Friday, May 29, 2009

Sharae Maria is all grown up

I brought this tiny orphaned kitten back from Red Lake after my first trip up there two years ago. She's as bossy as ever and all grown up.

I'm in Red Lake now helping with a clinic. New stories next week!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rusty-- A Red Lake regular

Many people visit the Red Lake Rosie's shelter and have met Rusty.

Rusty was rescued in 1998 from Red Lake on the curve on Highway # 1 coming into the Red Lake village. She was a homeless shep mix who entertained people on this curve in the road with plastic bags. She would run with the plastic bags and do circles at high speeds catching everyone's eyes. People began to leave her food and she entertained them all.

One day I got a call that the Police was going to have to kill her as it was a concern that she was going to cause an accident on the curve with all her antics. I was able to catch Rusty that very day and moved her to my house where she made herself at home.

With no access to plastic, she started obsessing herself with rocks.
When she met Barbara, Nancy and Tom she had a regular supply of tennis balls and seems to like them as well as rocks.
Everyone that meets Rusty just loves her, and I have attached her makeover picture as she went to the groomer on Monday. Isn't she a doll??

Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warrior/Walker goes home

Hi Karen
I wanted you to know that Walker (formerly Warrior) was adopted tonight. We will be updating our blog very soon with a picture of him and his new daddy. Thank you for saving his life. He is a wonderful dog and L. is very excited to have him. L. said it was a very LONG week waiting to be able to take him home today. Walker had his stitches taken out yesterday and while the wound is still open it is clean and no infection so it should heal nicely in time. The vet is astounded that there was no damage to tendons etc... and said the Walker is a VERY lucky dog. Please pass the word on to DeeDee and Mike and Sheila and thank them all for helping Walker.
All Dog Rescue
Friday, May 8, 2009
Walker goes to his forever home!

Well, April 16th Walker was attacked by three large dogs and left for dead. A host of angels (called volunteers at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, vet partners, foster parents and transport folks) rallied to get him back to good health. Thankfully those efforts paid off, and Walker went to his new forever home today. Lonnie met us at PetCo today to take Walker to his new home. Lonnie is extremely excited to get his new boy to his home and start enjoying his company. Walker got his stitches out yesterday and got a much needed bath. Now he smells fabulous and was ready to go live with Lonnie and have a new lease on life. We are so grateful to all the volunteers at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for taking Walker and staring him on the road to good health. We feel fortunate to have been able to have Walker with us at All Dog Rescue. We wish Walker and Lonnie all the best and a lifetime of happiness together. Here is a picture of them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy-pleasing placement

RLRR placement update:

Tehya is doing great! She's such a sweet girl. We've been keeping her REALLY active. She loves playing soccer with the girls and going on walks. She's doing really good on her leash. When she's tired, she'll sit right down and doesn't budge. That means we need to carry her. We don't mind, although we tease her and call her our big baby!

She's slowly making frenemies with Eddie, our cat. Eddie would rather not have to deal with her, but they've come within sniffing distance of each other, so that's progress!
She's very interested in all the motorcycles we heard this past nice weekend and also all the birds in the yard. The rabbits have all fled, but the droppings they left under our camper are a favorite "treat" for Tehya. Yuck! We've decided not to let her wander around that side of the garage anymore.

Week two will bring her first "official" vet visit on Thursday and also her first soccer game tonight.

Thanks again for choosing us to adopt this special girl!

J&J, H&T

Friday, May 22, 2009

How cute is Cheyenne? Soooo Cute!!!

Two pups came into RLRR at the April clinic and they were called Big and Little. Big was in the RLRR foster program, but was soon adopted by K. We just received an update on Big, now Cheyenne and these pictures:
LUCKY AND CHEYENNEI cannot believe how fast she is growing. She is definitely getting shepherd ears! She stands tall to the bottom of Lucky's stomach now. I can't wait to see what he does when she gets bigger. They wrestle a lot and I think he's in for trouble when she gets big enough.
Everything else is going well. We go in Friday for the next shots. I'm anxious to see how much she weighs. She is getting hard to hold now.
She is still eating crazy. I have to watch her in the yard because she tries swallowing big sticks and wood chips. Other than that I hope we get up north to the lake this weekend and let her have some fun there too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Days for Shay!

I wanted to update everyone on Shay, who is now known as Dahlia.

Little Shay was rescued in Redby the same day we found Honey. This poor little girl was a bag of bones with skin lesions from her demodectic mange which ravaged her little body. She had survived the winter by eating her dead littermates according to the young girl who surrendered her to us.She was so very frightened at first we could not touch her, and gradually in less than a week she began to emerge out of her shell and started loving people!!

She was then taken to a foster home in Bemidji with Geri Wainscott for a period of time, and was visited by Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan and Carolyn May who took her to the "doggie wash". Dahlia then moved on to be fostered with Dee Dee in St. Paul.

