Wednesday, May 28, 2014

URGENT NEED for tick medication

So far, 2014 has been particularly bad for wood and deer ticks. 

All animals are coming into the shelter loaded with engorged woodticks and also scads of deer ticks. Ticks spread Lyme's, Erlichia, and Anaplasmosis, and can cause skin infections and anemia.

If anyone can donate Frontline or Pet Armor (Walmart brand), the animals would really appreciate it! You can buy Frontline on Amazon. It's on our wish list
If you buy the dose for the heaviest dogs, we can split it and use it for several dogs.

Thank you for your support for the animals.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ginger and her pups: Abandoned and abused

A young man moved out of his trailer west of Red Lake and there was a mama with a litter of puppies left behind. 
This poor little mama I named Ginger struggled to keep her puppies alive despite her hunger and abandonment. Not only did she have to struggle to feed her puppies, there were some children in the neighborhood allegedly that were not being very nice to her. 
Some young girls told me that this boy allegedly was throwing lit firecrackers in Ginger’s house. Also recovered at the scene was a long broken sword blade. Ginger’s dog house roof was chopped half off. Ginger seemed to have some wounds on her face. One of the puppies was missing. When Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got the call about Ginger, we set out to help her. 
She and her 5 remaining pups were transported immediately to the shelter where they are safe. Ginger at first had problems trusting people, understandable after all she had been through. She has been at the shelter for a few days and is beginning to be less agitated and showing signs of trust and affection.
We thank people who report animals in distress, and those who help support the RLRR shelter. Had we not rescued Ginger when we did, it is hard to tell how this story may have ended! 
Karen RLRR

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has been added to the Walk for a Dog app!

Don't just take your dog for a walk,
Take your Walk for a Dog, get the App at
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pause 4 Paws event

On Saturday, May 17th Pause 4 Paws sponsored an adoption event at BMW of Minnetonka. It was a gorgeous day to be outside talking about Red Lake Rosie's to people who stopped by the table.
Three RLRR foster dogs attended, Faith, Kato, and Beatrix. Kato, a 10 week old Husky/Shep, is being adopted by a couple who met him at the event. 
Our thanks to the amazing Pause 4 Paws committee headed by Jill G. They have worked tirelessly to support Twin Cities area rescues by organizing events such as this.

Thanks also go to Nancy O. and Mary W. for making and donating such incredible dog and cat beds, totes, squeaky toys, RLRR key rings/tags, catnip mice, and other items for RLRR to sell at tabling events.Your creativity and sewing skills are much appreciated!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feral pups find friends

Oscar and Odie are two feral pups that we caught with Dr. Vickie and her helpers when we held the March neuter/spay clinic in Red Lake. Since the puppies were larger, and had not been socialized, their future was uncertain. The puppies were vaccinated and wormed and were sent to the Red Lake Rosie's shelter. We hoped for a future for the boys.
We are so thankful that Susie and Matt of ARVSS were willing to give the boys a chance. We had previously sent unsocialized puppies to them with good results so were very hopeful.

We recently got this good report from ARVSS about Oscar and Odie:
Attached (TOP) is a picture of Oscar in his new foster home :) . He is making great strides with the attention he is getting! That is his new fur buddy Hope and one of the foster's children.

Odie is now named Stanley :) He loves walks with his new mom and new foster brother Norman. Hope to have pictures soon!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jacob is looking for a special home

It has been a long journey for Jacob the pitbull that was brutally stabbed on February 16th. See his original post HERE and you can search "jacob" to find several more.
When he came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, in addition to his wounds, he was malnourished and had a severe case of demodex mange. 
The evidence of his attack and the mange have all but disappeared. His coat is coming back nicely. 
He is a very handsome boy and is doing very well. He is a happy boy and smiles a lot. 
Jacob is very fond of treats! His body is healed and now we are working on his emotional well-being.  
Jacob loves people and likes all female dogs and some male dogs. He is alpha male, however, and will need to be watched closely when around some male dogs. Jacob will require the home that will help him succeed. 
For now Jacob spends his day in a kennel and runs free twice a day.
We will keep you updated on Jacob’s progress and thank so many people for helping pay Jacob’s vet bills and encouraging him to get well.

