Friday, June 27, 2008

Fundraising Garage Sale: July 30-Aug 1

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Fundraising Garage Sale: Wednesday, July 30 through Friday, Aug 1 from 8:00 - 5:00 in Blaine.

We will hold our third annual fundraising garage sale in just 5 weeks, the week following RAVS. We need to raise funds to pay a salary to Benay, a very committed animal lover, to stay at Karen's and take care of her animals and RLRR while Karen has surgery on her feet. Benay will stay at Karen's for 10 weeks while she has surgery and recovers starting some time in Sept/Oct.

Thanks to Crystal who has a friend in Blaine who has agreed to have it at her place. We can take items there 2 weeks ahead of the sale.

1) Donations: Household, glassware, guy stuff, collectibles, art, sports, games/toys, crafts, holiday, electronics, small appliances, books/tapes/movies, baby items, kid/adult clothes, furniture. All items in good condition please. Tell your friends and family to start gathering items.
2) Storage: places to store items as we get them if people can't wait until 2 weeks before the sale since we can take them at the sale location.
3) Pick ups: people who can pick up items and deliver them to the storage locations. People who can deliver items to the Blaine sale location.
4) Tables - lot's of tables, maybe borrow form churches, etc.
5) Price marking and set-up: Price items and set up on Tuesday, July 29.
6) Volunteers to work the sale: we need 3 people each day.
7) Tear down: tear down Friday after sale and Saturday morning.
8) Leftover item pick up: Have a donation truck pick up items or take them to donation locations OR to another storage site (someone's garage) if we have a lot of good leftovers. Then we can have another garage sale at another location in September (prices will already be marked so we would just need to set up).

Let me know if you can help and how you can help. I'll reply to messages this weekend. THANK YOU!!!
Lynn Mecum

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Volunteers needed at Red Lake July 21-27 for HSUS/RAVS spay/neuter clinic

The Humane Society of the United States -- HSUS's Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) brings veterinary care to poor communities around the globe. They will holding a weeklong clinic at Red Lake Monday, July 21 – Sunday, July 27, 2008 and volunteers are needed.

RAVS clinic locations:
1) Warehouse in Redby on Monday, July 21 through Saturday, July 26. S/N, exams, vaccinations. RAVS staff will arrive Monday late afternoon to set-up. Clinic will start on Tuesday, July 22. Volunteers needed for meal prep on Monday late afternoon. Other volunteers needed to be there on Monday to be ready to start clinic on Tuesday.
2) Ponemah, about 40 minutes away from Redby on Sunday, July 27. Vaccinations and exams.

1) St. Mary’s Convent, few miles away, dormitory style, multiple people to room, has beds – bring own sheets & blankets or sleeping bag and pillow. Bathroom and shower – a longer wait to use than if you stay at the warehouse because more people stay here.
2) Warehouse. Bring sleeping bag and pillow. There is a small upper level to the warehouse with office rooms where people can sleep on the carpeted floor. Or there are several hospital beds which are comfortable which are arranged in a row in part of the warehouse. There is a bathroom and shower in the warehouse.

RAVS staff & responsibilities:
8 vets, 30 vet students, 12 techs and others (50 total)
Animal check in, exams, surgeries, vaccinations, instrument cleaning, post-op care and washing their own meal dishes which they bring with them.
Volunteers needed:
Minimum of 5 people needed daily – 8 would be ideal.1) Help needed with surrenders, walking, feeding, laundry, clinic support, cleaning, cleaning kennels, humane education, grooming, RLRR computer data base check in, meals and clean-up at end of clinic (Sunday evening and Monday).
2) Help needed with volunteers who are going to RAVS to take up people and animal food, crates, medical and animal supplies.

Karen Good’s role:
Meet with RAVS, bring her rescued animals in for s/n, do animal rescue and bring in for s/n, work with community, help as needed.

Barbara Bowman’s role:
Clinic on-site organizer. Barbara will have the warehouse organized and ready for staff and volunteers. She will also be the contact person for the volunteers. Thank You Barbara!

2 volunteers needed daily for meal prep, serving meals/snacks and clean up. They may be time to help with other things also, at least for one of the volunteers.
Meals needed for 50 RAVS staff and 15 volunteers daily (65 daily).
1st meal Monday late afternoon/early evening. Last meal on Sunday, probably sandwiches.
Claudia W. and Mary Ann C. will make some meals ahead of time to save on prep time. Thanks Mary Ann and Claudia.

