Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Lake Rosie's rescues increased 64% this year

Dear Metro Support Committee:

I am aware you are holding a meeting on September 23, I wanted to get you the unbelievable placement stats for the 3rd quarter- July, August, and September 2009:


47 dogs/pups and 6 cats/kittens


69 dogs/pups and 37 cats/kittens

September :

66 dogs/pups and 16 cats/kittens

TOTAL: 241 for a 3 month period / about 80 average per month

Total deaths: One cat in July, one dog in August, l dog and one cat in September. 3 orphan pups arrive DOA in September and 7 survived.
= Total loss this quarter was 7 animals/ 3% We hate to lose any but I think we are really doing well in that in spite of the condition that many of these animals come here in, our survival rate is excellent.

We are certainly hoping for a slowdown. The more aimals we get, the more we have to spend on medical at the Clearwater Vet. Got a nice $5,000 donation recently which really helps with medical. We also got a great donation of $1,000 for straw which helped us meet our goal- straw in the shed and all paid in full today!!

Lots of animals coming from Ponemah dump with a teacher now checking the dump regularly and putting pups in my truck at work.

Possibility of a NOVEMBER clinic. Got an email from Ark and Akin Hills, I told them that we are waiting to hear from DJ and T for reimbursement on the community dogs - we basically had to pay for both May and August clinics out of the Lawson fund and got NO DJ and T money. So if that grant is approved ( I submitted end of July and no word yet), we could finance 1/2 of the clinic. Sounds like the Ark wants to do some fundraising and help us out. Clinics cost about $5,000 - $5,500 each.

Thank you all on the metro committee for all the help, the blog, the transporters, the receiving rescues, and the network you each have to help the Red Lake animals. I am amazed at what we are doing as a team.

Sincerely, Karen Good

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Jo Tallchief said...

Gee, Karen - think of how many animals were lost before you and Polly started doing rescues. What would the rez and the animals do without you guys? To say you're awesome is putting it mildly!! :) Thx for the numbers! :)))


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