Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice for Justin

It seems no end to the cruelty we are uncovering here in Red Lake.

Meet Justin, as Polly did last night while driving by the Battle River dump on the road to Ponemah. She was horrified to find the shep mix with no ears- evident that someone had cut off his ears. Very fearful he holds his head and looks down most of the time. His little short life has been nothing but suffering as you can see it in his eyes.

They were obviously done torturing Justin, so they threw him in the dump.

He has just been taken in here at the RLRR shelter. I will take him to the vet to get verification as to what caused the ears to be severed. One ear may accidently be severed....but not two.

We have a number of abuse cases we could bring forward to HSUS, but are still waiting to have the one with the 2 dogs beaten and hung resolved.

I am hoping a rescue or kindhearted foster home will open up to give Justin some decent contacts with the human race- Obviously- he has not encountered any decency yet.

Justin is a juvenile, about 4 months old, intact, and minus 2 ears.
Can anyone help?

Sincerely, Jo Tallchief, Chairperson
Karen Good
Polly McMaster
Carol Priest

MARS has stepped forward to take in Justin. Thanks so much!!

Nancy and Tom visited today and Nancy sat in his kennel and held him and he just LOVED it.


I am so honored, really, to have held Justin today when we visited Karen's. What a gentle, fragile little soul this guy is. I would have loved to have sat with him in his kennel with a big ol' soft quilt and held him all day long.

He responds to sweet whispers in his ears and soft pets. What an absolute beauty. Thank you for this incredible rescue. Had you not been there for him, surely he would have perished. Thanks...

Nancy O'Sullivan

Cathouse cleaning AND some kitty lovin'

It was a great surprise to have Rae Ann, and her two grandaughters Brooklyn and Autumn come to the shelter and totally clean all the cat cages on Monday. It was like the fairies that come in and you find all the work done!!

These girls love the cats and cannot wait until they are old enough to drive so they can come here on a regular basis to take care of the cats.

Autumn the eldest is 9 years old and Brooklyn is 7.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Healing thoughts needed for Hackie

Hackie (short for Hackensack) was found at the Red Lake garbage dumpster by Carol Priest - a dachshund, starving, mangy, dehydrated and near death.

SIDE VIEW OF HACKIEHe came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and went to the vet. He received sub-cu 400 mL of ringers solution, got a penicillin shot, and an injection of ivermectin. He began eating little bits of A/D canned food.

HACKIE'S FACEHe is an angel with the most beautiful eyes. These pictures will tell the horrible story of all he has been through. I knew he would need constant medical attention for the first week just to keep this boy alive.

TOP VIEW OF HACKIELuckily, Act V stepped forward to take him. He was transported on Sunday and on Monday he had surgery for a blockage in his small intestine that turned out to be a brillo pad.

Act V sent an update: "He made it thru the night, just starting to eat. He's quite a fighter!" Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


UPDATE 6/30/2010:
Great news on our doxie with the Brillo pad--See Dr. Vickie's comments!


"He's doing really well today. He loves his dry food now and is hungry! His stool is getting better and he's more active."

ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation

Transport June 13

TRANSPORT TEAMI drove up to Bemidji June 13 with a load of dog food gathered by DeeDee. I picked up Sharae and she helped exchange my load for a load of animals when we met Karen and Carol.

INDIGOIndigo, the german shep pup went to TLC.

PATTINooby, the Newfie pup, and shep mixes Puffy and Patti went to MARS

DIEGO & NOOBYDiego and Sally went to Tricounty Humane Society in St. Cloud. Leona & her kittens and Cleona & her kittens went to Tricounty foster homes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jackie: a truly miraculous change


I just wanted to send you an update and let you know how my RLRR puppy is doing. I adopted Jackie (a shepherd/pit mix puppy) through MARS in July 2009.

JACKIE & SISTER JASMINE AT RLRRThere is a picture of Jackie with her sister(?) Jasmine in the July 3rd, 2009, blog post titled Pet Haven Visits Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

JULY 2009Jackie had pretty bad Demodex and was missing most of the hair on her head and front legs. She also had a secondary staph infection and was covered with sores.

