Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dogs transported after the June clinic

We have had a few dog transports since the Animal Ark / Akin Hills clinic.

We had a call on Sunday May 30th that Emery, a smaller breed dog was injured the previous night, cause unknown. The owner thought it may be a bear attack, as little Emery was known to fend off bears. The owner did not have the money to take Emery to the vet so he was surrendered.

His side was gashed open so Clearwater Vet sewed him up and he remained at the shelter until June 5th. Dr. Bartsch of Akin Hills was thankfully here during the clinic to redo the surgery and insert a drain tube.

Carol provided "round the clock" care for him at the warehouse and lots of tlc. We are so thankful that All Dog took Emery on Sunday and we are very hopeful for a full recovery. Thank you all for helping Emery move on from a very dire situation to one of hope.

MUTT & JEFFMutt and Jeff also went to All Dog Rescue.

BENNYJeanette transported Benny to MARS.

HARVEYCHUCKYZEKEHarvey, Chucky and Zeke went to Pet Haven.

SMITHSmith, german shepherd pup, went to Tricounty Humane Society.

MILES & PUFFYMaria, a mama dog, and her two pups, Miles and Marla went to Animal Ark.


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