Food needed (tax deductible):
Fruit (apples, grapes, bananas, watermelon, etc)
Salad bags, carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, salad dressing, dips (for salads and veggie trays)
Chips, dips, tortilla chips, pretzels, salsa
Cookies, bars, trail mix, nuts
Cheese for snacks and slices for sandwiches
Breakfast juice, cereal, oatmeal, breads (such as banana, zucchini, chocolate chip, etc)
Peanut butter and jelly

Karen will get bread, eggs (for hard boiled eggs for breakfast), butter, coffee, sugar, condiments, water cooler, pop. (Money needed to help pay for this).

Contact Lynn at or 651-351-9000 if you can help:
1) Can you supply people food or money to buy food even if you aren’t going to RAVS? There are many people to feed.
2) If going to RAVS, what days and what time do you plan to arrive and leave? There are many jobs to do and people may be sharing in doing many things. Do you have any preferences in what you would like to do?
3) Can you take up supplies when you go to RAVS? What vehicle will you be driving and how much room will you have?
4) Where do you prefer to sleep, the warehouse or Convent? I need to let Karen know ASAP if you want to sleep in the Convent.
5) Let me know if you have anything that needs to go up to RAVS or to Karen’s so that people can take items with them.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spice Girl

Spice Girl was surrendered at a home in Red Lake. She and her litter of 5 which were born in the winter had a very hard life. We ended up getting 2 pups and Spice Girl after mange, ear infection, hip injury and hunger had taken its toll. Spice Girl was crippled, deaf and a very broken dog on arrival. She had a very special personality in spite of all her challenges. She was a very dedicated mom to her pups and even as they got older, she spent her days in a kennel with them. She would not have it any other way.
We do not know what happened to the other 3 pups in the litter. The two puppies did get out to a foster home in the metro.
They all spent about 6 weeks at the RLRR shelter. As time went on, I began to see what a wonderful gem she was. Pet Haven took her and so her journey with Pet Haven began. It has been a wonderful journey with a very happy ending.
Karen Good, RLRR

Spice was recovering nicely when she was transported to Pet Haven, but her back leg was still a problem. X-rays revealed her hip was completely fractured and the vet recommended amputation of her rear leg.
After surgery, she settled in a foster home and recently she went to her forever home with a family that has a big backyard and a golden retriever as a playmate.
Spice made quite an impression on everyone she met at Pet Haven:
She is without a doubt one of the sweetest girls I have ever met ... we at Pet Haven learned so much and feel blessed that Karen chose us to place Spice Girl into her forever home.

All of our dogs are special... but yes, there are some, who are extra
special in my eyes, and who capture the hearts of so many of us, teach us so much, and leave paw prints forever etched in our soul ---
Spice Girl is one of those special souls who touched us all.
Karen -- thank you for trusting Pet Haven with this gentle spirit.
She is truly one of a kind.
A - thank you for opening up your heart and your home and for fostering her, loving her, and letting her go today ... i know Spice Girl is in great hands with J and her family. It is obvious they will shower her will love.
Spice girl found an awesome home- not before she touched ALL of our hearts.She is such a special dog and she went to just the right home- I believe they know what they have and I think they will share her with others so her story will only get better ! :) Her foster Anne did an amazing job of caring for Spice Girl all the way through her amputation and beyond. She stepped up to take care of her right away. She loved her and I know it was difficult to part with her but the best fosters like her manage to get through and do it all over again. I will see that you get a recent picture because she has really blossomed and is soo beautiful.I remember all of my questions to you about her and I most remember your last email that said " You will not regret it " You were right. Thank- You for giving her to Pet Haven.

And, finally a note from the foster caregiver: Spice Girl fit in perfectly at her new home. She and the retriever Charlie got along well. They checked each other out and then each did their own thing. Charlie is high energy but he is more interested in running around retrieving his ball than playing with Spice. The husband fell in love instantly and talked about how much he can't wait to have her on the couch with him while he watches movies. They have a great backyard that Spice Girl is going enjoy for a long time. They live in a nice quiet neighborhood and I feel this is a great fit for her.

It's really weird/ quiet around the house right now without her. Hope and my cat Puddy have been looking for her too... I am grateful that Spice has found such a great home. I am looking forward to getting updates and seeing how Spice blossoms. I am very happy to hear she will be able to be with kids with disabilities and be able to be a sort of therapy dog. I will be sure to share the updates on her with you all.

Thank you guys for everything and for helping me through the surgery that Spice had. It was great to be there for Spice and to watch her heal and become a truly happy dog. She taught me a lot and I am a much better person for having been able to foster her. Thanks so much for asking me to be her foster, it was an experience I will never forget.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Paris the Poodle

Paris the poodle was transported from Red Lake after the Animal Ark spay/neuter clinic. She was a black standard poodle who was getting picked on by other dogs in the household. Midwest Animal Rescue took her in and T who transported her just received an update from Paris' foster mom:

Paris lived with us for about a month, growing by leaps and bounds each day.

