Friday, January 30, 2009

Zetta and her puppies

Check out this post and adorable photo from the Animal Ark blog!
01/20/2009 - Zetta and her puppies
Posted by Mary S
Updated on 01/20/2009
We sent a mom dog (Zetta) with her little pups into foster care and I've now gotten a few updates & thought I'd share. They should be scheduled back to the shelter shortly - and probably won't be so small by then! This family came to us from Red Lake . . . here is what the foster home says about these lively one's . . .

Just thought I’d let you know we are all settled in here.
Zetta gets along great with my kids and dogs. She is all tail wags all the time.

The pups already can climb out of my small kiddie pool so I’ve already had to add the sides to it to keep them contained. They are very vocal and do not like this much but their mother seems to like being able to get away from them from time to time.

She has yet to have an accident in the house (crossing my fingers) and not only does she sit on command but she knows how to get food off of the island in my kitchen… so I assume she was someone’s pet at sometime or another. She stays off of my furniture and is pretty quiet at night and very sweet so I have already forgiven her for eating my uncle’s homemade bagels.

Everyone had a bath this morning… some liking it more than others… I didn’t think those pups could get any fluffier.

My kids already have a list of 20 or so names for the puppies so when we get it narrowed down I will send pictures of each for the website.

Today . . .

Just wanted to keep you updated.

The puppies are doing well. I started supplementing their diet with food once a day lastweek and now they are pretty much solely on puppy food. Their mother has weanedthem over the last week. She won’t go into their space now unless I force her and she growls and chews at them and can’t get out of there soon enough… and who could blame her… they are relentless!!!

She has put on quite a bit more weight now that she is done nursing and still seems to be completely potty trained. She is awonderful dog. She has bonded very strongly with me and follows meeverywhere!!!! She will make a wonderful companion. She is not shy of people or sounds of shovels. I will be sad to bring her back. Truly. I think I have had 7 moms now??? and she is by far the easiest and that says alot because I haven’t really had a difficult one yet.

By the way, here they are & the puppies names are Zed, Zena, Luna, Jerry and Justin.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another January Transport

Animal Ark took in 8 dogs and pups on Saturday, January 10 that were transported by M&D, who had adopted Samson, the Red Lake dog. Mary had this to say about the newcomers
Dr Charlie says Marcus's leg is pretty messed up & we may need x-rays
- he actually really reminds me of Honey - both her personality and her foot. Makes me wonder if someone is trapping by the dumps? I just LOVE Marcus. He is positive for Anaplasmosis, Erlickia and heartworm we found out today, just like Honey! I'll be glad to have him around for a while during treatment.

Yes, Noodin is shy, but not Nikki or Kikki shy. I love him too!! He is negative for heartworm, anaplasmosis and erlickia.

Mom dog is very sweet! She is in her foster home who absolutely loves her! Zetta loves the foster home's other dogs and her kids & is stealing food from the counters! Yes, she almost knocked Mallory over yesterday trying to get the cat food she was carrying as she was walking by her! Wow, poor thing was probably starving to death when you found her!

Thanks for saving these kids and sending them to us! They are fabulous!!
Mary, Animal Ark

Check the blog tomorrow for photos of Zetta's pups!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Transport

Notes from another first trip to Red Lake:
My fiance and I went up to Rosie's this past weekend to help out and transport animals back to the twin cities. It was a great experience! The weather finally warmed up (above zero!) and we had good weather. We stayed in the cat/puppy house, which was great.
There were 5 husky mix puppies, who were so adorable, along with another little pup named Oscar. The cats were great, too, and one in particular stole our hearts- little, sick Emily, who slept with us every night.
While we were there, we helped out with the chores - cleaning the puppies cages, changing the straw, chipping away at the ice that had formed in the water pales, and shoveling the roof. We took the dogs on walks and played with them, too.
Each one was special in their own way and all were so nice! M really loved sweet Peaches, whose owner had broken her leg, which is now permanently damaged.
The last morning we were there, we loaded up our car and the van to transport 19 animals to the twin cities. They all made it there, where they will hopefully live wonderful lives.

