Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tula's home

A very happy ending for Tula

Tula came to All Dog Rescue with two of her puppies way back at the beginning of April. Originally from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, she had been staying at Akin Hills Pet Hospital, where the caring staff was taking care of her and her litter of tiny babies. Her puppies were adopted quickly, but sweet Tula waited patiently for a long time to find her forever home.

Well, her wait was certainly worth it - after 5 months in foster care Tula was adopted by a wonderful home - boy was it worth the wait!! Tula's foster mom got an update and these great photos the day after she was adopted:

"Just thought we'd let you know that things are moving along smoothly. The first 24 hours have been lots of fun, Tula is getting well acquainted w/her new home. She's interested in taking a cat psychology course, if you know anyone offering any such thing. Perhaps she'll be able to write the book one day. Anyway, she and Michael are definitely intrigued w/one another and Tula is a very patient girl! More to come! Thanks, again, we are very happy with our new girl!"

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