Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Notes from DeeDee

Barbara and I drove up to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for the first weekend in May to deliver the new cat condos and transport some animals back with us.

CAT CAGESBarbara Bowman designed the wonderful cat condos and had them made. The cages are bright and cheery and provide a lot more room for the cats awaiting placement at the shelter.

BARBARA AND CAT BEDSAlong with setting up the new cages, Barbara deep-cleaned all of the older cat cages and organized the food and bedding, as well.

MAMA PLUS SEVEN ENJOYING THE NICE DAYAmong the 26 animals transported on May 2 were a mama shepX and her seven two-week old puppies. ARVSS, a rescue near Madison, WI, took the mama and pups and 10 other puppies and dogs! Mama and pups relaxed in St Paul before she and the others moved on to Wisconsin.

SUSIE AND THREE OF THE WHITE PUPSAmong the ARVSS animals were a litter of 5 snowy white puppies (3 of whom are pictured with Susie of ARVSS)



BARBARAA very special thanks to Barbara for the wonderful new cat cages which she designed and had built as a donation. Then she came up for a weekend of work and assembled them, too! The cats of Red Lake Rosie's will be thankful for the extra space and comfort.

DEE DEEAs always, we are grateful for DeeDee's hard work and support. The transports that continue up to and down from Red Lake don't just magically happen. They require MUCH time and dedication to find rescues willing to accept animals and volunteers ready to make the drive. Then it all has to be coordinated. More often than is her share, DeeDee makes the drive herself.

Many, many thanks.
Karen & Denise


Anonymous said...

Barb and DeeDee......you are priceless. Your talents and energy levels are amazing. Thank
you for your work with RLRR.

mteacup said...

You are all amazing!


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