Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Three Amigos

I want to share the story of the three amigos.

We got a call from a man who had 3 older chihuahuas and could no longer care for them. They are Gabby, Hosea and Harley. They got the nickname "The three amigos" at the shelter.

As it turned out they had Hosea (the male) first and he now is 11 years old. Then they got Harley who is 10 years old; she is a female now spayed.
Finally they got the baby, named Gabby, who is now 9 years old.

HOSEAWhen the three came to us on August 24th, they had lived indoors all their lives and now they are in a kennel. They do exercise with the group in the morning and evening and seem to be adjusting fine.

HARLEYWe are thankful that Pet Haven decided to take Harley and she left with Barbara on the transport. Pet Haven was inquiring about Gabby this morning.

GABBYWe appreciate that Pet Haven has often taken older dogs from Red Lake Rosie's and we want to thank them for their kindness.

Sincerely, Karen Good RLRR

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Anonymous said...

I Miss Them Soooo Much,They Were My Babies,If I Had A Place For Them I Would Have Taken Them With Me When I Moved,I Think Of Them Often,They Were My World :( Harley Was Very Close To Me,Actually All 3 Were Very Close To Me And Meant Alot


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