Thursday, June 17, 2010

MN SNAP clinic

The animal clinic organized by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in the last week of May was our first with a new group called MN SNAP. The following information is from their website:

Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program's mission is to end the suffering and death of homeless animals due to pet overpopulation by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible spay and neuter services to MN shelters, rescue organizations, and the low-income community.

MNSNAP was created by a licensed veterinarian and a group of animal advocates with a goal of reducing the death and suffering of homeless animals all across Minnesota.

Why Spay or Neuter?
Sterilized pets tend to live longer, healthier lives!
Pets are less likely to stray after spay/neuter.
Sterilization increases your pet's loyalty.
Sterilization decreases the risk of dog bites.
Sterilized pets have fewer bad behavioral problems.
Sterilization saves on vet bills.
Spay surgery eliminates messy and annoying heat cycles.
Spay/neuter reduces the number of pets killed in shelters.
Breeding dogs and cats costs more than spay/neuter surgery.
Spay/neuter reduces your pet's risk for some cancers and infections.
Spay/neuter greatly reduces urine spraying and marking in cats.
Sterilization is safer than pregnancy and giving birth to puppies or kittens.
Spay/neuter reduces the overpopulation of unwanted and homeless animals.

We neuter/spayed 89 animals and had one quill removal.

A special thanks to the Red Lake Rosie's foster program which was a major contributor toward the purchase of a new washer/dryer for the clinic and also contributed to funding the clinic.

All animals received vaccines, too, paid for by the RLRR foster group.

Dee Dee Welles coordinated the clinic. Volunteers included Nancy, Benay, Crystal, Dee Dee, Ellen, Laura, Barbara, Lauren & Mike and Lisa Jaster, the photographer who took these photos.

The volunteers from Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet stores were Jimmy Millard, mgr Mahtomedi store; Christine Stanton, mgr Elk River store, Nicole from the Wayzata store; and Daniel from the Bloomington store. Claudia made three delicious gourmet dinners along with desserts.

The MN Snap vet is Dr. Kim Culbertson and she was assisted by Nikki, Erin, and Jessica.


Photos are by Lisa Jaster of lmj originals


Jo Tallchief said...

Is it okay if I put this story in our next issue of the Red Lake Nation newspaper? We're a non-profit and have a readership of approximately 4,800, mostly in MN. I think the reasons for spay and neuter just may hit home with some ppl. :)

Denise said...

Yes, Jo. The information about Spay/Neuter is included on MN SNAP's website so it is displayed for public consumption. Just give them credit as I did.

If you have further questions, please contact me at



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