Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Record 73 animals at RLRR this weekend

RLRR had a record high of 73 animals on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. when a little pup was surrendered that was found on the highway in Red Lake. We are so thankful that 19 animals left on Sunday morning for a chance to find their forever homes.

LAUREN AND ORPHAN PUPSJaycee recently went "on strike" so Lauren spent time bottling the orphans.Lauren and Mike arrived on Friday night and spend Saturday working at the shelter on various projects. We are very thankful for their dedication and many trips they have made to help Red Lake animals.

SPRINKLESprinkle went to Lauren and Mike for foster care- this little kitten was irresistible.

THREE HUSKY PUPS AND LONE PUP3 husky pups plus the one lone pup went to Animal Ark foster home.They left Sunday morning fully loaded with animals going to Tricounty Humane Society, All Dog Rescue, Animal Ark, Pet Projects, and to RLRR foster care homes. A special thanks to all these groups who are helping us out by taking in animal during a very high volume season.


TRUMANTAFFYTruman and Taffy went to All Dog

JAYCEE'S PUPSJaycee's litter of 7 went to Pet Projects

JOLENEJolene went to Tricounty Humane Society.

MANITOUManitou which means"Spirit" in Ojibwe is a little dumpster pup that
got foster care.

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terresaslush said...

She forgot GG and Delilah who RLRR foster homes took in. :( We are WORKING and HOPING on taking on some more animals in the foster care. Like we have a foster for 3kittens and 2-3pups when we can. DeeDee is working on the transport. PHEW....Karen sure does have her hands full but thank goodness she is there for them!


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