Saturday, September 5, 2009

Updates on Julie and her pups Sweetie & Remy

This is such a wonderful story-- and a special thanks to Carol
P. who made the rescue, and Tony who transported them to the shelter!! Karen :)

Sweet Julie (formerly Rose) came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, who took her in from the woods where she had been living with her litter of puppies. Julie and two of her puppies came to All Dog Rescue, and all three have found wonderful forever homes! Their new families have all sent updates:

Forever Home for Sweet Julie

JULIE/ROSEThings are going well so far. Julie loves her walks and is getting better about walking on the leash, not trying to chase every rabbit and squirrel that she sees--and we have lots! This past weekend we practiced not having to be in the same room at every moment of the day. :-) She'll go into the back yard by herself now. She also learned to sit! I'm not a very good trainer but she learned very quickly. Yesterday we tried playing with toys but she couldn't quite get the idea until today when she took one of the stuffed toys outside and ran around with it it like a lunatic! It was great fun to watch!

Thank you for making it possible for Julie and her pups to have a new life. She is a wonderful dog.

A happy ending for Sweetie...

It has been a wonderful beginning!! Sweetie is such a good girl and very smart... of course we have taken 30 pictures at least but I think these are the best for now... it is one on her new bed which she loves, with her toys, with my daughter in back yard, and with her again at swim lessons this early morning... we played in the park for an hour this morning. she loves napping through day then at around 12 noon we will have to play again... we just love her so much... we are going to buy a little play pool this afternoon.

More photos are available on Sweetie's happy ending page.

...and a happy ending for Sweetie's brother Remy!

REMINGTON/RICKYRemy has definitely established his place in the house. And as you can see from the pictures - Scarlett LOVES him! They play constantly - to the point that they have to be taken outside separately. Otherwise, he is just too busy to remember what he's outside for. :-) She is really quite the mother hen with him. He woke up the first night, but since has slept through the night. I think it helps that Scarlett sleeps by his kennel. He's not too sure of what to think of the cats. He uses his deep bark on them - it's hilarious!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I think he's already grown since these. We're going to take paw prints once a month just to watch how much he grows.

Visit Remy's happy ending page on our website for more photos.

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