Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ark & Akin return for the June clinic

So, we're back from another trip to Red Lake! The photo is of some of the wonderful folks who showed up to help us pull this clinic off! A great big THANK YOU to all of you!! What a great team - I couldn't have asked for better people to work with!! Some of our volunteers were out helping on site at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue shelter when this photo was taken - so that is why they are "left out" of the group picture - but thank you to everyone who helped over the time we were there!! I also want to thank all of the volunteers who do the "behind the scenes" work - we ate like kings during the clinic thanks to our special volunteers - and there are many people who play other roles, like clean the warehouse, donate the space at the warehouse, donate supplies, foster animals, transport, and multiple other things. Another thank you to Jenny, for coordinating the volunteers and being so cool! We all love you guys!!

As always, we're in recovery mode the day after returning! However, today, Dr Charlie and myself made a trip to Akin Hills Pet Hospital for multiple reasons, but one of them being to consult on the dog we brought back with us from the Red Lake clinic we held up there.

Our new "project dog's" name is Pete and he is a great dog, with real personality!! He was hit by a car & we are going to try to save his leg. We took radiographs of the leg and there appears to be no fractures or breaks, but there was serious road rash that went through the tendons of his back leg that were holding the joint together. We'll be doing surgery next week to attempt to "re-create" some tendons for him to support that joint, which should enable him to use his leg. If that doesn't work, we have other plans. Send healing thoughts towards Pete's recovery & a future forever home!

It was a good clinic, but it's great to be home, reunited with my own animals, and back in my own bed!

We also did another surgery today on Cabo's leg - he had a protruding bone that "popped" out of the skin in which we needed to fix. He came through surgery just fine and also had all of his external fixator's removed, so we are just that much closer to recovery and adoption for him. Of course he has much muscle mass lost from not being able to use those back legs, but we'll start building that up once his incisions are healed enough for him to start water - tread mill therapy in a few weeks - YAY Cabo!! His spirits are still high and he's doing well . . . maybe a little spoiled by the Akin staff . . . but ya know, what can ya say?!?! :)

We also did a session of acupuncture on the Beagle named Mazey, at Akin Hills, while we were spending the day there. She has a neck injury that she came back to us with and did very well with the treatment. We'll be back next week for a follow-up treatment!

I ended the day with the leftovers from Diane's incredible Red Lake wild rice hot-dish for dinner . . . mmmm. Now, I need to get back in touch with the Twin Cities' locals. But, that will have to wait for tomorrow! I think I'll snuggle into bed early tonight & try to catch up on some rest.

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