She went home about two weeks ago to live with another year-old standard poodle and a young boy and girl who just absolutely adore her! They have a six foot vinyl privacy fence and mom goes for walks twice a day. She walked right into their house and it was clear she was home.

I miss her. She was a wonderful girl who is very happy now.
:o) S.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RLRR Fundraiser Garage Sale: July 30, 31 and Aug. 1

More information soon about drop sites for donations, location and times for sale!

Start cleaning out your closets, garages and basements for donations and budget some money to come shop at the sale.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Dachsunds rescued

I received additional information about the transport over the past weekend.

These two Dachshunds, lovely red girls, were abandoned when their owners moved and left them behind.
They went to Small Dog Rescue in Richfield. Lucky dogs!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rain causes problems at RLRR, too.

Dear Denise: Hi and hope you are well.

Just wanted to update you that a transport of 19 dogs and puppies went out today with N who met DD. Puppies and dogs are going to ARVSS (Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services) in Wisconsin; All Dog Rescue; Small Dog Rescue, and AHS (Animal Humane Society) in St. Paul, MN.

Another transport is scheduled for June 21 with BB. With the excessive rains it was necessary to move the puppies out. The concrete floor kennels work well, but those with dirt floors have gone underwater.

We are also happy to announce that Barbara will arrive tomorrow to began her time of volunteer, courtesy of her employer, Ameriprise.

Pics of some of the puppies attached.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lucy & Linus: A Miraculous Meeting

At first glance, Lucy seems like a bit of a tough girl. She certainly looks like she can take care of herself, as I'm sure she had to at Red Lake. Then you notice her pretty gray coat has cream-colored patches, her white trim is very perfect and her black-lined green eyes are lovely. But the best part about Lucy is her sweet personality and here's why.

A tiny, tiny kitten was brought into the clinic last week. He was apparently all alone in the world, found with no mom or siblings, but he was only three or four days old. It is almost impossible to save a kitten that small without its mother and they were not equipped for newborn kittens at the clinic -- not even formula.

DeeDee tucked the kitten inside her clothes to keep him warm for the day, but they worried what they would do with him that night.

Then Lucy came to the clinic. She was found abandoned at the dump and it turned out she was a lactating mother cat. Her kittens were nowhere to be found. Would she accept the kitten?

Cautiously, they put the kitten with her and she didn't hesitate a moment. She immediately began washing him and nursed him!

Poor Lucy went through a lot. She was separated somehow from her kittens, left at the dump, then she got shots and was spayed at the clinic and given a new baby for which to care. Then there was the long drive back to the Twin Cities.

When I met DeeDee and Crystal at Golden Valley I took Lucy and the kitten in the carrier with me, plus three dogs that needed transport to SecondHand Dog in Claremont, MN. I dodged storms all the way down and back and finally delivered Lucy and the kitten (we have decided to call him Linus) to a temporary foster home.

Lucy has more milk than little Linus can possibly drink... but he is trying! He was just 5 ounces when he arrived and in just three days was over 8 ounces. His eyes are starting to open and he tries to creep, but it's hard to move that big belly around!

This was an unlikely happy ending to two sad stories!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clinic with AHS May 2008

There were five people from AHS (Animal Humane Society): Dr Kim Culbertson (pictured above) who did all the surgeries and a second vet who did exams and vaccination, etc. , and three vet techs - Christy, Laurie, and Laura. DeeDee and Crystal were the key volunteers from the Twin Cities. Thanks to those who sent food and supplies!We did spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, worm, flea/tick & heartworm preventative on approximately 78 animals and Kim (Dr Culbertson) did two entropian (eye) surgeries, as well. There were probably an additional 25 or so animals that were already altered -- isn't that great! -- that were brought in and had exams with all of the above without surgery.

19 dogs/puppies, 5 cats/kittens, and 1 ferret were transported to rescues in the cities and environs. Thanks to the rescues who helped by taking them in!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sharae now

Read about Sharae then.
This Red Lake cat has settled in nicely in her new home.
She is no longer the tiny kitten we thought might be a dwarf.
She isn't mentally challenged as the vets once thought; she is VERY smart.
She is the household greeter.
She is known as the "Big Bopper" for her way of letting foster kittens know their status.
She is a fine representative of Red Lake and a tribute to Karen's young friend for whom she is named.


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