Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cat news

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue isn't all about dogs. There are some fine cats and kittens getting help and finding homes, too.

This adorable little tabby kitten left after the June clinic for foster care with Mike and Lauren.

Colleen and Carol transported out some cats after volunteering at the June clinic.
LITTER OF EIGHT BLACK & WHITE KITTENSMama and her litter of 8 black and white kittens went to Pet Haven foster care.

MORRISMorris, a former barn cat came to the RLRR shelter to be neutered and for treatment of frozen and torn ears. He turned out to be a real lovie, but left for the barn life again.

He returned a few weeks later as he had an infection in the side of his face, so he was placed on antibiotics for 14 days. The owner decided to let Morris go and now he will be an inside cat--his barn days are over. We had sent Tom-Tom a similar barn cat to Feline Rescue and when Tom-Tom was quickly adopted, we were happy to let Morris go there, too.

Cleona and Leona went to Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud for foster care:
CLEONA AND KITTENSLEONA AND KITTENSLast summer, we had a call from Wayne, a resident of Redby, asking for help for the large numbers of cats that he had. According to Wayne, stray cats would come from the dump ground to his house where he was feeding them and caring for them. He said he did his best to feed the cats and even used ramen noodles to mix with the cat kibble to stretch the food through the month.

Well, the cats were not altered and he had a real problem with overpopulation. With Wayne's help we caught all the cats and neuter/spayed them, vaccinated, wormed, and applied flea and tick medicine. Akin and Ark did all the vetting.

We removed about 20 of the cats/kittens on to other rescues and Wayne kept about a dozen altered cats.

CARLSON CATSWe check on Wayne at each clinic and see if any additional unaltered cats have shown up. This time there was an elusive tomcat which we were not able to catch, but we will keep trying.

Jenny and Mary Fitzer have taken a special interest in Wayne's cat project and leave food and supplies whenever they have the chance.

This is a happy ending to what a year ago was a very frustrating situation for Wayne and he is very appreciative. This is what community clinics do for the Reservation people and animals!!

Thank you all

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Joan said...

Great to see the kitties featured. Will have to say Hi to Morris the next time I'm at the shelter if he is already quickly adopted. Pati (from RLRR) is in the big back room at the FR shelter and is absolutely the sweetest cat!


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