Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 Bottle Babies!

On Father's Day Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call about a mama and her litter of 12 puppies. The owner had lost his job and had no money for dog food and was unable to care for the 12 puppies. He wanted them removed from his place. He did not however want to part with the mama dog.

Karen delivered food to the man and took the twelve little pups who were about 3-4 weeks old. The mother had no milk and they were ravenously hungry. So off to the RLRR shelter they went.

RLRR will spay the mama dog with the owner's blessing and also agreed to help him with food until he gets some income again.

Once at RLRR shelter they had lots of puppy milk which at first we tried to have them drink from a bowl. That did not work well so Benay and Karen bottled these babies for 2 days and thankfully got them placed in great foster care with 6 going to TLC and 6 going to St. Francis of Assissi on June 21st.

We are so thankful to have these great rescues to take our "high maintenence" neonatal pups and kittens!

Karen and Benay

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MN SNAP clinic in May

MN SNAP (Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program) came to the Red Lake reservation in late May for a four-day spay/neuter clinic. The funds were provided by Chuck & Don’s 2010 Paw Prints campaign.

There were two veterinarians with their teams this time.

As usual, Dr. Kim Culbertson was there with her team Niki, Erin, and Lindsay.

Dr. Sue Spence and her team, Stefanie, Nikki, and Haley, made their first trip to the reservation. They brought two volunteers, as well, Taylor and Paige.

We also had two local girls, Viv and Skye, volunteer. We are very grateful for their hard work walking dogs, cleaning crates, checking out animals, and for Viv’s cupcakes! Viv and Skye’s own dogs followed them on their long walk to the clinic each day.

About 140 animals were altered, given vaccinations and flea & tick preventative, and wormed. Several animals with quills and other injuries were treated, too.

When four neonatal puppies were surrendered, Taylor and Paige assumed their care, which meant bottle feeding every three hours. They took them to the hotel at night and kept them in the bathtub. Needless to say, they did not get much sleep. Stefanie also assumed nightly care on the second night. A big thank you to them for taking on the care of the little ones, especially at night after long days working at the clinic.

There were a lot of very large dogs this time, and it was easier to lay them on the floor during recovery rather than trying to stuff their limp bodies into crates. As they slowly regained consciousness, some would start scooching across the floor, and we would have to find them and return them to their blankets.

As it was May, there were lots of ticks to remove, as well as some matted coats to groom.

Thanks to all for a successful clinic! And a special thanks to Dr. Kim for sharing her photos from the event.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ani & Sadie

ANIIn the hustle and bustle of the May, 2011 MN SNAP clinic we had two beautiful shepherds surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

SADIESadie came as a surrender. A very nice man brought her to the Ponemah shuttle and explained that he would like to surrender her, as the owners had moved and left her behind.
SADIEHe said he would have liked to keep her, however, did not think he could afford her care. We were thankful for his honesty and kindness toward Sadie, wanting the best for her.

ANIAni, a regal female shep came in as a surrender on the last day. The owners again had moved out and left Ani behind, and the new tennants could not keep her. Ani's right side of her head is dented in and it is doubtful she has much sight on that right eye. These handicaps do not hamper this lady's enthusiasm or happiness. Ani is a wonderful dog with great zeal for life.

Both of these wonderul shepherds went to Second Hand Dogs in Claremont to move on to find their forever homes. Barbie Olson was the transporter.

We are happy that we have Second Hand Hounds as a partner. Patti Simonette has rehomed many RLRR sheps the past years and we are deeply grateful.

Thank you Patti and Barbie for helping them, and for the community people who cared enough to come forward with these 2 homeless sheps!

Sincerely, Karen

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another weekend warrior at RLRR

Ellen visited Red Lake Rosie's Rescue June 10-12; she brought gifts of cat and dog food for the shelter and community animals.

STUART LITTLEDuring her stay, she helped clean kennels, care for animals, and was very smitten with Stuart Little, a little mangey pup rescued from the Ponemah garbage dump by Polly.

HELPFUL DOGSEllen and Geri did some spring cleaning as we end the use of straw for the summer. The dogs love to help out :-)

ELLEN & SUPPLIESWe met Ellen and her mother Claudia through a Red Lake dog, of course. Their family adopted Ginny years ago and since then we have enjoyed this family's support and encouragement. Claudia prepares meals for our animal clinic volunteers.

I want to say thank you for allowing me to come help out at the shelter this weekend. My gosh, you all have so much going on, it is an honor that I was able to come up and spend time with the animals and visit with you, Helen, Geri and Kevin!

GERI & ELLENI am so blessed to have been able to share time up there with you all! I am attaching some photos that I took from the weekend.

GERI & STUARTI am praying that Stuart Little gains his strength and that the path before him may be one of healing, love and blessings.

THE GROUPGod Bless you Karen! I look forward to your celebrations down in the metro for "Eleven Who Care"


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raven revived

NOT SKINNY OR SAD NOW!!When we got Raven from Karen we could count every rib in his body. It was pathetic, the poor guy.

RAVEN BEFORE -- WHAT YOU LOOKIN' AT??He had bites out of his ears and just had that sad look in his eyes that we see all too often.