SHAY AND CRYSTALOf course there she met other Red Lake dogs like Dove and Lily, both who have healed from mange using natural methods and special nutrition to build immune systems. Dahlia is responding to this treatment too.

A special thank you to all the people who made it possible for Shay to be rescued from a very hopeless situation and now has the opportunity to transform into the Dahlia butterfly she was always meant to be. Every one who supports RLRR and its mission can share in this joy and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Louie, Montana & Sonoma

Attached are pics of Louie, Montana and Sanoma. All Red Lake dogs now with Pet Haven.

LOUIE has 3 legs.
SONOMA was chained all her life and all the hair was gone from her neck.
They have a great life now and prospects for adoption.

MONTANAThank you Pet Haven.

Karen :)

BREAKING NEWS FROM PET HAVEN DOG BLOG: "Montana went home with his new family this weekend. He has a couple of kids to keep him busy in his new home."

ALSO: Hi Karen,

I met Sonoma last night while in class with one of my rescued dogs.
She was so sweet and beautiful. It's a beginner obedience class and her foster mom, K, brought her.

The minute I saw her, I thought: Boy, does she remind me of the wonderful Red Lake Dogs.

She was taken by Pet Haven to the cities. Is that one of your dogs? If so, she has a good world in front of her.

Your friend, M.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown (the cats!)

Once upon a time at Red Lake during a clinic last summer, a tiny kitten was found and turned in all by himself.We didn't know what we would do with him until a mother cat was brought in who had been nursing, but her kittens were gone. Would she take care of the new little guy?Of course, she did! We called the big tough-looking momma, Lucy, and the baby, Linus. Lucy had enough milk and enough love for multiple kittens, so Linus was soon as fat and spoiled as can be.Then one day another tiny kitten came to their foster home who needed a Mom. Lucy thought about it for half a day, but soon decided that two sons would be just fine. So, little Charlie Brown joined the family. Linus loved having a brother, but like most little brothers, Charlie couldn't keep up at first.Then another miracle happened for this little family, a wonderful adoptive family decided to adopt them all together and they are all living happily ever after! Check out the latest update:
The kitties are just wonderful! We love them so!
Lucy is her usual sweet self. She does seem to be a tad more playful and kittenish in spurts as the boys are growing up. And she's just so well behaved! Never scratching anything but the scratching posts, waiting patiently to be petted, etc.
She seems to have a particular affinity for Sam, our 8 year old. She seeks him out when he's reading or playing, then just rolls on her back and stretches out so he can rub her tummy. He loves it!
Charlie is now bigger (taller and longer, not bigger around) than Lucy and certainly than Linus. He still has a kittenish feel to his body, though, so it makes me wonder how big he's going to be when he's all done growing. He's such a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic spaz of a kitty! His nails seem to grow the fastest and he has the biggest affinity for clawing stuff he's not supposed to. We're working on it! Oh - Charlie also has turned out to be the best mouser. He has killed two mice in our house and I'm happy to report that I think he's solved the mouse issue! (He was SOOOO proud of himself!)
Linus still seems to be the most thoughtful. And I think he's really smart. He such a calmly loving guy -- he waits 'til the hubbub dies down, then comes and sits in my lap or lays on my legs if I'm sleeping. He spends quite a bit of time curled up with either Charlie or Lucy and grooming them.Here are some pictures of our crew. By the way, Lucy is indeed getting a little friskier as the boys get a bit older. Fun to watch her play with toys!
Oh -- and Lucy really did that purple boa all by herself (after Charlie found it in the kids' dress up clothes and dragged it up from the basement). Definite photo op!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Charlie Brown the pup is doing well


5/2/09 Charlie Brown is coming to us from a rescue group in northern Minnesota. Please watch his web page for updates!

5/8/09 Charlie had a little set back with some digestive issues, but all is good now and he is eating well and actively playing with the other puppy at his foster home. Charlie is small and scrawny but he has a big tough attitude. He loves people! He likes to be outside and lie in the sun. He also likes to chew on bones and play tug with his puppy friend.

Charlie would be a great addition to a family with older children who had dog experience. Puppy class and basic obedience class will be a must for him. Are you the family that Charlie has been waiting for?

Please feel free to fill out an Application.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Volunteer at Mall of America to raise funds for RLRR

Hi RLRR Supporters!

We have a great opportunity at the Nickelodeon Universe Park in Mall of America to raise some money for RLRR. We are scheduled to volunteer 3 dates throughout the summer with 6-10 people working each day from 11-7pm. Each person who works raises $50 for RLRR, which means if we can get 10 people for each day, we can earn $1,500 total for the animals! Each person must be atleast 16 years old and work an entire shift to get paid the full amount of money. I know it's a long day, but just think about how much the animals need your help. Volunteers will be scanning wristbands, making sure children are tall enough to go on rides, helping with concessions, etc.

