Friday, June 4, 2010


This is a great heartwarming story. This dear cat,(later named Bluestem by Nicole) has had a difficult life. Her mom, who took good care of her, died a year ago leaving Bluestem to be cared for by a family member.

Since the mom died, I have taken cat food and dog food to help feed the animals in that household. One day last week though, I came in and they were out of food. The food and the waterbowl were both dry. One orange male cat quicky ate and drank when I filled up both--but where was Bluestem?

The lady caring for them said that the orange cat would not let Bluestem eat and so Bluestem spent her time hiding from him. The orange cat also would beat Bluestem up regularly.

Clearly I had to get Bluestem out of the situation, and I talked the lady into her surrender. It took 3 days to find Bluestem and get her to the shelter.

Now simultaneously, Nicole, who is a store manager for one of Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlets, came up to volunteer during the clinic. When she saw little Bluestem hiding in her litterbox, she fell in love with her.

The rest is history and now Bluestem is happy in the care of Nicole and never has to hide again!!

This is another great reason why we all do what we do!!


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Jo Tallchief said...

Karen's good at this - going out into the community and talking ppl into letting their animals go when they really can't take care of them. This is why I had to find another home for my beloved cat Mufti - she was easily bullied by other cats, and when resources are scarce they can guard resources with the best of them. It takes them a while, after they're rehomed, to realize that yes, the food and water is always going to be there. Thank you, Karen! You're a luv!! :))


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