Friday, July 16, 2010

Molly, the cat: Making herself at home

Dear Karen--

I am enclosing pictures of Molly, the cat. Remember her? GB got her from you for her niece and husband. They have no children and the husband, L, is in a wheelchair. The niece, S, works fulltime. They kept the cat's original name of Molly.

Molly sleeps at the foot of their bed every night. When they awaken in the morning, they see Molly's eyes first thing!

The couple enjoys ice-fishing and when they come home they leave the bait in the pail on the floor. Molly puts her paw in the pail and slops out the minnows. L says Molly likes to fish, too, but she never eats them.

When they leave home for more than a day, they hire a cat-sitter to come to feed Molly and visit with her for a couple hours so she doesn't get lonesome.

They just love her!

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Anonymous said...

And Molly the cat, thrives! She is the best behaved cat they say and they would not give her up for anything. They say a home cannot be lonely, if filled with an animal that is loved !!!


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