AUGUST 2009We made many trips to the vet, but she is finally healthy and looking great.

SEPTEMBER 2009Jackie is an amazing dog and I am so lucky to have her.

We have completed multiple training classes, including obedience, agility, rally, and canine good citizen.

We will be entering our first dog show next month and I can't wait for Jackie to get her first Rally title.

Here are a few pictures of her along the way and now. Sorry, there are so many. :)

APRIL 2010Thank you so much for all that you do and especially for saving my little girl. THANK YOU!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best of Friends

Update from Ellen, foster caregiver, reporting on her latest Red Lake dogs.

Hey, folks:

Just thought I'd let you know that things are going great here. TD and Carla spend much of their time wrestling, after which they nap next to each other. Carla is much bigger than TD (size of a small rottie), and he has bravely stuck most of his head in her mouth while they're playing. My old boys are looking at them like they're crazy!

TD & CARLA HOLDING HANDSThere's so much cuteness going on here it's stunning!

TD pooped in the living room the first night and peed in the computer room yesterday. However, he has 3 pack members exerting "pee-er pressure" on him, and I think this will pass quickly.

I may have to keep both of them. I just want to sleep on it for a few days because it is a 16 or so year commitment. But even Steve says he thinks its completely rational - they're great dogs & they adore each other. (Also, my old boys and June seem to approve.)

I'm including a picture of the kind of thing I see a lot when I'm working at my computer.

Thanks, everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Adopted Dog Update: Tori

Tori came into Pet Haven's foster program a couple years ago from one of our rescue partners, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We recently got an update from her family ... looks like Tori is one HAPPY and SPOILED dog!! :) and as Tori would say, "as it should be!!" :)

TORI"We adopted Tori, formally Torrence Chow-Tung, about two years ago. She came from Red Lake with a heartbreaking story of being found in a dumpster with her starved puppies... my husband and daughter and I made it our mission to spoil her rotten and give her the happiest life she could ever imagine. Mission accomplished!

She quickly erased any doubts my husband may have had about inviting another animal into our house, she has earned a grudging respect from our three very elderly and grumpy cats, and she has even befriended the rabbit! She has discovered that marrow bones are an incredibly tasty treat and that bubbles are fun to chase.

There are benefits to having a dog that we could never have foreseen, too, such as introducing us to a whole dog-loving community at the dog park, and being almost a sibling to our only child... the gentleness Tori shows when playing with her is incredible, and there never was a more patient dog for putting up with jewelry, tea parties and doctor check-ups.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Updates from ARVSS

Animal Rescue and Veterinary Support Services--ARVSS is a wonderful supporter of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in Wisconsin. They have found homes for many dogs and here are some recent updates:

SUSIE OF ARVSS WHEN SHE RECEIVED THE WHITE PUPSALL FIVE WHITE PUPSHere are the 5 white puppies just before they were all getting adopted. All but one has a new home, and I have asked that the new families send pictures!


Hi Susie,
Well, we made it through our first week with Gertie. She has been great despite all of those puppy tendencies, especially wanting to chew everything except her dog toys.

We were a little worried at first, because Rory, our youngest freaked out when Gertie came into the house. She insisted on being held. She is warming up to her and loves to pet her now.

RORY STILL LOOKS A LITTLE WORRIEDGertie is great to walk and we get a lot of compliments on her and her behavior. She has been a great addition to the family.

The S~ family


All is well, Lou is happy and healthy and a very good boy.

LOU AND NEW BUDDYIn this picture they are sitting on the "cookie" carpet and waiting nicely! :)


KAREN SAYS: Penny is the dog Polly and I found in the woods that came in with the litter. Here's the update and pic:

PENNYThis is a picture of Penny just before she went to her new foster home.
She is getting SO much attention at the new home--they have a house full of guests who are all in love with her :)

GUYAttached are pictures of Guy--he is tuning out to be such a good boy!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

RLRR on Talk2theAnimals radio

Never met Karen Good? Curious about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue? Learn a LOT by listening to the online radio show hosted by animal communicator Janet Roper at Talk2theAnimals today.

Select "The Animals of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue" and click on arrow to play.

