Friday, September 25, 2009

A memory of Minnie

I came across this picture last night. In all the times we’ve talked about my neighbor’s dog, Minnie, who was a Red Lake Rescue (she was Animal Ark’s Mrs. Olson), I don’t think I ever showed you a picture of just what a love she actually turned out to be after she got a good home and got healthy.

SADIE & MINNIEMinnie was only with Susann for two years and has now been gone for over a year, but she was dearly loved by all of us while she was here. She had the greatest attitude about life and lived it to the fullest.

It is too bad it took 14 years for her to find her way to Susann’s but we’re grateful she made it. She and my daughter Sadie had a very special relationship. That little dog just loved her. You can see it in the picture.


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Karen and RLRR said...

Bless you all for Mrs. Olson, for Chris Morris and Jodi Ehlenz who spent hours freeing her from a matted shell of hair. Also for Mary Salter and Dr. Charlie for taking her to the Ark where she got a chance at a great live, and love.

If this was the only dog Red Lake Rosie ever helped, it would have been worth it. She was the lst or 2nd most abused, and neglected dog I had ever seen up to today. THANK YOU and BLESS YOU!!!


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