Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice for Justin

It seems no end to the cruelty we are uncovering here in Red Lake.

Meet Justin, as Polly did last night while driving by the Battle River dump on the road to Ponemah. She was horrified to find the shep mix with no ears- evident that someone had cut off his ears. Very fearful he holds his head and looks down most of the time. His little short life has been nothing but suffering as you can see it in his eyes.

They were obviously done torturing Justin, so they threw him in the dump.

He has just been taken in here at the RLRR shelter. I will take him to the vet to get verification as to what caused the ears to be severed. One ear may accidently be severed....but not two.

We have a number of abuse cases we could bring forward to HSUS, but are still waiting to have the one with the 2 dogs beaten and hung resolved.

I am hoping a rescue or kindhearted foster home will open up to give Justin some decent contacts with the human race- Obviously- he has not encountered any decency yet.

Justin is a juvenile, about 4 months old, intact, and minus 2 ears.
Can anyone help?

Sincerely, Jo Tallchief, Chairperson
Karen Good
Polly McMaster
Carol Priest

MARS has stepped forward to take in Justin. Thanks so much!!

Nancy and Tom visited today and Nancy sat in his kennel and held him and he just LOVED it.


I am so honored, really, to have held Justin today when we visited Karen's. What a gentle, fragile little soul this guy is. I would have loved to have sat with him in his kennel with a big ol' soft quilt and held him all day long.

He responds to sweet whispers in his ears and soft pets. What an absolute beauty. Thank you for this incredible rescue. Had you not been there for him, surely he would have perished. Thanks...

Nancy O'Sullivan


mteacup said...

Oh I love him he is sweet. Thank you for helping him. Does Mars have a foster for him?

Anonymous said...

Yes MARS has a foster for him- He will be leaving RLRR on July 7th for his new life! Thank you all for your kind response to help Justin. We placed out plea and it took only FIVE minutes to get an offer!!

Kristen said...

Heartbreaking and sickening. I hope the abuser is found and prosecuted. And then burns in hell.

Jo Tallchief said...

Whoever did this to Justin needs to be punished. We're not going to stand for this here. I just cried when Karen told me what had happened. I'm glad to hear that he has found a foster home already and am looking forward to hearing more about Justin.

Jo Tallchief said...

P.S. Or does he have a shelter but not a foster yet? Best wishes to you, Justin!

mteacup said...

Any updates on Justin?


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