Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lauren & Mike's recent weekend at RLRR

Mike and I had another enjoyable weekend up at Rosie's. It was great to see the new shed - there is so much space in it! Mike will be hauling up some heavy duty shelving for it this coming weekend, which will make it much more organized.

MIKE & BOBCATWhile we were up there, we helped move straw, care for the animals, and socialize the shy ones. Mike drove around the new Bobcat to move the straw, which made it so much easier than when we used to do it with the wheelbarrow!!

SNOWBELLE & SADIESadie and Snowbelle were sisters who I fell in love with!

SADIESadie had escaped from their kennel and was being picked on by the other dogs. I got her to go back in the kennel with her sister, which Snowbelle appreciated. Snowbelle looked so sad in the kennel without her sister, Sadie.

SNOWBELLE & SADIEThe girls were shy at first, but once they trusted me, they were fighting for attention and pets from me. It was so cute! They love to play together, too. These girls really need to get into a foster home soon, where they can learn that humans aren't so bad.

LAURA & PANDORAPandora, a.k.a. Pandy, was a little brindle colored girl who arrived on Saturday night. We originally thought that maybe her pelvis was broken, but by the next morning we knew that it wasn't by the way she was wobbling around. She was so hungry and thirsty that we thought maybe her condition was due to malnourishment. However, on the car ride home, Pandy had some kind of seizure, so we knew it was probably more than just malnourishment. Thank goodness Dr. Vicki from Act V Rescue took this little girl. Pandy is seeing a neurological specialist soon to determine what is wrong with her.

MARIGOLDMarigold was a another dog we transported back to the metro. She is a gorgeous girl who just needs some love and attention. She is shy and hard to catch, but enjoys being pet once she can trust you.

MARIGOLDI got some great shots of this adorable girl!

TOM TOMTomTom was one of the cats we brought back with us, too. When he was in his cage, all he wanted was to be pet. I was so surprised that he was a barn cat! He thoroughly enjoyed the many long petting sessions I gave him. One of his eyes was very infected and one of his front legs looked sore. It looks as if he had been bitten by another cat. He went to Feline Rescue, where I'm sure he will receive the medical attention he needs.

It was so great seeing Karen and all the animals once again! We enjoy our time up in Red Lake so much and will surely be visiting again soon.


P.S. We are fostering Shiloh, a Red Lake dog, who Pet Haven took in. She had turned into one of the best dogs! She isn't very shy or timid anymore and is really loving life!

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