Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surrendered dogs get a second chance

LADYA dog named Lady came to the clinic to be spayed. She had lots of ticks and several wounds on her legs. She was malnourished and dehydrated too. Ellen and this girl really connected. Ellen spent time picking ticks and brushing her, and taking her for walks.

Lady was a great dog, and when she was surrendered, Ellen quickly stepped up to the plate to foster this girl. She is spayed and vaccinated.

She left riding in Ellen's car yesterday- a very happy girl off to a great new life.

A special thank you to Ellen for all her work with the animals during the clinic. She helped many animals and enriched our clinic so much!!

LADYCrystal and Benay helped work at the clinic and did a great job for the Red Lake animals.

They left yesterday and with them they took Kadie, Jethro, and Christine who all went to Tricounty Humane Society. All three were all vetted, vaccinated and adoption ready. We are happy to see them appear on the webpage today up for adoption.

We want to thank everyone for helping these animals.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Kadie, Christine & Jethro were warmly welcomed at Tri-County.

They are three smart, appreciative, beautiful dogs. I hope they get the best homes ever.


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pitbull friend said...

Thanks so much, Karen! My household has been very much enjoying having Lady here. She is now named Carla because I like the name & someone pointed out that, when she turns her head a certain way, she looks like Good Dog Carl from the children's book. She has settled in beautifully & is now working on growing back her missing fur & putting on a few pounds.

Today, I went to Ark and picked up Tiny Dancer (Tony Danza), the black pocket pittie from the previous Ark clinic in March. Dr. Charlie operated on both of his hips & he can now take short walks. After TD had been here for an hour, he and Carla were rolling & wrestling on the floor! My other dogs (an older pittie mix & a golden mix) are both looking at them, apparently saying, "Those crazy kids!" So, all is well here. So grateful to Ark & RL Rosie's for letting me foster these two.


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