A big thank you to Karen for all the work she does up in Red Lake - it
is just amazing and it takes a very selfless, caring, strong person to
do what she does - and to DeeDee for coordinating everything! Let's all
keep up the great work to help these special animals!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Samson returns to Red Lake

Here is an update from Samson's adopter's following their visit to RLRR.January 25, 2009:
A couple years back, Karen Good found a gentle giant of a dog named Samson. He was being terribly mistreated, and was starved nearly to death. She took him from what would have been a sure death in a short time, brought him to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, and slowly nursed him back to recovery. His survival, for a while at least, was uncertain. But, with tender care, and love from Karen, it looked as though Samson would slowly make a recovery. Once he was able, he was transported to the Animal Ark in Hastings to continue his care, and hopefully find a home.

Soon, we found Samson at the Animal Ark, and knew we had to have him. We adopted him, and immediately, Samson found himself in a good home. He had gone from a starving dog, with many problems, to a 108 pound, loved, spoiled family member who now has two little sisters, also adopted from the Animal Ark. Seeing as how it was humans that mistreated him, Samson would have an excuse for being mean toward humans. But, he is the most loving, gentle creature one could ever imagine, be it toward humans, or other animals.

Fast forward a couple years. We started e-mailing Karen, giving her updates on Samson, and soon decided that along with the pictures we’ve sent, perhaps Karen would like to see Samson in person. So, a date was arranged, and on January 10th, we, along with Samson, and our foster dog, Reilly, embarked on a road trip to see Karen. Prior to our trip, we had asked Karen if there was anything she would like us to bring. Karen had said that there was about 1,000 pounds of dog and cat food at the Animal Ark in Hastings that could come up if we had a vehicle that could do it. So, on the Thursday before the trip, we went to the Animal Ark, and loaded up our small pickup with about half of the dog and cat food. That night, I had asked my boss at work if there was any way I could use the company van for such a purpose, and as soon as she heard what the nature of the trip was, she was more than happy to let us take the van. So, Friday night after work, we headed back to the Ark, and loaded up the rest of the pet food.

Bright and early the next morning, we, along with Samson, and Reilly started our trip. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we reached Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. After visiting for a while, the pet food was unloaded, and there was more visiting, until dark. Then, we headed back to our hotel in Bemidji, only to return the next morning, to transport three adult dogs, and five newborn puppies back to the Animal Ark.

We found the trip uplifting for many reasons. First, we got to meet Karen, who saved our dog’s life. Then, Karen got to see Samson, and immediately saw first hand that her tireless efforts are not in vain. Karen told us that after the dogs (or cats) leave her care, she never sees them again, and only occasionally will get an e-mail with any kind of update. I think Karen getting to hang out with Samson did her spirit good too. It was also very rewarding for us being able to help out by delivering food, and transporting dogs back to the Animal Ark. We look at it as a way of giving something back to someone who has given us so much by saving Samson when he needed it most.

We are positive that this trip back to Red Lake was the start of a good friendship, and surely not our last trip to Red Lake. God bless you, Karen!
-D & M, and Samson

Monday, January 26, 2009

Samson returns to Red Lake (for a visit!)

Dear Denise:

I wanted to share the wonderful experience of having Samson revisit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on Saturday and Sunday, Jan 10 and 11. This time it was he who brought the gifts of dog and cat food for all his friends at the shelter.His mom and dad, D & M brought a larger van full of goodies, and transported out 8 dogs/pups to Animal Ark.

I had butterflies all week as I wondered if Samson would remember us and how he would be after being adopted the past 2 years. He far surpassed what I had expected. What a beautiful and wonderful animal!! He was the perfect gentleman.

He did some exploring around the shelter, and spent time in the cathouse while we visited and exchanged stories about Samson. He knows how to shake, catch, sit and roll over.It was a perfect weekend and made me happy to know that we do have the success of getting a new life for many animals. If anyone had deserved this great life- it was Samson after all the suffering he had endured. It made it all worthwhile. Thank you D & M for loving and caring for Samson.