Listen to internet radio with Talk2theAnimals on Blog Talk Radio

The entire show is dedicated to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and includes interviews with founder Karen Good, clinic vet from Akin Hills Dr. Bartsch, three adopters of Red Lake dogs, and even me as blog editor and miscellaneous volunteer.

Pet Haven adopts out 5 Red Lake dogs in 8 days!

Monday, June 21, 2010
Red Lake Adopted Dog Monday

Wow, this is the best week ever for the Red Lake dogs in our foster program. We had five of them adopted in just over 8 days!

JULIUSOur boy Julius saved from the woods by Karen of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue-as were all of the dogs listed here-found his forever home on Father's Day. Julius is living out in Lake Elmo in a cabin-like environment which certainly suits a dog from the country. He got along with the cat right away. And lucky for Julius his auntie is Danielle a trainer from Canine Coach. So if he has any questions about training his new parents he knows who to call.

HUNTERHunter now Mick has a cushy life in Apple Valley. He has a work from home mom, lots of woods to explore, and a deck just for lounging on a Sunday morning. This dog came in to Karen's with a tongue that had been badly burned. He is still learning how to use it again. Here is what the new mom had to say, " We left him home alone for a couple of hours last night and he was fine. Before we left we wondered if we should close the door to the laundry room where we keep all our shoes. Paul said "No they are mostly your shoes he can chew those if he wants". Arriving home there was one shoe in the center of the living room (undamaged) and it was a great big ol' mens tennis shoe. HA Good Boy Mick!"

COPPERCopper now Duncan lives with a Golden named Cooper-hence the name change. He has kept his new parents busy trying to figure out how to keep him from climbing the fence. Duncan seems to think the grass is greener, the people are more friendly, and the squirrels much more interesting on the other side. Sometimes the rez dogs take a bit to settle into city life. Stay tuned for photos of Duncan's new hairdo. The groomer worked on his coat for over two hours.

ZEKEZeke our little terrier mix went to live with a family that had adopted a Pet Haven dog in the past. The parents are retired so Zeke will not be home alone for long. And the 16 year old son has lots of sports events to attend with his new dog. Zeke has come a long way from living alone behind a gas station.

SHILOHShiloh found her new home with a friend of her fosters. He owns a natural pet food store and takes the dogs with him to work everyday. He has another rescue dog that is a bit shy too just like Shiloh-or Shy-bun bun as her fosters called her. Congratulations to all these poochies and their new families! Thank you for considering rescue dogs.

And a big shout out thank you to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for all she does for the homeless dogs and cats on the Red Lake reservation.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday's small dog adoption event at the Calhoun Chuck & Don's was wagging with excitement as potential adopters poured in to admire our newest intakes.

CHUCKYChucky (another Red Lake dog) was the star of the show...he had a line of families waiting one after the other for the opportunity to spend a few minutes getting to know this cute little dude. So many great applications were received...Chucky will be in his forever home real soon!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dogs transported after the June clinic

We have had a few dog transports since the Animal Ark / Akin Hills clinic.

We had a call on Sunday May 30th that Emery, a smaller breed dog was injured the previous night, cause unknown. The owner thought it may be a bear attack, as little Emery was known to fend off bears. The owner did not have the money to take Emery to the vet so he was surrendered.

His side was gashed open so Clearwater Vet sewed him up and he remained at the shelter until June 5th. Dr. Bartsch of Akin Hills was thankfully here during the clinic to redo the surgery and insert a drain tube.

Carol provided "round the clock" care for him at the warehouse and lots of tlc. We are so thankful that All Dog took Emery on Sunday and we are very hopeful for a full recovery. Thank you all for helping Emery move on from a very dire situation to one of hope.

MUTT & JEFFMutt and Jeff also went to All Dog Rescue.

BENNYJeanette transported Benny to MARS.

HARVEYCHUCKYZEKEHarvey, Chucky and Zeke went to Pet Haven.

SMITHSmith, german shepherd pup, went to Tricounty Humane Society.

MILES & PUFFYMaria, a mama dog, and her two pups, Miles and Marla went to Animal Ark.



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