Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kittens & Kibble!!

Karen has notified me of two significant needs for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue:

Dear Friends:

We have a very low inventory of dog kibble at this time after the two clinics where we gave away to those dogs in community with no food.

RLRR NEEDS A PILE OF FOOD!Most of what is left is the individual packets which we will have to open and put in tubs for feeding. We probably have enough for 2 weeks. We have enough cat kibble and canned.

DENISE CAN TRANSPORT IT ON SUNDAY!Thank you for providing food in the past and we hope to get more soon.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Contact Denise at for drop off locations for food or make a donation to our PayPal account.

Also, there were a number of adult cats and kittens surrendered at the last two clinics.

CLEONA AND HER 2-3 WEEK OLD KITTENSWe need to find rescues or foster homes to take them. It is especially important that the mama cats Cleona and Leona with their young kittens get out of the cat house and into foster care.

LEONA AND HER NEWBORN KITTENSContact Denise at for more information.


something clever said...

Oh my gosh! Those kitties are so cute! I'd foster them, if you have no problem never getting them back! Haha.

Karen, I will try to make a trip out there this weekend with some food to donate. Please email me directions!

Jo Tallchief said...

Leona - those kittens - I have a ginormous male named Snoogle who looks like a humongous version of those kittens - gray tabby and white. I hope we get our hands on the non-neutered male who's making these gray and white kittens. Last year we had a female, Lois Lane, that was the same - gray tabby and white. She's about 3 yrs old, from Red Lake. Snoogle is just now 1. I'm interested in finding the male cat who's producing these little darlings and getting him snipped, as adorable as these little fuzzy guys are ... :)

Jo Tallchief said...

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone who's helping Karen accumulate more kibble. She offered to get me some but I don't need it anymore - I've spoiled the strays in my neighborhood! I put kibble out for them that I bought myself and they looked at me like, "Why did you do that? I want CHICKEN!" They're not eating it. I am getting one little (what I think is) female coming around to eat, tho. I'll be on puppy watch with her. She's very shy.


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