Thursday, July 8, 2010

Connie & Cindy visit and transport

Connie and Cindy recently revisited the Red Lake Rosie's shelter June 26 and 27. They brought a giant load of supplies and food for the dogs and cats. These donations came from Susan and Heidi, as well as those provided by Connie. They had their vehicle packed with gifts under the seats and even in the door pockets!

CONNIE & CINDYConnie and Cindy spent Saturday working hard in the cathouse, storage barn and also caring for the animals. Lots of work was done that helped us get caught up.

CINDY & HACKIECindy spent the rest of the afternoon/evening giving all her love and care to little Hackie who had just returned from the vet.

READY TO GOThe team was up at sunrise and out with the transport by 7:00 am. They managed to "squeeze in" an additional cat crate and a crate for Hackie as well.

RAMBODARCYRambo and Darcy to Tricounty.

RINGORINGO & STARRRingo, Starr and little Hackie to Act V.

EUDEEEudee, a little homeless cocker spaniel to Pet Haven.

BRISTOLBristol, a little pitbull who went to Twin City Rescue.

SNUGGLE BUGSnuggle Bug the cat who went to an adopted home.

Thank you to Connie and Cindy, as well as all the great people who donated supplies, and the rescues who are giving the animals a chance for adoption.

Sincerely, Karen

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