Thursday, September 3, 2009

One-month transformation for Edwina & Jewelz

Edwina and Jewelz were part of a large transport from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. They went to foster homes with ARVSS in Wisconsin and are now up on ready for adoption. They look heartwarmingly healthy and happy now compared to a month ago!

EDWINA BEFOREEdwina had a very sad story. According to Karen, she was the only survivor of her litter who came here on 7/12/09. The litter of pups was starving and mange-infested already. Then kids in the neighborhood where they lived hung the puppies by the neck and threw stones at them until they all died, except Edwina. A lady got the puppy away from the kids and we got her. The people do not know the kids involved and would give no information. Despite her shockingly tragic circumstances, Edwina is a "hoot". She is such a great pup and has a wonderful "I am happy" attitude. A real doll.


EDWINA AFTERMy name is Edwina. I was born about June 1, 2009. We are thinking I am some kind of Terrier Mix. It does not look like I am going to get too big either, but, since my parentage is unknown, there is no guarantee. Maybe 45-50 lbs.

I am energetic and friendly. I am a good listener and all-around a good dog. I am crate-trained and do great inside the house. My foster family has just started obedience training with me--and I am very smart.

The person(s) that adopt me will need to keep me busy. I need to exercise. A walk or two a day along with a good run in a yard chasing a ball or to a dog park to chase some other dogs would be good.

I love Kids and Cats! I like Kids cuz they can wear me out (and I wear them out)--I like cats cuz they just smell different.

If you would like a happy dog that will brighten your every single day with joy and happiness--please fill out the application so we can meet!


JEWELZ AFTERMy name is Jewlz. I was born about November 1, 2008. I am a Husky/Terrier Mix and I will stay about 50-55 lbs.
I am a very good girl. I am great in my crate and I am housebroken. I love to play. I am very very smart. I have found very creative ways to communicate to my foster family about what I want. I have started obedience training and I learn quickly.

I love other dogs and I really love children. I just got swiped by the foster families cats (guess she did not want to play like a dog)--so we have been making up this week and it is going fine. I will listen the next time a cat says they don't want to play!

The person(s) who adopt me need to keep in mind that I am very intelligent and will require mind-stimulating activities (children and other dogs work well). If you decide to adopt me, I will give you companionship, loyalty and love--I promise!

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Anonymous said...

What incredible transformations with these little dolls. Thanks to those who gave them a second chance....they are little beauties.


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