Friday, September 11, 2009

Jaycee saves orphaned pups

We are experiencing lots of puppies arriving at the shelter the past few weeks. Our efforts to reduce dog and cat reproduction is helping, however, we still are obligated to help the puppies and kittens that arrive.

JAYCEE, OUR HEROWe received a call last Saturday that a mama shepherd and a litter of 10 from Ponemah were in trouble. The mama had apparently eaten, what the owner thought was a fish, and it had killed her. The pups were very young and the outlook was not good for the little family.

We finally got the pups to the shelter yesterday, 6 days later, thanks to Polly who made the long trip to Ponemah and hunted down the poor little orphans. Since the call, l had died, and 2 more died on arrival at the shelter last night.

There are 7 surviving pups, whose eyes are just starting to open. They were ravenously hungry and we started to bottle feed them. Then we had the idea that maybe one of our 2 lactating moms here might foster them.

JAYCEE AND ORPHANSWell-Jessica who came in starving late last week was now producing milk but had 7 of her own pups to feed. She did not have enough milk for all.

Then we had our dear Jaycee who came in starving and with mange 2 weeks ago. After getting puppy kibble and canned food in unlimited quanitity- she has begun to produce great quantities of milk.

Her own 7 pups are now eating and are able to sustain themselves, so Mike and I made the decision to have Jaycee foster them and then supplement her feeding with noon bottling as well. The pups are thriving and hopefully will all survive.

JAYCEE AND ORPHANSIt is really not fair for Jaycee to have to feed another litter, but we keep telling her she will never have to have puppies again!! She is a wonderful dog and a great mom in spite of her own run-down condition.

Pet Projects is taking Jaycees own litter of 7 on Sunday freeing up Jaycee to be a full-time mom to the orphans. Lauren and Mike are coming for the weekend and will transport them out just in time.

Thank you Pet Projects and dear Jaycee!!

Karen RLRR

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