Monday, June 14, 2010

Better to be a house dog than a dump dog

Here is a happy ending for the Red Lake Rosie's dog called Big Red, who was known as Boomer in foster care and is now Arrow in his new home - enjoy!

It's been a little over a month since Arrow came to live with us. Hearing about his past, we were completely prepared for a dog with "issues" but he is shockingly well-balanced.

After one night of waiting for his foster family to come back and get him he adopted us as his new family. He especially loves Willow, our lab/husky.

He marked in the house exactly once, the first evening, and has been a perfect gentleman ever since. He doesn't seem to have any trouble staying home with Willow while we're at work. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and isn't destructive at all.

When you tell him "no" he melts, but bounces right back with a "good boy". He has a few odd fears and he loves to hear himself bark, but we're working on those. He enjoys bed privileges, but likes to sprawl on an old quilt next to the bed as well. He's a leaner, which I love.

As a bonus, he's turned Willow into a very good dog almost instantly. She's finally getting enough exercise with all the play, so she no longer gets us up at 2AM to go hunt in the yard.

I think Arrow will be happy here. Plenty of food, a dog to play with, a big yard, walks, weekly daycare and plenty of cuddles. Thanks to his foster parents for giving him such a good start at being a house dog rather than a dump dog.

Of course I'm including pictures. Willow is the black dog.


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Jo Tallchief said...

This is such good news, I get a little teary-eyed! It definitely is better to be a house dog than a dump ground dog, and to have a doggie friend and people who love and care about you! :) Thank you for taking in this sweet doggie and giving him a good home. Have a great summer, you guys! :))


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