Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown go home TOGETHER!

What a happy ending to this remarkable story!

On Saturday Lucy, Linus and Charlie Brown went to their forever home with a wonderful family. This family had lost their two senior cats over the last couple of years and were ready to bring a new pair of kittens into their home.

The two children had been excitedly anticipating the day. They fell in love with Linus and Charlie Brown online, but when they read about how Lucy adopted each of the boys after the loss of her own kittens, they decided to bring Lucy home, too, and keep the family together. I got an update this morning:

We're off to a crazy busy week at our house, but the cats all seem to be settling in well.

Lucy is her sweet, calm, observant self. She seems always affectionate and is constantly nonchalantly watching her boys.

Linus is still a bit skittish, but no longer hiding under chairs and tables. He's actually the one who keeps hopping up on the kitchen counter (only to be gently removed!).

Charlie is hysterical. He can't seem to figure out what he wants to play with or who he wants to love, so he just does it all sequentially for a few brief moments.

They seem to be such a well-mannered bunch. We left them free to roam the house last night figuring we'd have to get up and shut them up sometime in the middle of the night. But apparently, after a few small kitty stampedes, they all settled down and pretty much slept 'til we got up at 6:00. They adjusted quite quickly to the house, and, so far, are happily using the scratching posts and litter boxes very appropriately.

I think I got a few good pictures tonight, but will have to wait 'til later in the week to download (upload?) and send them to you. Hopefully before the weekend!

I'll post the new photos when I get them, but this story just couldn't wait!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our condolences to Karen

Karen Good who runs Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has suffered the loss of a fourth close family member in a year. She lost her father, a sister, a niece and now another sister died over the weekend. Karen was down to the Twin Cities to visit her sister in the hospital before she passed, but she is now back at Red Lake planning the funeral, scheduled for tomorrow.

Karen's sister Patti was a supporter of Karen's work at Red Lake and had adopted two Red Lake dogs. Karen is working on finding placement for them now.

If you would like to send Karen a note of condolence or a memorial to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in honor of Patti, the address is:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
23880 So. Good Road
Trail, MN 56684

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ode's outreach

Pet Haven received the following note from from Jessie (of Stray Dog Arts) and commented to me, "You will be happy to see that Ode continues to touch the hearts of many... in this case, someone in California!"

I was perusing a list of BARK Magazine advertisers soliciting donations for our eBay Auction. I simply happened to click on your site and was lost in the YouTube video and story of Ode. Sitting in my office with tears in my eyes, I cannot believe her story.

As a volunteer for a Golden Retriever Rescue and having been involved with this organization for the past 7 years I've seen what people can do to animals - I've also seen how trusting and loving those animals can become.

So, rather than ask you for something I went to the Etsy site and ordered greeting cards - Ode you touched yet another...

State/province: CA

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Pug named Princess

A note from an adopter through Animal Ark:
Here is a picture from the Midwest Pug group's website of Princess at the Pet Expo 2008 where she won 2nd place in the Best Costume contest. She was dressed as a princess, of course.

Princess' Story: I got a call from Animal
Ark that they needed a foster home for a pregnant pug. After having fostered several pregnant dogs for them, we jumped at the idea. As we walked up to where this adorably huge black pug was standing, she ran up to my 11 year old son and gave him a kiss. It was almost like she was welcoming a long lost friend.

On our way home, we were trying to figure out what to call her. When we mentioned 'Princess', she jumped up and gave me a kiss. I knew immediately that she must be called Princess. It wasn't long before she become queen of our house, too. She immediately began to rule over our other two dogs (a border collie and an aussie mix). Not to mention the cats.

It was about two weeks later that Princess gave birth to four adorable puggle puppies in my living room amongst a group of spectators (humans and animals). She took all the attention in stride and did wonderful despite my fears after doing research on pugs (I had never had a dog so small). She was a wonderful mother and enjoyed being a teaching tool about the miracle of birth to some young relatives.

