Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chelsea, the little princess


Last December I was fortunate enough to make my third trip to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help Karen the founder with chores. The latest addition to my family, Ahnung, was rescued by Karen, then later brought into Pet Haven's foster program. We decided we needed to take a road trip (and yes, both Ahnung and I went!) to transport some dogs back to the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, one of the dogs that did not have a rescue to go to was Diedra (now named Chelsea). Her sister had a rescue but poor Chelsea had none ... Karen looked at me with these eyes that showed pain for the pups who have to contend with the frigid winters living in outdoor kennels, "we have to find a rescue to take her." One morning after completing chores and taking Ahnung and Jordan (a young shepherd pup who stayed inside with us in the cat house) for a walk, we went back inside and Chelsea plopped herself right outside the door with a look on her face that cried, "why can't I come in?" I took her photo and promised her i'd work to find her a foster ... well, here's an update from Chelsea (edited by her mom, Amy):

"When Marilou visited Red Lake Rosie's last winter I didn't realize that I was on my way to finding my forever home. She took some pictures of me playing in the snow and then suggested to someone that I would be the perfect puppy to foster. After meeting my new foster mom I knew it wouldn't be long before I would work my way into her heart and she would become my new mom! She thought I was the cutest little girl ever and instantly fell in love with me and my big dumbo ears.

Months later we are still having a great time. I now have 3 siblings (all kitties) and they have taught me the ways of the world - how to pounce, stalk 'prey', throw balls with my mouth and most importantly how to look at mom with puppy dog eyes to get whatever I want!! When I'm not home playing with my siblings, I love going to work with mom everyday and playing with my friends there. I also enjoy long walks (mom is working up to running), hiking through the woods and the dog park. I could go on for hours running and playing with other dogs at the park, so far there isn't a park I haven't loved. Just this last weekend I went to Renaissance Festival with my mom and some friends and had a blast! I am so thankful for Marilou bringing me back and finding me a wonderful home where I can live as the spoiled little princess I truly was meant to be!"

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