We are all hoping for a bright future for Jacob- he has many friends out there! 

Karen RLRR

NOTE FROM BLOG EDITOR DENISE: We had over 70,000 hits on the original post about Jacob, so please share this update.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Newest Member of Twins Territory: Harmon!

On March 26, we posted a story HERE about a pregnant dog we called Sophie (we later learned her name is Isis). She lived in Circle Pines a short distance from where the dog Jacob was found injured. We offered help so she could have her puppies in a warm and safe place.

She had 11 black or nearly black with brindle pups and one white one. We came regularly to feed the mama and check on her pups. One day the owner called us in distress because someone or something had stolen the little white pup. Because she was concerned for the safety of the other pups, she surrendered the family to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We took the mama to the shelter with the promise to wean off the pups, spay mama and return her home again.

When they were big enough, the pups went to All Dog Rescue into Linda’s foster home. As usual they did very well and have been finding their forever homes. Mama Isis was fixed at the April clinic and was returned home. She is a great dog and we came to love her very much. We still visit her and bring her treats and food.

Thank you to our supporters who help us with such a family here in Red Lake.
Sincerely, Karen

Hi Linda,

Hope you've been able to find some rest over the past week in the midst of your efforts to find good homes for the pups! I just wanted to give you an update on our new pup and how he's been doing in his new home! McGraw's new name is Harmon-- after the Twins baseball player Harmon Killebrew. We're big baseball fans! :) He has been showered in love by us and by his grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Harmon's first night went super well! He slept almost five straight hours with no whining! The nights after the first have been less smooth, but on average he's slept two hours between getting up to go outside. Last night was the first night we had zero crying when he was placed in his kennel (which sits next to our bed) and a full night of sleep! What a pleasant surprise for us! :) Potty training is going pretty well, with only a few accidents here and there. We've started "bell training"-- which is something both our parents do with their dogs-- to help him associate going outside with going potty. We've hung a small bell by our door and "help" him ring it each time we go outside. If he ever rings it, he gets to go out! It's a long, sometimes obnoxious, process, but we've seen it work really well with our families' dogs.

Harmon went to the vet for the first time this morning and has slept pretty much all day since the appointment! Our vet said he looks wonderful and the tests came back negative for parasites or worms! Yay! He seems a bit sore from his vaccinations, but he was an excellent little patient while we were there! Everyone just loved him!

We are so happy with the new addition to our family and love Harmon so dearly! He plays so well and is starting to learn that walks are about walking, and not about eating everything he sees off the ground. ;) Probably our favorite thing about him is his post-play snuggles. After every play session, when he feels he's "done," he crawls into one of our laps and takes a nap. He also loves snuggling with us on the couch while we're working or watching tv! We're excited for him to meet the other dogs in our families and meet new puppy friends!

We cannot thank you enough for your servant heart in rescuing and fostering and bringing this little dude into our lives! We just love him so much! Please let us know if there's anything else you need from us! We'll stay in contact!

K & D

P.S. I forgot to tell you: the Tuesday after we adopted Harmon, Drew tweeted a picture of him with the words, "The newest member of Twins Territory: Harmon!" to the Minnesota Twins, the president of the Twins Organization, and some current players and it was retweeted by the Twins! It got over 14 retweets, 103 favorites, and tons of cute comments from fellow Twins fans. My favorite was "He doesn't look like too much of a 'killer'" :)

Just thought you'd like to hear that! I've attached the picture Drew tweeted as well and one of Harmon helping me study. :)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adventures of Molly and Nova