As the puppies grew, we fell more and more in love with Princess. When it was time to bring the puppies to Animal Ark for adoption, we had already decided that we couldn't part with Princess. We were excited to see that her puppies were adopted out in record time (two within the first hour they were on the adoption floor and all four adopted out by the end of the first day). Having gone through this a few times with other litters we raised, we were very excited to learn they went so fast - it was always heartbreaking for us to worry about 'our babies' finding good homes.

Princess stayed the night getting spayed and I couldn't wait to pick her up. When she was placed in my arms, still a little sleepy from surgery, wrapped in a towel, and put her head on my shoulder and started her pug purr, I knew she knew she was going home.

A few weeks earlier, a cat we were fostering gave birth to her litter of kittens. I laughed hysterically when I would walk by their box and find Princess in the box with them - nursing them (or at least trying - she was dry). Not only is Princess the 'queen' of our home ruling over the dogs and cats but she is also the 'mother'. We love our Princess and cannot believe that someone would give her up.

She's such a great, intelligent dog. She does have one quirk that can be irritating, but mostly we just laugh about it. Princess hates television commercials. Being a family where the tv is constantly on, this can be a noisy problem. Princess sits quietly and watchs tv, until a commercial comes on. Then she rushes to the tv and barks. When the commercials are over, she returns to her spot on the couch and quietly watchs tv again. Everyone who has witnessed this is amazed over the fact that she can tell the difference.

We have done several experiments such as turning off the volume, etc. and yet she can always tell when its a commercial! Some day we'll have this video recorded. It is quite hysterical as she really gets angry at them as she barks, farts and kicks her back legs.

Thank you so much for finding our Princess for us. We are so blessed that we were able to give this incredible dog a home - and I wish we had more room to adopt more!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winter Straw Haul, Sept. 28

Tom and Nancy of Bemidji have been very helpful in providing animal food, straw haul for winter bedding, animal transport as well as kennel repair over the past year.

Tom's connections to the Shed (storage place for donated pet food in the Twin Cities) as well as his large truck and trailer have provided most of our food for over a year. They are the backbone of our local support.

We are planning our 2008 straw haul on September 28. We plan to haul and stack 225 bales for our winter bedding of dogs and pups. They have organized a group of 6 people including Carolyn May pictured with the O'Sullivans.

We are so thankful for this group out of Bemidji who have improved the shelter and helped us so much! They have made special friendships with Rusty (who gets toys and balls regularly) and all the other animals who live at the uphouse. They also have helped place many other animals at the shelter. They gave me hope for Mishkeet, and as a result she has been adopted. These people have a real "heart of gold" and we are so blessed to have met them.

Sincerely, Karen Good, RLRR

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you, DeeDee!

Another Happy Day:

Another great blessing on September 13 was the delivery of food and transport of another 14 dogs/pups and 6 cats/kittens by our faithful Dee Dee who arrive at 7:00 am and was back on the road by 9:00 am. She also left a copy of the "Pins For Pets" grant application which she completed for RLRR.

A total of 30 dogs/pups and 10 cats/kittens left that day with Dee Dee and Akin staff. All animals went to foster homes except 3 dogs who went to Tricounty Humane Society.

It was finally quiet at the shelter. Only 12 dogs and 2 cats left but not for long.

On Sunday we had 15 dogs/pups intake and business was booming again.

Thank you Dee Dee and all for helping us make space for the ones that need to come by moving out the ones that are ready for a new life.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi Denise, here's the pics and story on Breanna to add to the Akin story:

Breanna, a pit bull mix, brindle in coloring giving away her breed mix, and afflicted with demodex mange spent over a year at the RLRR shelter. She came here as a small puppy and once went to the Pennington Humane Society, but was returned due to her mange that was not responding well to treatment.

She is a very sweet dog and won the hearts of all the visitors but when the transports left she was only watching them leave. It was sad because it seemed very unlikely that this great dog was going to get the "real home" that she craved and deserved.

It was a great surprise when Dr. Bartsch and Lindsay announced on Friday that they were going to take Breanna and get her a foster home! It was the greatest blessing of the whole weekend to see Breanna finally leaving the shelter.

