Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Special Thanks

I decided it was time to update the look of the blog and I want to send out a special thanks to E Jourdain, Jr. Photography for allowing me to use this photo of a Red Lake sunset as a background. Isn't it beautiful?!

I would like to use other photographs or artwork of Red Lake and from the people of Red Lake in the future as well. You can send photos to me at Thanks!

I've been editing the blog for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue since 2008. The 2200+ posts contain much of the history and accomplishments of RLRR. Thousands of animals have been helped in this time and I am pleased to have been able to share those stories with my readers.


Update on Red Lake dog Nitro/Remi

Foster caregiver extraordinaire, Linda Ratay, shared this wonderful update with us.

Hi Linda,

This is Jenna ~, I adopted Remi (renamed from Nitro) from All Dog Rescue/Red Lake Rosie's Rescue back in December. I've been wanting to send you updates, but haven't until now! Remi is doing so great!! I am so lucky that he is part of my life.

Remi adjusted well after I adopted him. He had a little bit of a hard time understanding he was supposed/allowed to go to the bathroom outside, but once he understood he was potty trained very quickly! He was very timid as a baby and serious, but loved to be close and snuggle. Walks took him a bit of getting used to (but now he looks forward to them and loves exploring). Remi is such a smart dog so he learned things very quickly. He graduated from obedience class which he did very well in (although loved to bark during to make sure he was heard). He did go through quite the sassy phase where he didn't like to listen all the time and thought my hands were there to play with (even after teething), but luckily that's over. :)

Remi has quite the personality. He is such a talker!/grumbler/whiner. He is very goofy and is such a character with an (cute) attitude. Remi is such a snuggler and loves to be close. He also LOVES belly scratches, rolling over on his back whenever I walk by to signal what he wants. Remi has long legs, a very long tail, and a skinny body! I think he's the cutest:) He easily convinced me to let him sleep with me at night where he's always right next to me and crawls up to me with a wagging tail to cuddle in the morning when my alarm goes off (he makes it very difficult to get out of bed). He gives me so much love! Remi is a very happy dog and behaves so well now. His favorite thing to do is chase the frisbee, until he gets lazy and just wants to lay in the sun and chew sticks.

Thank you so much for taking care of my sweet boy before I adopted him. Every time I look at him I'm reminded how grateful I am to have him. He was lucky to have you take care of him and his litter! I'm so sorry if this email was too long and too much information, I'm overly obsessed with Remi:)

Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New website for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has a new website! Check it out at

There are two great videos on there. Sarah Good, Karen's niece, made a video of some of the before and after photos of our cats and dogs. The transformations are amazing.

The second video is from MN SNAP's tribute to Karen. Thank you to MN SNAP and Pablo for sharing the video, so everyone can see it.

If you click around the different pages, you'll see lots of great pictures of RLRR animals. Thanks to Sarah Ernhart and Tyson Erdelac for donating some of their professional photographs of RLRR animals for us to use.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Updates on a special friend...

May 22
Phoenix has been with us for three months, and he is a work in progress. We've made huge strides in his medical care (given the condition in which he arrived), and we are proceeding at a slower pace with his mental care.

Here he is today hanging out in his car. Phoenix likes the car. Period.
(Which highlights but only one of his quirks.)

Our goal: We will march along tending to his (canine equivalent of) PTSD, his wound care, pain management, and basic obedience training.

We still meet with a Veterinary Behaviorist, (which, according to the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, there are roughly 60 in the United States).

We continue to work with Fresh Air Training, and now we've added Physical Therapy to his schedule!

That's it in a nutshell.

May 20
Healthy mind, healthy body.
Busy, busy, busy.

May 26
It's true. His beautiful ears are suffering (just a little... not raging.)
He started treatment today. Poor fella. It IS always something, isn't it?
All will be well.

Phoenix and Rosa his live-in girlfriend on their favorite couch! Phoenix is an 8-month-old puppy and Rosa is 9 years old. Rosa is incredibly patient, but the pup finally pushed her buttons and she (and he) reacted appropriately. Good lessons, happy endings.

June 1
This is Phoenix with his pal Riley!

June 3
Your 'Phoenix-fix' is coming early today.
He is at his at his Rehab appointment. (YAY for PT...!)
He has many sessions ahead of him, and seems to be tolerating the experience as well as possible. (Thanks to training.)
All part of the process...

