Friday, June 18, 2010

Otis revisits

Otis a small white shep was found in the woods far from civilization by one of the DNR workers. This little boy was hungry and dehydrated.

He brought the little guy home and his daughter Sarah brought Otis to the MN Snap clinic in May. He was strikingly beautiful and unique -- pure white with very light eyes.

Laura took a great interest in him and gave him lots of tlc while he was at the clinic. He had a bout with stomach issues the following week, but now is doing very well.

Sarah and her sister brought Otis and the cat to visit us at the clinic to say "thank you" for all the great work the clinic does.

Many of the Red Lake residents are appreciative of the many hours put in by vets and volunteers to help the Red Lake animals.

Mee gwitch!


Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond said...

So glad to hear about Otis and that he is doing well. He captured my heart right away along with the hearts of most of the volunteers and MN SNAP staff. It was hard to say goodbye but his owner was very glad to see him after his neutering. Thanks Karen for keeping in touch with his family and the rest of the Otis fan club.

something clever said...

OH MY GOD! It's my dog! Haha, I wasn't expecting to see him when I was reading the RLRR blog!

He's getting quite huge, he's probably another three inches taller and his ears are almost fully erect.
Even Jethro (my cat & Otis BFF) got some fame time on the RLRR blog! :-))


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