Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jessica's pups find love

Darcie adopted Moxie from RLRR and is currently fostering Jessica's two pups from Red Lake.

Loving up the babies at my house!

Thank you so much for all the love & care you give to the animals.


D ~ mom of Moxie

Friday, October 30, 2009

Warrior transformed into Walker

WARRIORWARRIOR rescued 3 days ago, attacked in Red lake by the Trading post by 3 pitbulls, nearly dead- taken to vet and on pain meds and antibiotics- now getting better, sitting up- eating. A very, very nice sweet dog- juvenile black shep.

That was Karen's first note about this dog back in April 2009 and now we have an update from his new home:

WALKERJust want to thank you for rescuing (Warrior) Walker, the shepherd-mix dog found along a highway near Red Lake, MN. I brought him home in May, and he now lives with me, my brother, and two cats.

Walker is well-behaved and knows how to sit, shake hands, lay down, stay, plus a few other commands he's learning in obedience class. The obedience instructor is amazed at how quick Walker is to respond to her instructions.

Walker gets lots of exercise running and jogging with both my brother and me. He loves to wrestle and go to dog parks where he can run with other dogs, go swimming, and chase balls and sticks.

Again, thank you for your effort in helping lost and injured dogs.


Thank you for the update on dear Walker aka Warrior. Yes, he is a very lucky boy- firstly to be alive after the extent of his injuries, then to get to go to All Dog Rescue, and finally to be adopted by you!! We are so happy for this wonderful dog. Walker had many people rooting for him early on!!

Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

Thank you so much for the note and pictures of Walker. I'm the one who found him alongside the road, and initially thought he had been hit by a car. He was a sweet dog at the time, and didn't try to bite me, even though it must have hurt when I moved him.

What a happy, healthy, beautiful animal he has become in your care! It always brings tears to my eyes to see the transformation in an animal that was in particularly bad shape. He was lucky to survive and find you!
Thanks for your care and love for Walker. Take care,


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct. 14 transport including poor Bo

I was pleased to be able to transport assorted supplies up to Karen and trade them for a load of animals on October 14. The supplies included sweaters and jackets for puppies made by Laura Leonard and her mother in Omaha, Nebraska. We'll expect to see photos of the pups modeling them soon!

TRIO OF TUXIESI transported eleven kittens all about eight weeks old -- a litter of three tuxies that went to a foster home, a litter of six gray assorted and a two lonely onlies that were found separately, paired up at RLRR and named Blues Clues and Sweet Pea.

SIX GRAY KITTENS (ASSORTED)The eight are being fostered at my house, but we would like to find a new foster home with more time for them.

BLUES CLUES & SWEET PEAI also transported three dogs and met up with foster cargivers for All Dog Rescue in Maple Grove.

ZENITHZENITHI had the irresistible darling husky puppy, Zenith,

SAVANNAHa sweet brindle dog named Savannah, and Bo, an injured black lab mix.

BO DURING SURGERYBo's owners said that he had been attacked by a pack of dogs. They surrendered him to RLRR, but unfortunately not until he had suffered with his injuries for a week without treatment. Karen took him to the vet and reported on his situation:

BO'S EAR INJURYBo just returned from the vet in Gonvick. His ear was practically severed off, also the inside of the ear chewed. He had many puncture wounds on his head and abdomen. Dr. Marceen cleaned the wounds, stitched the ear and put in a drain. Bo got an antibiotic shot and I am giving oral antiobiotics twice a day plus rimadyl for his pain. The vet aged him at no more than a year. Teeth she said, are beautiful. He is a very kind and meek boy!

Karen was so grateful to All Dog Rescue for taking on the challenge of caring for Bo and was thrilled to get the following update from his foster home:

BO AFTER SURGERY WITH NECK DRAINBo (now going by Frankie) is recovering beautifully! I saw the "before"
photos and couldn't believe he was the same dog. The vet who stitched him up did a fantastic job.

If you couldn't see Frankie's wounds, you would never know he had been so badly injured. Only a week after the attack, he is playful, energetic, and as sweet as ever. The movement in his back legs improves daily. The drainage tube has been removed and his wounds are healing well. There are no signs of infection and he sits patiently while I flush them with antiseptic. He has a huge appetite and the only thing he loves more than playing fetch is having someone pet him.

I was worried he would have problems with other dogs, but that's not the case. He keeps an eye on the dogs we meet while out walking, but doesn't become fearful or aggressive.

It's hard to believe Frankie survived such a brutal attack and amazing that he has bounced back so quickly. He has a way to go before he is ready for a new home. But when it happens, he will make someone very happy!

Thank you for saving this sweet little guy's life!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

School field trip to RLRR

Outreach to the Red Lake community and especially the young people is a critical part of the mission of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

On Monday, October 19, I went to a high school classroom and made a presentation to the students about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, our goals and mission. Pictures of Pearl, Ode and other RLRR animals circulated through the room as discussion and questions began to surface.

