Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bo/Frankie adopted!

Monday afternoon, almost 8 months after you saved a horribly injured dog from a lonely and painful death, Frankie marched up the front steps of his new home!

Frankie was adopted by an active and loving couple. He had visited his new home a few days earlier and clearly remembered it was a great place. He pulled me to the door, walked in, and made himself comfortable.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have Frankie in my life. Though I can't speak for his new family, from the happy tone in his mom's voice when I talked to her last night, I have no doubt they would say "Thank you" as well!


It isn't possible to fully appreciate how special it is that this dog has found a loving home without revisiting his condition on arrival at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Bo's owners said that he had been attacked by a pack of dogs. They surrendered him to RLRR, but unfortunately not until he had suffered with his injuries for a week without treatment. Karen took him to the vet and reported on his situation:

Bo just returned from the vet in Gonvick. His ear was practically severed off, also the inside of the ear chewed. He had many puncture wounds on his head and abdomen. Dr. Marceen cleaned the wounds, stitched the ear and put in a drain. Bo got an antibiotic shot and I am giving oral antiobiotics twice a day plus rimadyl for his pain. The vet aged him at no more than a year. Teeth she said, are beautiful. He is a very kind and meek boy!

Karen was so grateful to All Dog Rescue for taking on the challenge of caring for Bo and was thrilled to get the following update from his foster home:

Bo (now going by Frankie) is recovering beautifully! I saw the "before"
photos and couldn't believe he was the same dog. The vet who stitched him up did a fantastic job.

If you couldn't see Frankie's wounds, you would never know he had been so badly injured. Only a week after the attack, he is playful, energetic, and as sweet as ever. The movement in his back legs improves daily. The drainage tube has been removed and his wounds are healing well. There are no signs of infection and he sits patiently while I flush them with antiseptic. He has a huge appetite and the only thing he loves more than playing fetch is having someone pet him.

I was worried he would have problems with other dogs, but that's not the case. He keeps an eye on the dogs we meet while out walking, but doesn't become fearful or aggressive.

It's hard to believe Frankie survived such a brutal attack and amazing that he has bounced back so quickly. He has a way to go before he is ready for a new home. But when it happens, he will make someone very happy!

Thank you for saving this sweet little guy's life!


Another amazingly resilient Red Lake dog! And, I have to say that he also looks amazingly like our famous alumnus, Ahnung.


mteacup said...

Yeah Frankie!

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful to see how Bo-Frankie has healed physically and emotionally from his injuries. Such a great dog--and great people helping him along the way- Thanks to All Dog who really took him to this point.

Thank you to his adoptive family willing to take a black dog, and give him a chance.

When we found him in the old doghouse that day- he literally smelled like rotten meat, and would have surely died had he not gotten the help when he did!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!


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