Karen and RLRR

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Carlton is SO Sweet!

Carlton, the Collie is on his way to his forever home in Wisconsin. His foster family said he was just the sweetest, most gentle boy they had ever seen.

They have a fourteen week old puppy in their house and Carlton would hold a chew bone in his mouth and let the puppy chew on the other end. Sometimes when Carlton would yawn, the puppy would put its head in Carlton's mouth. Poor Carlton would sit there with his mouth open until the puppy decided to remove its head!

Thank you so much for saving this sweet, gentle dog.

I have been thinking of you and your dogs during this horrible cold spell. Hope everyone made it through safely.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maya celebrates her second birthday!


My wife and I would like to thank you for allowing us to adopt a beautiful puppy in November of 2007. She is wonderful and has brought much joy to our lives. We are contemplating adopting another puppy in the near future. We would like to get the same breed if we can; she is a husky shepherd mix. Maya is beautiful and fun. We know you get animals all the time and we would like to adopt in the next 2-3 months. We are friends of Denise and she keeps us in the loop on puppies coming through as well. Thank you for your time.

Please contact me if you receive puppies with that mix, again thank you very much.

T & L

Ps you will find a picture of Maya's B-day party attached. :)

Reminder: RLRR support team meeting Thu. 1/22

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (RLRR) Support Team Meeting

Date: Thursday, January 22
Time: 6:30 pm
Topics: Karen's needs for 2009 and the RLRR booth at the February 21 & 22 Twin Cities Pet Expo
Location: Royal Orchid Restaurant

Royal Orchid
2401 Fairview Avenue North, Roseville
Highway 36, North on Fairview, Left at Co. B2 (Between Barnes & Noble and OfficeMax)

Please join us to help make plans for a successful 2009 for the Red Lake animals.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Dalton has a great new life as Maxwell

Dalton was a RLRR cat who was adopted and now lives in Wisconsin. Benay delivered him to M. on her way home. Check out the update and photos; he's living the good life now!Hi Karen,
Thought you might enjoy seeing Max (I changed his name, hope you don't mind).
He is a happy guy. We have yet to get him a pal to play with but plan to sometime in the future.Hope all is well with you and all your critters.
Thanks again for a great furry friend,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carlton becomes a Cheesehead

I just got word from Karen that Carlton the collie is adopted!!

Carlton left Red Lake and was taken into a foster home for Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.

Now, Carlton is going to his forever home this weekend and he will be a "cheesehead" in Wisconsin. Have a wonderful life, Carlton!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ahnung's story in pictures

Marilou from Pet Haven has adopted Ahnung from Red Lake and shared this video on her blog about their story thus far.

Update on Ahnung:
so I just got home from taking ahnung to Lake Harriet vet .... first of all, she's in great health with a few interesting findings! :)

- while Dr. Jim was checking ahnung out he noticed a bump on one of her nipples (i assume most of you know that ahnung had a litter of 8 pups when she was abandoned). At first he thought it might be a cyst and to keep an eye on it... he kept checking it and feeling it and a few minutes later exclaims "it's a pellet!!" Apparently Ahnung had been shot at .... fortunately it skimmed her body and just got her nipple. He said it's not hurting her right now so we can leave it there until she goes under for dental cleaning and then he can remove the pellet. Some of you know that the dog we lost in July 2007, Shadow had also been shot. I rescued him from the country roads of Owasso, OK -- he was in horrible condition. I later find out from x-rays taken that he has lead in his skull -- a bullet skimmed his ear then shattered. I guess ahnung is carrying part of shadow's spirit with her as well :)

- ahnung has no front teeth!! :) i noticed that about a week ago... apparently she has been chewing and grinding her teeth (probably an effort to get out from wherever she was being confined). I hate to imagine her life before she ended up at Red Lake Rosie's. she has no front teeth at all and her back teeth have also been worn down! Dr. Jim said it's not a major concern but we'll have to watch for teeth cracking :) He said she's had a rough start to life ... he's guessing she's around 3-4 years old. All I can say is that thank god she lucked out and found her way to karen up at Red Lake!