One student said, "You sound like Bob Barker". A great place for me to interject, "Yes, and as a matter of fact Bob Barker's foundation is going to give us $10,000 for spay/neuter projects this year." He looked in disbelief, and I reassured him it was true.

A poster about chaining was shown, and one student said, "I have my dog on a chain because he is mean and jumps on people." We talked about how being on a chain isolates the animal and is a form of cruelty. That student on day 2 was open to taking the dog off the chain.

Some students in the room had made fleece blankets for the animals at the shelter.

SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATIONThe next day, the same 15 students and staff visited the RLRR shelter. When the bus arrived they brought dog and cat food, as well as newspapers they had gathered that are especially useful in the cat cages.

PUPPIES ON LEASHES WITH PREDICTABLE RESULTSDOG WALKINGThe students went around and were introduced to all the animals and listened intently to each of their stories. Animal care was discussed including their needs for food, shelter, water, vet care, and most of all---love.

PUPS ON LEASHESMany of the dogs and puppies got to walk on the leash, many for the first time.

COOKOUTWe also had a cookout, and cleaned the shelter yard of sticks and made a fire.

PEACE POLEWe had a Peace Pole which had been already blessed by a spiritual leader at the May clinic. Two students dug the hole and erected the peace pole which is inscribed with the words, "May Peace Prevail in Our Communities" in eight languages.

We were very happy that the students came to the shelter and believe that this will be a beginning of more interaction with RLRR and the youth.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every happy ending is a gift


Hi Karen-happy birthday to you.

Here is a new photo of Dusty and his sister. Dusty has just started doing therapy work by reading with kids. Oh that boy. I love that dog. He has a good life now.

Thanks for all the dogs and cats you help to save. They are all sending you their best wishes today too.

Have a happy day-Laura

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Karen Good!

I just found out that it was Karen's birthday yesterday (Oct.25). Happy Birthday, Karen!

If you know anything about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, you know that Karen is the heart and soul of the place.

If you have visited the rescue, you know how hard the work is physically and it is even more demanding emotionally to deal with abandoned, starving, sick and injured dogs and cats day after day.

However, dealing with people may be the hardest part. Not just the people who abuse or neglect their pets, but also the constant need to ask for help to financially support the rescue and to find homes for the animals.

Karen reads this blog every day. You can add a comment to this post to let Karen know that she is appreciated.

Otherwise, just keep supporting Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in whatever way you can. That is our gift to Karen and Karen's gift to us.

Jessica's pups in foster care

You can read more about Jessica and her pups in an earlier blog post.

These pics are of Jessica's litter of 7 sheps that went to TLC.
Peace- Karen

Here are just a few pictures of the little ones. They are doing awesome.

CHOWTIMEWe gave them two bowls of food and a bowl of water and it's all gone.

I have been paying for it trying to keep the pads clean.

Haha, We have washed two loads already and it is only 11 pm.

NAPTIMEThank you and Dog Bless
TLC Canine Rescue

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The other Max finds his home at last

Max looks so happy and proud with his new family; it brings tears to my eyes.

Another great update on Max- another Max sent to Pet Haven after our first clinic in April- He was adopted YAY!! karen

Hi Karen,

The other Max also just got adopted!! :) I announced it on our Monday Adopted dog blog. Enjoy the photo of Max with his new family when they adopted him. His foster has followed up with them several times already and they are so happy with him!


MAX AND HIS NEW FAMILYMax's new parents are crazily similar to his previous foster parents. His previous foster mom has already made two followup phone calls and on both occasions has learned he was doing well ..." He's already been hissed at by his new kitten sibling and was unphased." His new dad said "this is exactly the type of dog we were looking for". Congrats Max and thanks for hanging in with us and waiting till just the right adopter came along for you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mary's new friends at RLRR

Mary visited Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with Jessie. She says, "We had a short visit but it was a great visit!" Here are some of her photos:


NOTE FROM DENISE: I transported darling Zenith to All Dog Rescue for foster care last week.


We have a number of kittens needing foster care.







DeeDee tells me this cat is patiently waiting for placement.






I think one of these gray cats is probably the mama to the six gray kittens at my house!


DeeDee tells me that this sweet cat has been waiting for placement for a while.



KAREN SAYS: Shiloh came in nursing a litter of 12 puppies. We placed her puppies and got her spayed. Shiloh is Heartworm Negative, and has her rabies and DHPP shot. She is very shy and needs lots of TLC. She has been here about 3 months waiting for foster placement.


KAREN SAYS: The calico cat is a 3 legged cat that came to us when her guardian at age of 87 died. She is looking for a new home!


KAREN SAYS: Bootsie was placed at Animal Ark.


KAREN SAYS: For sure we need a placement of Abby. She is a great little pitbull spayed. She is food aggressive and if any dogs growl at her she will fight. She has been here for about 5 months - came in with mange and starvation. That is why she is food aggressive.



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