Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Small transport GROWS!!!

LOADING UPWell, what started out earlier this week to be a small transport -- 2 cats, a litter of 6 pups and one dog -- grew and grew.

LOADING UPWhen the animals left the shelter this morning there were 43 on board!

TOM & NANCY READY FOR THE FIRST LEG OF THE TRANSPORTWe sent 23 animals to ARVSS in Wisconsin including:

SARAH'S LITTER OF SIXSarah, a mama dog and her newborn litter of 6,

SEVEN SHEPHERD PUPSlitter of 7 orphan pups,

DELLA'S SEVEN PUPSDella's litter of 7 mangy pups, and

DOOLEY & DAWNDooley & Dawn -- 2 little mangy pups found at Ponemah and Red Lake, respectively.

RAE ANNDr. Vickie of Act V is going to take Rae Ann, an injured kitten. I will do a separate blog on Rae Ann and her rescue. It is a very amazing story.

GRACIEGracie, female husky went to a foster home with All Dog Rescue.

LOYATricounty Humane Society helped out by taking Loya, a vetted female rottweiler and 2 cats, Buster and Teo, as well as a litter of 6 puppies.

ROADSTER PUPS, GORDON & HESTERRLRR foster homes are taking the two roadster puppies rescued from the highway called Hester & Gordon.

FIVE KITTENSThree kittens also are going to a vet who fosters kittens for us.

Yesterday at work I ended up with three more small shepherd pups that a lady said strayed into her yard. After all the transport was finalized, Dee Dee calls and happily states that there is a foster home for them too.

Our amazing team of transporters include Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan, Barbara Olson, Dee Dee Welles and Kristin Ripley. Kristin Ripley drove the leg to Wisconsin.

A special thank you to the transporters, the receiving groups and fosters and all our supporters who made this happen for the Red Lake animals.

Mee - Gwitch!!
Karen, Mike and RLRR

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