Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diesel -- My how you've grown!!

This is an update on Diesel, the puppy who came in covered in motor oil. Can't believe he is so big and beautiful. He was such a sad, scrawny, little thing.

I thought maybe you folks would like to see Diesel almost grown up. He just finished his beginners class and will be heading on to intermediate, and just maybe down the line some UKC shows- he's a natural performer.

DENISE SAYS: Brings tears to my eyes.


Joan said...

Diesel is just absolutely gorgeous!

terresaslush said...

His foster mom did such AWESOME work with him. She really grew attached to him but knew his new mom would be wonderful also. These updates just make your feel all fuzzy inside. :)

Anonymous said...

We love these before and after photos, along with the stories.
Thanks for loving this sweet guy!

Anonymous said...

Diesel looks great. I remember seeing him when I adopted my puppy and felt so bad that he had such a rough start. He looks so happy and handsome.

Dino Buege said...

I fostered Diesel , it's great to see how beautiful he is. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful home.


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