Monday, September 7, 2009

Harmony at RLRR

Hi all!I wanted to share the pics of the ideal group of dogs and puppies we have had recently at the RLRR shelter. The chemistry has been perfect!!
It is amazing how they ALL get along and we have had such a great time with this group, and are able to turn all of them out to exercise and socialize morning and evening. It has been a real joy to do the chores with this group.
Sincerely, Karen

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Jo Tallchief said...

Wish I could live out by you, Karen, I would. :) It's so peaceful out there with just the sound of the wind in the grass and trees. Sounds like the dogs are loving it. We're doing good at my house. I got Snoogle neutered and got blood tests for him. He's healthy as a horse and getting larger every day. :)))


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