Thursday, April 28, 2016

Minnesota Pet Expo

NEEDED - Handmade items and merchandise to sell at The Minnesota Pet Expo!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will have a booth at The Minnesota Pet Expo June 11 & 12.

The Expo has been a great way to introduce people to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and has been a major fundraising event for us.

During the last 5 Pet Expo's, we raised over $7,000 with the majority of the proceeds coming from donated items. You can help by donating handmade items or merchandise for us to sell at the booth. Handmade items don’t need to be pet related.

The Minnesota Pet Expo
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN

Saturday, June 11 10:00-6:00
Sunday, June 12 11:00-4:00


Please contact Lynn Mecum if you can donate items or have any questions.

Lynn Mecum

Friday, April 22, 2016

PJ's story: “Free To Good Home”-- Not a good idea

PJ who became known fondly as “Pajama Pants” had a stroke of luck when Nancy O’ Sullivan, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue board member and volunteer, saw a posting on Craig’s List for “Free to Good Home” -- a 6-year-old Havanese Cuban Bichon male dog. 

Nancy, with her experience, knew this could be very bad for PJ and went into action to save this boy and get him safely to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue on April 12th.

What a good boy he was and housetrained, too! PJ immediately moved into the cathouse and was a guest for only 5 days -- just long enough to get burrs in his feet and make friends at the shelter :-)


RLRR wants to warn people that when you post an animal on a public forum like Craig’s List as “Free to Good Home” many times it is really bad for the animal. They could end up in the wrong hands as a bait dog (for fighting dogs), or even used in research. 

Asking for a fee can help, but it is more responsible for you as the animal guardian, if you cannot keep your animal, to surrender to a reputable animal shelter or humane society where he/she will have a chance for a good home. And, obviously, don't just dump the animal to fend for itself.

In this case, PJ got a great opportunity. He left on transport Saturday, April 16th for a great foster home with Pet Haven. Our special thanks to Nancy who spotted the posting and sprang into action! And, as always, thanks to our transport volunteers and rescue partners.

Karen and RLRR 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lily the Chihuahua- Lucky to be alive!

You ask yourself- “How much food does it take to sustain a Chihuahua?” When Lily came last week to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, she had a protruding backbone and hips. Her ribs were showing and her sternum was sticking out with no flesh on it. We wondered how Lily could possibly get in this condition?

The person who rescued Lily stated that Lily had spent the winter outdoors besides being starved. We do not know how this little girl survived. 

On arrival, she began eating small soft meals and little by little began to eat at a normal rate. She had a nice dry bed in a warm house. No more outdoor living for her.

Understandably, it was taking a while to gain her trust as she was not treated well at all in her former home. She was just lucky to be alive.

But now, her luck has changed, and after a few days at the shelter, she left for a great foster home with Pet Haven. We are told her foster dad has other small dogs and we know her hard times are over.

RLRR wants to let people know that small breed dogs are NOT to be left outdoors to fend for themselves. Many tragic stories are reported about small breeds that become victims of predators, hit by cars and 4 wheelers, and many freeze to death in the winter. A small breed dog needs to be cared for indoors in a loving environment with food and water provided on a continual basis.

We want to thank the food providers and funders, transporters, rescues and great foster homes the Red Lake animals are getting. You are all appreciated and are saving the lives of animals like Lily.

Karen and RLRR

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ladybug's Story Part III: Forever Home

UPDATE ON LADYBUG FROM Grey Face Rescue & Retirement:

We welcomed Ladybug into the rescue this weekend.  Ladybug came in as a transfer from another rescue. 

We thought she was beautiful by her pics but nothing is compared to her beauty in person.

This little lady has had quite the rough road but now she will live out her remaining years with her hospice family that plans to spoil her rotten.

Grey Face Rescue & Retirement offers a special hospice program for seniors given minimal life expectancies. We pride ourselves in pulling dogs from humane euthanasia lists because of no fault of their own. Unfortunately, they land on this list due to old age and/or because they've been diagnosed with an illness. For some, this may be a downfall, but Grey Face Rescue & Retirement looks at this as an opportunity to give massive amounts of love, attention and care for the remaining days, weeks, months or years these senior dogs have left before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Our Hospice Program gives these senior dogs quality medical care. We provide top-of-the-line necessities such as the most comfortable bed, warmest blankets, tastiest treats and even a couple of trips to their favorite fast-food joint! It's about making them the happiest of dogs and giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable when it's time to say goodbye. With your help, we can make the last few weeks and months of our Hospice dogs' lives the best weeks ever.

We are accepting donations of fast-food restaurant certificates, orthopedic or just REALLY comfortable beds, warm blankets, yummy treats and anything else you think would make these old pups so happy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ladybug's Story Part II: Last week at RLRR

The Sawdey family was at the shelter spending a week of volunteer work and it happened to be Ladybug's last week at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Aaron captured Ladybug on camera as she walked about the shelter doing some of her favorite things. She loved to stroll in the wooded area surrounding the shelter. Many days were spent sunning on the porch of the cattery or ambling down the shelter road.


We are so thankful to have the many memories of Ladybug at the shelter and are happy that she has moved on to more comfortable digs, especially for the winter months.

We miss Ladybug but are happy for her also-- she will never be forgotten as she was the "rescue of the decade".

Until we meet again!

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

If you are feeling a little teary-eyed now, well, me, too, but I'll have more with Ladybug in her new home next!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ladybug's Story, Part I

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue first met Ladybug in the summer of 2007 when she was spayed and vaccinated at one of our community clinics. Ladybug, even at that time looked very unhappy and appeared to be about 4 years old-- 4 hard years.