An update email today said that Breanna is living with Dr. Bartsch.
What a great story. Karen

Friday, September 19, 2008

Akin Hills Pet Hospital helps out at RLRR

Dr. Veronica Bartsch and vet tech Lindsay Cline of Akin Hills Pet Hospital in Farmington, MN made a visit to Red Lake Rosie's shelter September 11 - 13 and were very helpful to us. They were initially going to bring a load of food from Liz Champeau and they decided to make it a more extensive project.

The dedicated team neutered 16 cats and dogs at the shelter as well as provided exams, worming, shots, and medications to all the shelter animals and the 8 resident dogs at the uphouse.
They also provided emergency care and vaccinations for community animals that showed up at the shelter during their visit.

When they departed, they took out 4 cats and 14 dogs/pups to the Last Hope Rescue of which many have already been adopted. Among the group were Breanna, a brindle pit bull mix who has been here a year working on demodex mange who now lives with Dr. Bartsch and also Spencer who had a severe case of demodex and has been adopted.

We are so happy to have developed this new relationship with this dedicated team who now wants to organize a larger group of participants to sponsor another Red Lake community clinic. They are meeting Tuesday in Roseville to work on that possibility.

We wish to thank them both for their wonderful work for the Red Lake animals!

Sincerely, Karen

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joanna (now Angel) is happy in foster care

An update from the foster home of Angel (formerly Joanna):

Here are two updated photos from the day I picked her up. I will get you more pictures. She is doing wonderful, extremely playful, having only one eye doesn't even phase her.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode is a BIG pup now!

Follow links on Ode back to learn his story on this blog and check out the update at Pethaven's dog blog.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RLRR Metro Support Team meeting, 9/23

RLRR Meeting
Tuesday, Sept 23
6:30 pm
Good Earth Restaurant
1901 West Hwy 36, Rosedale
Hwy 36, north on Fairview to frontage road (can see restaurant from 36)

Accomplishments this year: animal clinics, garage sale, rescues
Needs, transports

Enjoy good conversation and great food! Anyone interested in learning more about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and the many ways you can help may attend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

O Happy Day!

And what is this? It may not look like much, but it is the new well that Karen has needed so desperately. I'm sure when she walks by, she pats it affectionately. Look below to see the new kennels, too. Just in time for winter! Progress at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Today is a day for rejoicing at Red Lake Rosie's.

We now have two more new 2/pod kennels and a new water well with outdoor water hydrant AND water restoration to the cat house thanks to the generosity of Joan Lawson of the Lawson Family Fund in cooperation with the William and Charlotte Parks Foundation 3 for 1 match for shelter improvement. A special thanks to Debra Stockhill for writing the Parks Foundation Grant.

We are also grateful to the metro support team and all the people who make these wheels turn for the benefit of countless animals who would not have had the hope they have now!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Joanna's very happy update!

This photo is first and foremost -- How wonderful is this transformation! Joanna had her injured eye removed and, with the magic of antibiotics, is doing great.

Thank you to those who sent the donations that saved Joanna's life!

Karen sent this update:
Here's a pic I took today, with Joanna smiling and playing in the grass. Thank you all for helping her. Sincerely, Karen Good

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have placed the photo at the bottom of the post today, because it is quite awful, but please know that things are already improving for little Joanna.

Dear Friends:

We had a little shep pup, about 14 - 16 weeks old arrive at Red Lake Rosie's in the night with the Red Lake Conservation Officer/Animal Control. He said that if I didn't take her, he would have to shoot her.

She had her eye popped out on Friday he said, and didn't say how but the people no longer wanted her, so they called him late last night to pick up and destroy.

She is a darling, and how could I say no.

Anyway, most of you have given so much already and I am not asking that you should give, only that maybe you know someone who would like to contribute to the Clearwater Veterinarian Service, Gonvick, Minnesota 56644 218-487-5227 in her behalf.

She was taken there this morning by Kevin, and our goal is to raise $300 for her surgery to remove the eye.

