Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How many baths does it take...?

Julius and Copper went to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue after the clinic on May 28.

JULIUSPoor Julius approached me as I was hanging the clinic banner in Redby, He was SO hungry and was full of ticks, and such a sweet boy as he carefully approached me from the long grass- asking for help- and when I took him to the clinic- his whole life changed. There he met Laura and lots of other volunteers who began pulling ticks and loving him.

Thank you to all who helped Julius!! Karen

I loved being at the clinic. Seeing the people bringing in their animals was encouraging. You are doing wonders in the community.

COPPER & JULIUSJulius loves Copper. It is like they are hanging together because they are from the same hood. I already have a foster for Copper. And the vet tech at our clinic is thinking about fostering/adopting Julius.

Cannot wait for Marilou to meet Julius. He looks so much like her Red Lake dog, Ahnung. Julius is about 1 1/2 so he could be one of her kids. Everyone that knows Ahnung says how much he looks like her. I have not said anything to Marilou. I want to see what she thinks.


Dudley taught Julius how to play. Julius just came down from the Red Lake reservation covered in ticks and wounds from previous fights. Dudley helped him settle into the good life and there are toys are all over the living room to prove it.

Julius is such a loving boy despite the life he has led so far. He has charmed his way into the heart of a vet tech at Bloomington Vet. I have fallen for this guy too. Some dogs just grab your heart out of nowhere. Julius is one of those dogs.

COPPERCopper is another Red Lake dog that just arrived with Julius over the weekend. He already has a family interested in adopting him. He is a gorgeous golden mix in definite need of a good grooming. How many baths does it take to get a Red Lake dog clean?

Julius is Pet Haven's most recent intake. He arrived less than a week ago, along with Copper from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We have a ten day hold on all of our new dogs before we place them up for adoption (we want to make sure they are in good health!).

Well ... Copper tagged along to the adoption event this past Saturday and was a big hit. He's already got someone interested in him. Julius ALSO was a big hit and a vet tech from one of Pet Haven's veterinary partners has fallen head over heels in love with this boy.

JULIUSJulius is about a year and a half years old and was rescued by Karen of Red Lake ... he was covered with scars and scabs from old injuries and 200+ wood ticks! Everyone who has had the chance to meet him falls in love with his kind, gentle, wise spirit. He was given the nickname of "son of Ahnung" at the vet clinic.

In October, 2008 I had the good fortune of making my first trip up to Red Lake and met and fell in love with Ahnung [Ahnung is now a therapy dog working with at-risk youth and in hospice]. Julius has the same markings of Ahnung (pronounced ah-NUNG and means star in ojibway) .... and also has the same temperament .... who knows if Julius is truly Ahnung's son, but if he is I can personally vouch for the incredible spirit he inherited from his possible mama :)

There's a pretty good chance that Julius already has an adoptive home ... but if your heart is captured by Julius let us know ... there are probably other Julius' running around up north waiting to be rescued. Email us at dogs@pethavenmn.org.


CHECK OUT THE VIDEO OF Ahnung and Julius

I am even more convinced now that Julius is Ahnung's son :) They are so alike and they hit it off so well :) Julius even got Ahnung to play and gave her a kiss ;-)

I went with Laura to drop Julius off at his new foster (and potential adopter), Dave ... Dave is a vet tech at Bloomington Vet.

He fell in love with Ahnung back in fall, 2008 and said if there was ever another dog that was like Ahnung he would want to adopt the dog.

Well, Julius came along and now he's ready!! :) Assuming all goes well with the other dogs in the household (Grizzly and Alan) he plans to adopt Julius. I have a strong feeling it will all work out.

Of course, I put my plug in for Julius also becoming a therapy dog as I would love for Ahnung and Julius to go and "work" together at schools .... they could be the Red Lake Rosie's therapy dog team!!


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Jo Tallchief said...

Thank you KAREN! You were there for Julius and he knew somehow that you could help him, and of course you did! This is an awesome story. I'll be looking forward to updates. Thx to both of you for letting us know about these two! :)


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