- ahnung has a luxating patella in her back right leg. i haven't noticed her limping but it's something i'll have to watch for ... if it gets worse she could tear her ACL (and she could be like me and go through ACL surgery!! ;-) and will need surgery ... we'll hope not though :)

other than that my sweet girl is in perfect health ... her heart and lungs sound great and they wanted to know if they could keep her at the clinic!!! I said take a number and stand in line --- she's all mine!! ;-)

Rest assured... ahnung's rough days are all behind her... she has 3 LL Bean beds now with her name on it .... she gets the run of the house when she's left at home ... she sleeps wherever the heck she wants to .... and she spends most of her days either with me while i work from home or at coffee shops, or with Mary at her office doing outreach with at-risk youth! she's learning to sit for treats (we'll start working on the downs and the stays soon ;-)

oh... one my last thing... she now weighs 58 lbs ... when she came she was 68 lbs ... she's a svelte 58 pounds and feeling good!! ;-)

"proud and grateful mama of ahnung - my north star and the star of red lake"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Camille at home as Hazelnut

Camille came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in the spring when she took on the job of nursing some orphaned kittens. Now she has found a permanent home and is known as Hazelnut or Hazel.

Hi A:

I got your phone message and figured I would email back so I can attach pictures of Hazel in her new life. The first week has gone really well with Hazel. By the first evening she was out walking around the apartment. For the first few nights she was up late meowing a lot, but has calmed down quite a bit in the last couple of nights.She has definitely become more comfortable here, exploring the apartment and rarely hiding even when she hears loud noises. She has even begun playing with her toys (especially those soft golf balls). We bought her one of those scratching posts (like you have), but with a round bed on top. See spends a lot of time napping in that and it's by the window so she can people watch.No real issues with her. She has taken to her litter box just fine, only scratches the scratching post, and is eating regularly. The only thing was the late night meowing, but that has pretty much gone away. I think that she is the sweetest, nicest cat I have ever had or ever met. K. and I are very happy that we adopted her.
Let me know if you have any questions or advice to give regarding her. I think you did a great job of domesticating her as she is a sweet, loving and well behaved cat.

My best,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's even colder and snowier at RLRR

Dear Denise: It is, as you know very cold.

Mike and Sarah are a good help, and we have 6 of the pups/dogs in the cathouse in cages. Using lots of straw, and lots of food.

We sent out a transport the last 2 weekends and another this weekend, so we have good people and groups taking animals so they don't have to stay here indefinitely.


FINAL total from Holiday Fundraiser: $7525


Hi Denise,

Karen was waiting for all the money to come in from the Holiday Fundraiser - so here is the FINAL.

Please add these donors to the list.
The new total is $7,525

Ann Barasch
Jane and Thomas Norling
Rick and Kristi Skare and their Red Lake Dog Keera
Linda and James Jarzynski

Thanks Denise!



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Connie settles in her new life as Kahlua

Hi, Denise & DeeDee;

I wanted to forward on these photos that we just got from the family that adopted Kahlua (she was Connie at Rosie's - the shy little puppy that came to All Dog Rescue). This family had adopted Dixie from us early in 2006, and they decided she needed a little sister last fall and adopted Kahlua. She really got a wonderful home, and I wanted to share the happy ending with you.

Susan B.
All Dog RescueDixie and Kahlua are wonderful!

