Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jaycee rescued

Poor Jaycee arrived yesterday and we are so thankful for all the people involved in her rescue.

JAYCEEShe has been seen begging for food on highway 89 for some time. She had bags so we knew she had a litter hidden somewhere. Poor Jaycee was starving and has severe mange.

Polly fed her a few times to gain her trust, then followed her to locate the litter. She found 7 little shep babies! The babies all look fine now, but will develop mange as they wean.

JAYCEE AND PUPSPolly then called Tony and he responded and came to pick the family up and take them to the RLRR shelter.

They are safely tucked in a kennel and never have to worry about food and water. They are all being treated for mange and will be weaned soon.

JAYCEE'S PUPSWe are very worried that by the condition of Jaycee she may require considerable medical treatment. We fear she may have heartworm. She is a wonderful dog and a great dedicated mom. We cannot imagine how she managed to survive!

(We named her Jaycee after the kidnapped girl that was found the same day we rescued her!!)


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