Well, that has all changed now, as you can see he is very healthy and very happy, plus he has a playmate (another dachshund).

Love those happy endings !!


Thank you Dino for the great update on Raven! What a transformation.

Karen :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June is Adopt-a-Cat month

Karen & Geri are currently overwhelmed with 40 cats & kittens at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. All the rescues are full at this time of year, so please consider adopting or fostering if you are able. Remember, you'll never regret getting a pair of kittens or cats to keep each other company. Adding one later can be tough...

Friday, June 17, 2011
Sisters Kip, black and white, and Rudi, black, were born in early March 2011 at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Their three siblings have been adopted, so these girls are next!

KIPThey are well matched in play styles and have started to come for some lap time - when they are not too busy playing! Both girls purr eagerly when you pick them up and hold them.

Rudi is the live wire of the pair; Kip does a lot of playing but is not quite as silly as Rudi is!

RUDIWrestle a shoe? Of course!

KIP & RUDIWrestle each other? Yes, that too!

KIPThese girls do not have to be adopted together but make a nice pair if you are looking for siblings. The foster home has 2 medium sized dogs (the girls are a little cautious around them but not petrified) and another older kitten and adult cat to play with - Ladybug, the adult, is like a grown up kitten and enjoys them thoroughly.

Here are some pics of the 3 little Red Lake kittens that got adopted recently. Their two other siblings are going to be up for adoption soon through Pet Haven, as well!

BALOOBaloo: Baloo was the cuddler of the three. He would always come and lay in my lap and fall alseep purring. Baloo was adopted into a household with one smaller dog. He is fitting in and getting along with his doggy brother.

MOWGLIMowgli: Mowgli is an outgoing little guy who loves to play and cuddle. He was adopted by a newly married couple looking for a companion.

MEEKAMeeka: Meeka was a shy little girl when she first came down to the Twin Cities. She quickly came out of her shell and loved playing with her siblings, as well as getting groomed by the older cats in her foster home.

MEEKA IN HER NEW HOMEShe was adopted into a house with another young cat and two dogs. She and the resident cat have become fast friends already.


Friday, June 24, 2011

How quickly they grow!

Three photos of Kramer when we got him from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

And, two photos from his new family.
Thank you and Dog Bless
TLC Canine Rescue

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eleven Who Care event

The Eleven Who Kare event last night was terrific. We were all so proud of Karen!

I hope anyone who has photos from the two days of her visit and any thoughts they would like to share will send them to me to include in one or more blog posts.

This photo from my cell phone isn't going to cut it :-)

Orphan pups

Two little tiny litters were found in the wooded area of the reservation during the recent Mn Snap clinic.

One litter of 4 tiny husky sheps were about 2 weeks old and thankfully we had lots of help to bottle them every 2 hours and keep them healthy until the clinic was over--but then what?

Caring for orphan bottle pups and kittens is a full time job and the Red Lake Rosie's shelter does not have the manpower to provide optimum care for the orphans.

Well, Second Hand Hounds volunteers were at the clinic and they took full charge of the pups and got them safely to the metro to foster care.

A second tiny litter of 4 pups were found in another area of the reservation in a wooded area but they were a little older and able to lap milk and eat soft foods. This litter was taken by Animal Ark into the care of Linda as their foster mom.

We are so happy we have foster homes and rescues willing to take these bottle babies into their care.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In honor of rescuer, Karen Good

Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is honored today for her selfless efforts on behalf of the animals of Red Lake Indian Reservation. As a volunteer selected as one the Eleven Who Care in 2011, she will attend a special event hosted by Thrivent Financial and Kare 11 this evening.

The recognition Karen appreciates most, of course, is the unspoken thanks from the hundreds of animals she has helped over the years. This poem was sent to Karen by a supporter and I thought today was the perfect day to share it.

(to you from the animals you have rescued)

CINNAMONI would've died that day if not for you.
I would've given up on life if not for your kind eyes.
JUSTINI would've used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.
CINDERELLAI would have left this life believing that all humans don't care
LORNABelieving there is no such thing as fur that isn't matted,
skin that isn't flea bitten,
good food and enough of it,
beds to sleep on,
someone to love me,
to show me I deserve love just because I exist.
SURVIVORYour kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands
Your big heart saved me...
WILLOWYou soothed away the memories of my old life.
KYRAYou have taught me what it means to be loved.
I have seen you do the same for other animals like me.
LUCYI have heard you ask yourself in times of despair
Why you do it-
When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes
PINKYYou open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little further
Make just a little more save one more like me.
KIRAI tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes
MISTYIn the best way I know how
Reminding you why you go on trying.
ZORROI am the reason
CASEYThe animals before me are the reason
As are the ones who come after.
TINY PUPOur lives would've been wasted, our love never given
JUNEBUGWe would die if not for you.

Author unknown

WE LOVE YOU, KAREN!!If you are interested in learning the stories of any of these animals, just enter the name in the "Search this blog" box in the upper right corner of the screen and click on "Search" to retrieve a list of posts about them.


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