June 7
"P"is for "pooh".
Phoenix was a pistol tonight, a little big for his britches, but here he is - settled down - enjoying his Kong.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RLRR Cathouse improvements!


Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue is enjoying the recent renovation of the cattery utility room/bathroom.

The floor was gradually caving in and there were some walls and a hallway that took up lots of space.  
 The project included tearing out the interior walls, tearing out the floor and replacing rotted floor joists and floor, and redoing all the plumbing which was leaking under the floor. It involved electrical work as well.


Now we have a wonderful room of 12 feet x 16 feet with a new shower for volunteers, dishwasher, pet bathing unit, water heater and our washer and dryer, which were still operable. 

We have coordinated the colors of buff and grey looking very attractive. Most importantly, opening up the area has made the work so much easier. 


We want to thank many people for the facelift which is entirely paid for:
  • Thank you to Susan and ABE! Fund supporters and contributors for financing the carpentry portion of the project.
  • Thank you to Kristin and Kevin for providing the dishwasher and installation.
  • Thank you to Kim for creating the Go Fund Me page which got funds for the shower, pet bathing unit and new water heater. Thank you to all the Go Fund Me contributors.
  • Thank you to Nancy, Carolyn and Leona for painting. 
  • Thank you for our general contributors for the plumbing and electrical portion of the project. 
  • A special thank you to the contractors Brian and Shawn, Lee’s Plumbing and Anderson Electric for a job well done! 
All I can say is “It is a wonderful work area benefiting all the animals and workers too.”

Karen and RLRR

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunny is on the mend

One cold December day, we got word that a family in Red Lake had moved out of their home and left two adult dogs behind. One was a shepherd mix and the other a chow mix. The chow mix hopped on three legs and both had no food or shelter. The future looked very bleak for them.

Dan of Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue responded and brought the boys to the shelter . We named the little orange chow “Sunny” and to match his very sunny disposition. He was a wonderful dog.

We took Sunny to the vet on December 10th where he was neutered and vaccinated. Sunny also had heartworm, lymes, and anaplasma. An x-ray of the front leg determined that he had an old gunshot wound in the elbow. Poor Sunny might never be able to use that front leg again!

Who would shoot such a friendly and nice animal?

Sunny remained at the shelter and we wondered who would take on this boy with all the medical problems? Then, our friends at Pet Haven stepped up and took on Sunny. He has been treated for heartworm and his other maladies and now 6 months later he has just had the front leg amputated and is doing well.

We are so thankful to Pet Haven and how they went the extra mile to help Sunny, once a homeless dog with all the health problems possible, to now have a hopeful and great future.

We appreciate the rescues who help give hope to our hopeless ones.

Sincerely, Karen Good

January 11
Sometimes we get a call for help that is just too difficult to say no to. And this is one of those. Meet: Sunny. This boy lived the first several years of his life outdoors in Northern MN, during which time he contracted Heartworm & Lymes. Additionally he was shot in the leg multiple times. Sunny recently made his way to Pet Haven foster care where he will be neutered, treated for Heartworm and Lymes, and receive an amputation of his now dysfunctional leg.

Generous donations by our MANY amazing supporters allow us to say "yes" to taking in sweet dogs like Sunny, who despite his horrendous past, is the most gentle, docile dog you will meet.

May 5
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Current Pet Haven dog, Sunny, celebrated today with some festive necklaces and his favorite Minnesota Twins shirt! 

May 22
"Dearest Sunny,

Today is the day you are freed from your pain. After today you will no longer hurt because of a leg that was fractured by the bullet of someone's gun. In the safe hands of an amazing vet team, today you are getting the opportunity to leave your old life in the past & start a new life in a healthy & happy state. Embrace today. Today is YOUR day big guy.

All my love,
Your foster mom Meagan"

Please keep our sweet boy Sunny in your thoughts today as he undergoes his last procedure; his leg amputation! Thank you to the very generous Pet Haven supporter who has offered to pay for his surgery and to everyone who has been following his story!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pearl's puppies' birthday party!

It was just over a year ago that Red Lake Rosie's Rescue transported Pearl and her 8 puppies to ARRVS. 

One of the adopters that now owns two of the puppies organized a Birthday "Pawday" at a local dog park!

All 8 puppies showed up and it was so much fun! They played for over 4 hours and there was food for their people and toys and treats for the dogs!

ARVSS is on Facebook!


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