While I’m learning that I am safe now and don’t have to be on guard, I do get startled easily.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aussie on the Rez

I got a tip from a Red Lake man in Bemidji that a collie was apparently dumped off on Highway 15 on the Red Lake Reservation while cars passed him by.  The dog apparently ran frantically up and down the road. 
It was dangerously cold that night with the wind chill, but I set out in search of the dog fearing it would not survive the night. I drove up and down the road and could not find him, but I posted a reward for the dog.
I got a call on New Year’s Eve saying that they had found the dog very cold on the road.  I went to get him and named him Aztec.  
He was lucky to find placement with the Aussie Rescue of Minnesota. This beautiful dog will have better days ahead.

Karen Good RLRR

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maya's story of rescue and loss

On New Years Eve 3 dogs were delivered to the RLRR shelter. Among them was a dog I named Maya. She is a medium-sized female who was suffering hypothermia, malnourishment and was dehydrated. Maya was a stray who had been found searching for food and nearly frozen.
Maya was given food, water and a warm dog house lined with straw and fleece blankets donated by Susan and ABE! Fund. Maya was shy at first then warmed up nicely and was friendly. On day 3 however, I noticed something that was heartbreaking. Little Maya's breast began to fill with milk. Only then was I sadly aware she had a litter somewhere on the reservation. I called the person who found her and there was no sign of puppies so I suspect they froze to death.
Maya has been saved, but I am sure she has a broken heart over her loss.
We are so thankful for the straw and blankets donated by Susan and ABE! Fund , and donated dog houses from the recent food drive that are so critical at this time. Maya went to All DOg Rescue foster care on Jan 4th.
We only hope the weather breaks soon. Many animals at Red Lake and other areas of Minnesota suffer greatly at this time. Thank you all supporters and rescues who help these animals.

Sincerely, Karen


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