Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are so thankful we were able to catch Queenie, a dog that has had many litters. It was quite a challenge to catch her and get her loaded and to the clinic. Her guardian Elwyn has been wanting her to be spayed, but she is a little skidgey and doesn't really trust our motives.

Thankfully Mike and Lauren were able to be there to use their expertise with the semi-ferals.

She is spayed, had some quills removed and now Elwyn does not have to worry about puppies anymore! There are still 2 males that we are hoping that Elwyn will let us neuter too.


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Jo Tallchief said...

I just am so grateful for neuter and spay because I remember the 1960s & 70s on the rez when there was no spay or neuter at all and there were dog fights all the time, loads of puppies, shootings ... it was awful. After my pets have been altered their quality of life has always improved. We need to work with the children here to get them thinking differently about neuter and spay.


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