Kahlua is almost as tall as Dixie, only quite a bit skinnier. She has long legs with a skinny face and body ...and big ears that still flop to one side, she's just adorable. Our vet thought she might actually be older than we thought based on a few teeth she had that come in later, which would put her at about 10 months. Kahlua is very well behaved, she learns quickly, and seems very happy & well adjusted.
Dixie is as sweet and beautiful as ever! Snuggling is still her favorite thing to do. She loves having Kahlua to play with, they are a great match with similar interests and energy levels. Dixie is also much more relaxed when left home alone. (Which is just when we to go to dinner or for a short trip.) I put her in her crate which is next to Kahlua's and she has far less anxiety with Kahlua by her side.
Both dogs enjoy exploring our wooded property together. We've had lots of rabbits, deer, squirrels and other creatures of great interest to the dogs. Trixie, a golden retriever from next door comes over to play with the girls quite often as well. They also love the dog park. Kahlua is very attached to Dixie and never leaves her side. I might try bringing them separately so Kahlua learns to play with other dogs, although this might happen naturally as she gets older.
Thanks again for all the great work you do for All Dog Rescue! Paul and I love both dogs dearly, and really can't thank you enough. I've attached some updated pictures. The picture with the pink boa was taken shortly after we got Kahlua, but was so cute I had to include it :-). The rest were taken over the holidays.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanks for the straw!

We want to thank Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan who came to the rescue once again and hauled in 108 bales of wonderful dry oat straw on December 28th. The following day a local farmer also delivered a load and now we have enough straw for the rest of the winter.

We want to also thank SP, Dee Dee, and the Williana Clumber Spaniel Club in Chicago that recently held a fundraiser to help pay for animal bedding.
With the very cold weather here in the winters, straw is a vital necessity to keep the animals warm and comfortable in the outdoor kennels. Puppies and dogs love the straw.

In the spring, summer, and fall seasons we use cedar chips which helps keep the animals healthier.

Thank you all. Karen

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Benefit for RLRR in Illinois!

In early December, Susan Ipsen hosted a benefit for RLRR at her home in Lake Forest, Illinois. Susan served lunch to 20 members of the Williana Clumber Spaniel Club. Members generously donated rubber pails and bowls, eight cases of dog food, pooper scoopers, blankets, dog dishes and toys, a large heated water bowl, laundry detergent, and more than $900.

Thank you to Susan for her all of her efforts on behalf of RLRR and to all of the Williana members for their generous support of Rosie's.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dr. Doolittle and his transport

Here's a pic of Mike aka Dr. Doolittle!! He has a special way with all the animals. This was his first transport and he was very excited about it. We still don't know how he got 13 animals in his little compact car! (Bella and her pups, Salena and seven cats)
Louise & Benson

There are also pics of Salena and the cats Mia, Louise and Benson(orange one in background), and Manny with his little bobtail who were on the transport Friday with Mike. We had some great cats that were placed. All neutered/spayed and had their shots. They were all friendly and well socialized thanks to Mike and Sarah.
Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bella's Surprise

We recently took in a very pregnant little juvenile dog we call Bella.
She had a foster home all set up and we were so happy she would be having her puppies there.
Well, much to our surprise one night last week, Mike went into her kennel and I could hear him hollering gleefully "Bella's giving birth!!" Well Mike, Sarah, and I had a bet about how many pups she would have, and Sarah won- she had 4 little beautiful puppies.

They were all loaded along with Salena, another dog, and 7 cats and headed with Mike down to St. Cloud.

They are all tucked in there when I called to check. We were just so happy to get the transport out safely before another storm hits.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pet Haven adoptions of Red Lake dogs!

Pet Haven had several adoptions on Monday, January 5, 2009 including three Red Lake dogs. Here are the highlights from the Pet Haven dog blog:

Rae Ann, a hound mix, has found her new home with a Min Pin sibling and two boys of her very own. Everyone who met Rae Ann fell in love with this gentle girl and we are very excited for her. Congratulations, Rae Ann!

Ahnung was adopted this weekend by Marilou, President of Pet Haven. We have all enjoyed ribbing Marilou for "foster failing" (adopting your own foster dog) for the third time (she has only "fostered" three dogs). Ahnung is a lucky girl and we are glad that she is "staying in the Pet Haven family" and we will all get to see a lot more of her.

Gale, a female mixed breed from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue, never even made it onto our website. While out walking with her foster mom last week she met some neighbors who fell in love with this little girl. She now has a Boxer brother and a mom who works from home. She has come a long way from being abandoned in northern Minnesota with a litter of puppies!

Rae Ann

Here is an update on Rae Ann , the leggy beagle mix, from the Pet Haven dog blog. She is enjoying foster care, but looking forward to finding a permanent home.

