Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on Babes in the Woods

I got this from Lisa and TLC Canine Rescue. It's an update on Yukon -- the only survivor of the "Babes in the Woods." His sister died after a long battle.


BABES IN THE WOODSYukon was just adopted out 2 weeks ago and he was the one we got with his sister Stella at 4 weeks old.

YUKONHere is Yukon a day after we got him

STELLAThis was Stella, the one we lost. We spent $2000 at the University of MN Vet Hospital and found out she had no white blood cells. She died in my arms.

YUKON NOWHere is Yukon now with his new siblings. This made me cry.

TLC Canine Rescue


Jo Tallchief said...

Holy hamster wings, that's a big dog. Big pup is more like it! I love it when they still think they're small but they're actually quite large and they try to squeeze into a place they're accustomed to - like a lap. :) So sorry to hear about Stella - what a cutie. But it's good that she had someone to hold her when she passed on. Thank you for the update! :))

pitbull friend said...

What a lovely set of pictures! Thanks for taking such good care of these babies, Lisa & TLC!


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