Monday, September 14, 2009


Jessica, a beautiful german shepherd, arrived with her litter in very poor condition a week ago. She is making great strides with puppy food and canned food.

POOR SKINNY JESSICAWe received a call last week that a mama shepherd had a litter of 14 and was in trouble -- not eating, not lactating -- and pups beginning to die.

Polly and I went to the place on Wednesday September 9 and picked them up in Barton's Camp housing project.

Poor Jessica was emaciated and had lots of patches of hair missing, but had no mange. We do not know what the missing patches of hide are from, but perhaps a previous severe case of mange which may have killed the hair roots.

When we picked her up she had only 8 surviving pups, and one died on Thursday, the day after they arrived. Jessica was very hungry and we started feeding her good quality puppy kibble and canned food, thanks to the generous donations we get.

JESSICA'S SEVEN PUPSIn a day or so she began to produce milk which is sustaining the 7 surviving pups.

We have discovered that Jessica is a very wonderful dog and we know we will be able to find her a great home after the pups are weaned. She gets along well with all the dogs, and is always searching for food, even though we feed her all she wants.

JESSICA SMILINGIt was purely a case of malnourishment over a long period of time that caused Jessica's breakdown. She is happy and thriving right now, and her puppies are also doing very well.

Thank you to all who make these rescues possible- We cannot do it without our metro support team and donors.

CUTE FACE!Thank you from Jessica and her babies.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

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