This is an especially great opportunity for RLRR supporters who can't make it up to the shelter or clinics! You will be helping animals by spending an easy day at the mall and you get a free ride afterwards. Here are the dates that we need volunteers help:

Saturday, June 20th (11-7pm)
Saturday, July 25th (11-7pm)
Saturday, August 22nd (11-7pm)

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Lauren at

Friday, May 15, 2009

Karen's summary of the clinic

We are happy to report that a number of animals were transported out during and immediately after the clinic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 24 - 26.
We were able to spay and neuter 63 dogs and 43 cats during the clinic sponsored by DJ and T Foundation, Lawson Family Fund and Mobile Service Unit of AHS with Dr. Kim Culbertson.
Delicious vegetarian food was provided by Claudia and DeeDee . Lots of donations including food, paper products, and animal foods came from Linda and Animal Ark, too.
A large load of dog and cat food came to Red Lake Rosie's from the Shed in Chaska one week before the clinic. One pallet of this food was given to community dogs and cats during the clinic. Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan drove all the way to deliver the food to the shelter.
Lots of other people made financial donations. The Macks have been most generous in sponsoring clinics. We also are indebted to the rescue groups who take the animals and place them in good homes and the transporters who get them where they need to go. It takes many people to make the clinic a success to help the Red Lake animals.

Also special thank yous to all who sponsored 15 cots in "Cots for Clinics" which will be very useful during clinics for volunteers who stay in the warehouse. We will be using them during the May Clinic.

The metro team members DeeDee & Crystal and Sharae, who is a teenager from Red Lake, were the faithful volunteers working very hard to make it all work. There are so many, I cannot name them all.
Our transporters are DeeDee, Crystal, Mike, Tom & Nancy and Carolyn. Also Lauren and Mike who made the large Easter transport to clear out kennels for the clinic surrenders.

Sincerely, Karen

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More about the April clinic

When Friday came, Karen and DeeDee had the complicated transport in place.
The sick and questionable cases, where the outcome for the animal wasn't yet clear, stayed with Karen at RLRR.

The wonderful dog pictured with me, Shay, went to DeeDee's, other cats and dogs went to metro area foster homes, Tri-County, Animal Ark, Angels of Hope and Second Chance, just to name a few of the places on my transport list.
DeeDee (who didn't get going home until Saturday) had a great many more places and animals on her list. Karen and DeeDee do such a magnificent job of coordinating and placing animals.

The animal problems of Red Lake continue to be extensive. Over-population, homelessness, starvation, heartworm, mange, neglect and abuse are observable, but not acceptable. That is why Karen's mission and the support of all of the Red Lake Rosie's supporters matters.

That is why when I drive out of the reservation I know I will return.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You AHS for the Successful April Clinic

The AHS clinic at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was held April 22-24. Because of job commitments I didn't get up to the area until Tuesday evening. Karen and DeeDee had everything set up and ready to go, so when Wednesday morning came around "Go" was exactly what we did.
The parking lot was filled by 7:30 and we had the "Full for Today" sign posted by 8:30. The pace was fast and steady. Dr. Kim and her dedicated staff worked tirelessly all three days spaying/neutering and vaccinating the many gentle creatures that came through the doors of the warehouse. By the end of the clinic they had altered 106 animals and had done two emergency surgeries.
Only the animals registered to be altered, or previously altered animals, were given vaccinations. This opened a dialogue with some people who had come for "vaccinations only". It gave us a chance to talk about the benefits of spaying and neutering and the positive long term effects clinics have for the homeless starving animals on the reservation.
We succeeded in changing a few minds and, as always, hoped that we planted a few seeds. A delicate little white dog named Pearl and her companion (Mr. Personality) named Midnight, came in on the first day. They were such people dogs that they were rarely in their kennels, but rather followed us around as we went from chore to chore.
Midnight was particularly fond of Wanda (AHS volunteer) and kept her company for hours while she diligently sterilized the surgical instruments. I welcomed every free moment when I could pick up Pearl and feel that sweet little face tuck under my chin.
MIRANDA & PEARLWe thought that maybe they were going to be left when the clinic came to an end, and thought of how incredibly easy it would be to rehome them, but on Friday their owner came back. They were just two of the 100+ animals that went through the clinic doors.
We registered, weighed, held, fed, walked, cleaned, de-ticked, comforted, and carried, and in return they touched our souls. Tons of food, collars, treats, and leashes were free for the taking. We are very fortunate to have generous donations to share with the people.
Which brings me to Claudia's generous donation of delicious meals that kept us going strong. If you have experienced Claudia's meals you know what I am talking about, and if you haven't I would suggest that you add that to the plus side of "Reasons to go work at a Red Lake Clinic".


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