Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best of Friends

Update from Ellen, foster caregiver, reporting on her latest Red Lake dogs.

Hey, folks:

Just thought I'd let you know that things are going great here. TD and Carla spend much of their time wrestling, after which they nap next to each other. Carla is much bigger than TD (size of a small rottie), and he has bravely stuck most of his head in her mouth while they're playing. My old boys are looking at them like they're crazy!

TD & CARLA HOLDING HANDSThere's so much cuteness going on here it's stunning!

TD pooped in the living room the first night and peed in the computer room yesterday. However, he has 3 pack members exerting "pee-er pressure" on him, and I think this will pass quickly.

I may have to keep both of them. I just want to sleep on it for a few days because it is a 16 or so year commitment. But even Steve says he thinks its completely rational - they're great dogs & they adore each other. (Also, my old boys and June seem to approve.)

I'm including a picture of the kind of thing I see a lot when I'm working at my computer.

Thanks, everyone!


mteacup said...

I love these 2 dogs! How lucky are they to end up with Ellen?? Look beyond black down syndrome and bully fears and you see 2 beautiful, sweet dogs.

pitbull friend said...

Thanks so much, Mary! I'm enjoying the heck out of them! They've both been excellent at learning the rules here, thanks to black pitbull #1 (Johnny Cash, who's been here 4.5 years now).


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