Marci and Tom adopted Molly from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and have given her a very great life. Here is one of her adventures with her friend Nova.
Karen :-)
Hi Karen-Just had to send this story your way. This past Sunday, Tom, Molly, and I were out cleaning the back yard. Nova came over to play with Molly. As you all know, Molly is the "princess" who likes warm baths and hot tubs; Nova is the "tomboy" who loves cold water and dirt! 
Tom had a plastic tote sitting by the fire pit which had been filled with the charred remains from the pit. It had rained heavily for the past several days, so the top of the tote was full of ice cold water...Nova decided to take a swim in the tote!
OMG! What a mess! Tom managed to get a few photos of Nova, before and after. Nova AND Molly had baths that night, as Nova shook all over Molly & rubbed up against her!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy update on Murray

Murray (then Morris) came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue October 21, 2013, as a mangy feral puppy. Thanks to All Dog Rescue and their foster, John, Murray was socialized and adopted out. See earlier post HERE.

I got this photo collage along with an email from Murray's new home.

He'll always be one of our favorite foster dogs ever, ever. —

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: Adventures in fostering

Maime and her litter of two Easter kittens went to Pet Haven for foster care. We were pleased to receive an update on their adventures!
Mama Maimie climbed up by the fuse box and hid her two tiny kittens into the rafters between the ceiling of the basement and the first floor! The foster family had to take down the ceiling tile to rescue the babies and they moved to Mary Ann for bottlefeeding.
It took two days to catch Maimie in a trap and reunite the family. Everyone is VERY happy mom is feeding and caring for them again! They are all in a large kennel now at Mary Ann's until Maimie is really settled in. She was friendly, but scared when she arrived and it was thundering that weekend, too. 
Poor Maimie has a dull, thin, rough coat and the kittens have dull coats. She has probably had litter after litter in her 4 short years - at least that is what Karen was told for age. The boys are doing well; Cotton is at a normal weight for his age but is significantly smaller than Clover.
Maimie is a good mom and feeds them willingly and gives them baths. She’s doing well - likes to have her chin scratched, pet all the way down her back.

Always adventures!
Mary Ann

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thanks to Chuck & Don's!

The Chuck & Don's store in Wayzata generously donated 25 Kongs from an event in their store. They also donate dog and cat food monthly.
Thank you to Chuck & Don's and to Jane, our volunteer, who picks up all of the donations from that store and makes sure they get to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan: Extraordinary volunteers

LLL Voices 
Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan have been long-time, dedicated volunteers of LLL and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and assist in transporting animals EVERY weekend from northern Minnesota to the cities.

We asked Nancy to share a few words ...

I wasn’t sure where to start my story about animal rescue but it really does go back a number of years (and now my age is showing). Bits and pieces of it must be shared because my experiences with animal rescue groups and volunteers are all connected. I will keep it short.
Golden Valley Humane Society jump-started our animal rescue interest when it celebrated its 100 year Humane Movement in 1991. I still have the booklet that shared the history of the Animal Humane Society when it was officially incorporated and recognized. The original mission of the Animal Humane Society to “help us help the helpless horses-dogs-cats” touched my heart and soul, and there was no turning back at this point. From here my involvement with Golden Valley Humane Society, Wright County Humane Society, Animal Relief Fund, Pet Haven, and numerous other outstanding rescues consumed me, and I was ready to go to battle on behalf of the animals. Animal walks, fundraising, hauling supplies and food, and participating in events became a life style.
Jumping ahead to 2007, my husband and I moved to Bemidji, MN, where we started to volunteer for Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue/RLRR. At that time we ran transports around twice per month or when needed. We were able to secure food and supplies for RLRR traveling to and from the metro to deliver to Karen Good’s outdoor shelter. Volunteering at RLRR was a huge learning experience for both of us, and working and learning from Karen Good was also life-changing. We saw a side of life we never knew existed for the animals. An entire gamut of emotions was awakened, from some of the horrors of suffering to happier moments when an animal found relief from that suffering. Still to this day we are grateful for all that RLRR/Karen Good has taught us.
In 2011, Karen reached out to us and her metro contacts in effort to help the animals on the Leech Lake Reservation. A metro team of Marilou Chanrasmi, Jenny Fitzer, and Lisa Minks came to the rescue, and Leech Lake Legacy/LLL was formed. The number of kind, compassionate, loyal volunteers that stepped forward at that time, and have continued to come forward to help LLL gain momentum, is inspirational. With each spay and neuter clinic, with each wellness clinic, with each puppy round-up, we are greeted with high-energy, dedicated volunteers who have a positive spirit that is unbeatable. A winning team.
We are grateful beyond words to witness the changes that have been made on behalf of the animals. We can’t say thank you enough times to the medical teams, the volunteers, partnering rescues and animal welfare organizations, the residents, law enforcement, Jenny, Marilou, Lisa, Karen, and so many others who have made a difference in our local communities. The friendships we have made and continue to make are priceless. My husband and I are truly and deeply touched by your goodwill.

