Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love BEFORE and AFTER pics. Don't you?!

UPDATE: Sweet Andy (now called Riley) is still looking for a home. People are put off by his underbite, apparently, I think it gives him a cheesy grin ;-) Don't overlook this darling dog; he is in RLRR foster care.

ANDY BEFOREANDY goes to RLRR foster home. He is such a great guy. He loves sitting in cars!!

ANDY AFTERAndy is ready to go home

Thanks Jodi!


Joan said...


Jo Tallchief said...

I love b&a pics, too - and when they find a home even better than the one I have! :)))

terresaslush said...

Unfortunately Andy(now called Riley) does NOT have a home and NO, I mean NOOOOOOO, applications on this little man!!! :( it's so very sad. noone can get past his teeth. :(

rilera said...

He is so cute! Someone will recognize his unique smile soon, I know it.

Jo Tallchief said...

Oh, dear! I wish I could take him but I don't have a fenced yard and I live by the highway here on the reservation. Good luck, little guy!


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