Then, in June 2012, we met again when a resident came to another clinic and said she wanted to surrender a dog called Ladybug.What we saw was appalling. She was basically hairless from mange and was starving almost to death! By far the most pitiful dog we have rescued in 10 years! The owner claimed she would not eat, but Ladybug ate 8 small meals throughout the first day.


What a strong dog she was! Gradually through the summer and into the fall of 2012, Ladybug regained hair growth and put on weight.


Ladybug remained at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter, and became the alpha female, well respected with her counterpart Wolfman as the alpha male.

In 2016, Ladybug, once the queen of the shelter, could no longer roam freely and safely here and living in an outdoor kennel was increasingly difficult in her old age. We sadly decided that we had to let her go, but were so happy to find the perfect placement with Grey Face Rescue in hospice care for the remainder of her life.

We'll share more of Ladybug's story in the upcoming days.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Help for Bandit

Sometimes “rescuing an animal” means that we find the animal who is suffering alone and needs help to cross the Rainbow Bridge. This was the case for Bandit. Bandit has been a street dog in Redby for some 10 years. His owner had died according to Shawn, who called on Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue to pick up Bandit who laid immobile on the ground at a residence in Redby. He was unable to walk and was clearly dying alone and in the elements.

At the age of ten, which is very old for a dog that is homeless, he had lived long past his life span. Perhaps a victim of hit by car or congestive heart failure from untreated heartworm. Several attempts had been made to rescue Bandit in past years, but he was elusive and would not have it. He seemed to love his freedom and had friends such as Shawn in the village who fed him when he passed by. 

Now he had no way to avoid the help of four people who gently placed his limp body on a pallet covered with blankets and lifted the old boy into the RLRR van. He looked at each as if to say “thank you” for helping me.

Bandit peacefully and quietly crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, no longer suffering. May he rest in peace.
This is not the kind of rescue we hope for, but it is a necessary and meaningful one. Thank you to our supporters who help bear the burden. 

Karen and RLRR

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

RLRR cats move to Duluth

I thought you might enjoy seeing "Bubba" and "Ceasar" again.  Two cats from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from last July that went to Duluth's Animal Allies, and then were adopted by us. 

They are still having a good time ruling the roost at 1 year of age. We have named them Rusty and Tucker Quinn. Tucker has gained a bit too much weight.. The positive with that is it cuts down on his climbing up on things as much.

That was a good article about the good works and choices you and your volunteer connections make on a daily basis in the Duluth newspaper.

Thank you all !
Have a good spring.
Debbie S~

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Margo's good life

This is the prego mom I took last August from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She had 10 pups  August 14! She was very high energy, but very sweet and it looks like she got herself an awesome home!!

Believe it or not, emailing you was on our list of many things to do over Spring Break this past week; we can now cross off our second (that’s right, only second!) item! Whew!

Mercedes had a name change to Margo, and she is absolutely wonderful! Your hurricane description is still very apt but we are doing our best to find ways she can channel that energy! We go to the dog park regularly which has been a lifesaver for everyone. We’re almost done with Round 1 of obedience training at TCOTC and she has responded fantastically, as you’d probably expect.

She just came back from a weekend camping trip with Ben on the North Shore and had a great time being in the woods 24 hours a day. Margo is incredibly sweet and gentle with baby Rosemary and tries to engage Addie in play, but Addie is content to fetch and watch Margo from a safe distance. It’s a little hard to blame the old dog! ;)

We’ve done a little digging and are pretty sure she is a Mountain Cur (and probably lab) mix. This explains the prey-drive a little more completely and also her unique physical features. She’s enjoyed the prey/“nature" traipsing through our backyard and spends most of her inside-time staring out the windows! We are so lucky to have Margo and hope she feels the same way about us!

Thank you so much for fostering her; she was incredibly fortunate to have you!!!

Julia and Ben

Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear Karen,
I have followed your rescue for years as my dear Harley (the chocolate Chihuahua) came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Harls was in rough shape when I took her in as my foster dog for Pet Haven, but she soon settled in and found a special place in my heart. 

She was adopted by a wonderful mom and lived out the rest of her life being doted on every single day. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December, and we still miss her and think about her every day!

As a result of my appreciation for the wonderful work you do, I decided to collect funds for RLRR during a recent gathering of my core group of friends who come together monthly as a result of a dear friend who passed away in 2012. During our February gathering for “Wine on Wednesdays” (WOW), we were able to collect $100 to help RLRR and our four legged friends.

Thank you, Karen and team, at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue! Although this is a small donation in comparison of what you give to the animals every day, I do hope this will help your rescue efforts in some way.

In admiration of everything you do,

Michelle L~


Harley was a senior dog and one of three Chihuahuas that were surrendered to RLRR some years ago by a family that could no longer care for them.

Thank you to Pet Haven and Michelle for fostering and to her mom who loved and cared for her.

Even though Harley has passed, we can only be happy about the great life she enjoyed.

Donations allow us to do our work, but these stories renew our spirits to continue.



I know that Karen, Michelle, Harley's mom, the WOW group and the rest of my readers will enjoy these earlier posts about Harley/Zoey:


Friday, April 1, 2016

Update on Victoria and her puppies

In January 2016, Victoria arrived with 2 surviving puppies from a litter of 7. The family had no shelter and wandered around so that the pups from malnutrition and freezing to death. Read the first post about them here:


Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took them in and gave them warm shelter and plenty of food. Soon after, another rescue offered to take the little family and has found forever homes for them. The puppies were renamed Sophia and Olivia.

Mama Victoria was spayed and she is now in lovely condition, as well as being loveable and gentle.

Such a happy ending or, shall we say, new beginning :-) Thanks to our supporters, volunteers and partner rescues for making this possible.



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