As you all know we are receiving a steady flow of "broken" animals and although most of our funds are for neuter/spay, we just have not said "no" yet.

We are thankful for the grant of $2000 we got from Friends of Flicka for heartworm treatment and medical, but as you well know after several emergencies and hearworm treatments, these funds are used up quickly.

I think Joanna may have a foster home with the Aitken Pet Hospital group visiting us Wednesday, Dr. Bartsch and vet tech Lindsay, and I am waiting to hear that they will take Joanna when they leave on the weekend.

Peace and thank you. Karen Good

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mishkeet makes a fresh start as Bella

Hi Denise:
Mishkeet came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a surrender in the August, 2007 clinic. There was
no place to send her due to her behavioral problems. She did not like dogs and spent time alone in her kennel. It was a very sad situation, with no solution it seemed.
Thankfully after being here 9 months, Mary Salter of Animal Ark decided to take on Mishkeet after the May clinic.
She was treated for heartworm and developed her first friendship with a cat, and now has a loving home with her own soft bed and lots of love.

This has to be one of the BEST stories of 2008.
Sincerely, Karen Good

Mishkeet's mom sent us an update today and I will leave off with her e-mail; hope everyone enjoys as much as we did to hear how well she's doing!

"Hello from Bella, or the Dog Formerly Known as Mishkeet! We thought we'd give her a new name to commemorate her new life, and Bella fits her perfectly because she's such a beautiful girl. She's adjusted incredibly well to her new home - she especially loves her toys and napping on the couch, or even better, napping on the couch with her toys! (See attached picture). After our previous dog died prematurely of cancer this spring, we didn't think we could possibly find another dog who would be able to fill that void, but Bella with her sweet and gentle nature has been a great gift to us. She's very mellow and easy-going, except at 6:00 AM when it's time to go for our daily walk, at which time her inner-puppy comes out! We are so glad that Bella is a part of our lives - she has already become a beloved member of the family. Thank you, Animal Ark, for taking such good care of her until we could bring her home. We look forward to many happy years with our lovely Bella."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Special Transport!

SN lives at Red Lake; she's showing off a giant cat at the most recent RLRR clinic in the photo above. I met her on my very first visit to Red Lake. She was eagerly helping Karen to help the animals and we really saw her as a hope for the future. I even named the kitten I brought back that trip after her! She is a favorite of all the volunteers from the metro.

All along I have been inviting her to the Twin Cities for a visit sometime and finally, about two weeks ago she called and wondered if she could come to visit before the start of school. I quickly made arrangements to borrow my mother's minivan to haul up supplies for RLRR and drove up and back on a Saturday. I met SN in Bemidji at her grandmother's house and Karen came down with her van to pick up the supplies and to send three dogs back with us.

Holloway looks happy in this photo, but he was recovering from an injury to his leg. We took him directly to a vet in Bloomington, where he was too scared to walk and crawled into the clinic on his belly. Thanks to Pet Haven for taking him! He's doing well in his foster home.

R met us in Bloomington and continued the transport for the other two dogs on to Second Hand Dog in Claremont, MN. Donna is the fluffy shepard mix; she recently had her heartworm treatment through a Friends of Flicka grant. Tracey is the cute shepard mix pup.

SN has been to the Twin Cities before, but there were some firsts during this trip: the State Fair, a ride on a city bus, Como Zoo where she saw giraffes and lions and tigers and more for the first time. RLRR volunteers DeeDee and Barbara were able to spend time with her, too, so she got to go shopping at the Mall of America and driving through downtown Minneapolis. I hope she'll visit again soon.

Another volunteer, L, had already been planning a drive north to Red Lake for the following Saturday, so she gave her a ride home and I expect she is back in school now.

Karen just wrote to me to say:
I talked to SN the day after her return to Red Lake and she said she had a great time!
This was a rare opportunity for her and a great way to mentor our Red Lake youth.
We thank the metro committee and Denise for their hospitality towards SN and for their help in getting these Red Lake animals a new chance at life!
Karen Good, RLRR


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