Monday, June 21, 2010


One of the great heroes of the clinic was Lynn of Pampered Pet Spa who volunteered and groomed and bathed about 20 dogs during the clinic. She arrived with the Akin Hills Pet Hospital group.

HARVEY BEFOREGrooming is a very severe need we have here. Many smaller breed dogs in particular are not groomed and suffer as a result. Also many chow and chow mixes get very matted.

HARVEY AFTEROne of the chow mixes pictured had to be shaven. Lynn found a fishhook in the fur of this poor dog.

GROOMER LYNN AND CHOWThe following day this dog was walking around it's neighborhood in Redby and a person made the report there was a red dog that had mange so bad ALL HIS HAIR WAS MISSING. Heidi and Karen answered the call with ivermectin, only to find the dog had visited the clinic and was groomed!! Heidi and I had a good laugh.

FISHHOOK FROM CHOWLynn does about 7 - 8 grooms daily and says she definitely plans to come back. Thank you Lynn and any others who helped with the grooming and bathing.


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Anonymous said...

Just imagine how wonderful these dogs feel after they are shaven and bathed!! I have seen many animals trapped in matted fur! We need to keep doing grooming at clinics. Thank you so much Lynn!


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