Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aretha is now Indy

Aretha was found at the Red Lake garbage dump on 3/29/10. She had mange on her face-and walked with a limp.

She was about 4 months when we found her-- she was adorable and quickly became a favorite at the shelter, however, because she was a pit mix, it was hard to find her a placement. She remained at the shelter as dogs would come and go--finally on May 15 she got her chance and left for All Dog Rescue to a foster home with Shelly.

They fell in love with her, as everyone did who ever met her, and now we are hopeful for a forever home for her.


I have attached a few cute pictures of Indy (formerly Aretha). I just wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is a doll. She just adores my husband and follows him everywhere. If she is not adopted soon there are going to be tears at my house when she is adopted. My husband and son both ADORE her!

In one picture she is seen making sure my husband's head and ears are clean then after she was done she laid down in his lap flat on her back and fell asleep while he rubbed her belly.

In another picture she is seen making sure my son did not overexert himself this past holiday weekend. She is pictured holding him down to make sure he was watching enough TV.

The last picture is of her sunbathing on our deck.

You should see her with the two 8 week old puppies I am fostering. I think they think she is their mama. They love to chase after her and climb on her and then cuddle down next to her for a nap. When all the dogs go into a kennel when I leave for work, the puppies climb to the corner of their crate that is closest to Indy and just wag their tails. It is so adorable.

I am so glad I have Indy. She is such a love bug. Someone is going to get themselves a VERY wonderful dog in Indy.

love her!


mteacup said...

foster failure! foster failure! She is a beautiful dog!

Jo Tallchief said...

What a sweetheart! Look at those hugs! :)


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