Rae Ann is a 1-2 year old hound mix who came in to Pet Haven shortly before Thanksgiving from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

As you can see, it hasn't taken Rae Ann long to make herself right at home in her foster home. She has just enjoyed her first Christmas as an indoor dog and treasured family member -- there's no going back now that she's had a taste of the good life. Pet Haven wouldn't have it any other way!

Here's a note from her foster caregiver:
Well, she is a bit of a goof ball. Very playful with Annie [beagle] but especially Rufus [Great Dane mix]. It's like they are in love. They follow each other around all the time and rough house inside and outside. She is starting to really play with toys and loves all and any treats. Her tail is healing [she had "happy tail" - where she made the end of her tail bleed from wagging it so much] but is always going, she wags it like a propeller (round and round)

She loves the backyard, chasing rabbits and barking at the squirrels in the trees. I had to block the top of our compost though because one night I looked out and she was standing in it and having a snack! What a silly girl, and she came inside with Cauliflower on her feet,Yuk. She's just going to make someone really happy.

If you are interested in learning more about Rae Ann, please email

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Fundraiser exceeds goal!

Even in these difficult economic times, we were able to exceed the goal for our Holiday fundraiser with the final figure of $6500.

Thank you to all who contributed:
Thank you to our wonderful donors!
Joan Lawson, Brian, Alex, Lauren
Kathleen Preece
Paul and Cathy Thompson
David and Kathy Cooper
Kendra Kauppi
Debra Stockhill
Dean and Kim Swanson
Sonja Hoie
Matthew, Twyla, Quinn and Claire Hobbs
Claudia Welgorecki and Ellen Fisher
Marilou Chanrasmi
Connie and Jay Wolfgram
Julie Cross donation by Ann Marie Sunderland
Carl Schroeder
Timothy and Lisa Buck
Richard and Mary Bietz of Birch Breeze Charitable Fund
Steven Swanson
Ben and Victoria Bull
Jeff and Idelle Day
Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan
Bruce J. Mack, M.D. and Sandy Mack
Ted and Christine Morris
Benjamin Johnson on behalf of Lauren Cox (Christmas gift)
Donna Severson and Gerard Maguire on behalf of Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan's work with Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue
Jody Johnson in memory of Peter Bauer who loved dogs
Crystal Berntson on behalf of her mother, Ruby Cook

Thank you, too, to all those who support Red Lake Rosie's Rescue by volunteering their time, donating goods and services, and spreading the word about this mission. We expect continuing progress in 2009!

Rosie II has crossed over Rainbow Bridge


On New Year's Eve, Rosie II crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the Clearwater Vet in Gonvick with congestive heart failure. She is sadly missed at RLRR and I think Nancy O'Sullivan says it best:

We are truly sorry to hear of Rosie's passing but so grateful to have seen her, petted her, and spoken to her on Sunday.

She was a wise old soul, always with a peaceful, content look in her eyes. She seemed to just like to lay back and watch people, and wait for them to approach her.....and then enjoy those tender touches from everyone.
I don't know that I have ever met a dog who had such insight into life, who came to love people and enjoy their company. She was a real delight and we loved her.....she will be missed so much.

Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan

Friday, January 2, 2009

Riders in the storm

Another transport in stormy winter weather on Dec. 20 required the help of many volunteers. Can you help sometime?

Dear Denise: Hi.

Tom and Nancy O. and Carolyn M. of Bemidji weathered the storm on Saturday, December 20th to meet Dee Dee and Rory in Motley. Dee Dee and Rory took animals on to Tricounty Humane Society, Mn Wisc Collie Rescue, Pet Haven, Last Hope Rescue, and Cause for Paws. Darma was also adopted.

A load of supplies and food was transferred from Dee to the O'Sullivans who plan to deliver to the shelter soon.

Nothing seems to stop these dedicated people from getting the animals out.
7 adult dogs, 3 cats and 1 injured kitten, Nala, were able to go to much warmer situations today.

Karen :)



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