Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Healing thoughts needed for Hackie

Hackie (short for Hackensack) was found at the Red Lake garbage dumpster by Carol Priest - a dachshund, starving, mangy, dehydrated and near death.

SIDE VIEW OF HACKIEHe came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and went to the vet. He received sub-cu 400 mL of ringers solution, got a penicillin shot, and an injection of ivermectin. He began eating little bits of A/D canned food.

HACKIE'S FACEHe is an angel with the most beautiful eyes. These pictures will tell the horrible story of all he has been through. I knew he would need constant medical attention for the first week just to keep this boy alive.

TOP VIEW OF HACKIELuckily, Act V stepped forward to take him. He was transported on Sunday and on Monday he had surgery for a blockage in his small intestine that turned out to be a brillo pad.

Act V sent an update: "He made it thru the night, just starting to eat. He's quite a fighter!" Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


UPDATE 6/30/2010:
Great news on our doxie with the Brillo pad--See Dr. Vickie's comments!


"He's doing really well today. He loves his dry food now and is hungry! His stool is getting better and he's more active."

ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation


Jo Tallchief said...

A brillo pad. I'm thinking Hacky must've eaten the brillo in desperation. It's just incredible how they can be so emaciated and still alive. And I think this type of doxie is a little costly. The mind reels ... I just hope Hackensack pulls through and gets on the road to his new family. Thank you, Carol, for rescuing him! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Carol and everyone that checks the dump and saves these amazing creatures.

Anonymous said...

Sweet boy. Thank you all for this wonderful rescue.


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