Nancy and Tom O’Sullivan
Bemidji, MN
Leech Lake Legacy and Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Volunteers

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pearl's pups are six weeks old

Just a over a month ago, we introduced you to Pearl and her newborn pups when she arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Time for an update from foster care at ARVSS in Wisconsin:
Pearl is doing great! She has been introduced to all our dogs/fosters and cats except for one and did great. 
We started to ween the puppies this weekend with two feedings of diluted puppy canned food and they did great! We think the brown ones might keep their blue eyes :)

We will name the puppies after gems and precious stones since mama's name is Pearl.
ARVSS is on Facebook!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miss Charlie moves on to a better life

Charlie, the Doberman/Rottweiler-mix dog, left Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue on May 2nd headed for foster care with the Doberman Rescue Minnesota ( Charlie was getting healthier each day and has gained lots of weight. When she came she was severely malnourished with mange and evidence she had taken a round of buckshot. See original post HERE.
She is such a wonderful dog and we are sorry to see her leave but are so happy that she gets a second chance at a great rescue.
Charlie will have a great life ahead of her as an indoor dog and will be well cared for.
During her stay here at the Red Lake Rosie's shelter she became happy as her health improved. She learned to run and play; when she arrived she only walked very slowly. She had many friends here, and we will miss her! Such a sweet personality.
We want to thank Mary of Doberman Rescue and our faithful transporters that helped her get to her new digs.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Clinic success

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue hosted the second 2014 neuter/spay clinic on April 24-26 with vet work supplied by a team from MN SNAP headed by Dr. Lisa. 

The team did an outstanding job neutering or spaying 96 community and shelter animals as well as providing emergency care for animals with quills and other needs. Many large female dogs were spayed making the clinic especially successful.
The service of grooming was provided by Julie and her mother Norma. Their hard work makes life so much better for many dogs that otherwise would not get trimmed and bathed.
Once again, Claudia provided great vegetarian cuisine which provides nourishment for everyone. In addition, thanks to Tera for her homemade vegan goodies and thanks to Rita for her delicious homemade treats.
Volunteers ran shuttles to pick up and deliver animals from Ponemah, Red Lake, Little Rock and Bigstone communities. This service helps animals that otherwise would not get to the clinic.
One of the very positive indicators that we are making progress in controlling the unwanted animal population on the Reservation is that we only took in five surrendered puppies at this clinic. In the past we have taken in scores of surrendered unwanted puppies and kittens. Also, we saw less mange, indicating that the animals are getting better care. More community members were saying “thank you” and were pleased with the services we
The weather was not the best, but, in spite of that, our volunteers and MN Snap did a great job of which they can be proud! 
Our volunteers included Amy, Kim, Allison, Jill, Rita, Benay, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Tom, Nancy, Carol. And, special thanks to Whitney, our young local volunteer, who keeps us all on track! 
We thank everyone who was here and the many people who work in the background including those who make food, rescues that take animals, and those who contribute funds to cover the cost of the clinics. RLRR pays MN SNAP per animal for their services and needs to have funds in the account to pay for this vital service. 

Thank you all! 
Karen Good 


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