Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rusty-- A Red Lake regular

Many people visit the Red Lake Rosie's shelter and have met Rusty.

Rusty was rescued in 1998 from Red Lake on the curve on Highway # 1 coming into the Red Lake village. She was a homeless shep mix who entertained people on this curve in the road with plastic bags. She would run with the plastic bags and do circles at high speeds catching everyone's eyes. People began to leave her food and she entertained them all.

One day I got a call that the Police was going to have to kill her as it was a concern that she was going to cause an accident on the curve with all her antics. I was able to catch Rusty that very day and moved her to my house where she made herself at home.

With no access to plastic, she started obsessing herself with rocks.
When she met Barbara, Nancy and Tom she had a regular supply of tennis balls and seems to like them as well as rocks.
Everyone that meets Rusty just loves her, and I have attached her makeover picture as she went to the groomer on Monday. Isn't she a doll??

Sincerely, Karen

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Jo Tallchief said...

My mom loved Rusty, too! When I was living in Seattle, we were talking on the phone and she was telling me about Rusty and her plastic bags. A few years later I came back to Red Lake and immediately fell in with Karen, Polly and Katie. My mom still remembered Rusty but, of course, didn't know her name. She asked me to ask Karen, "What ever happened to that dog..." I love playing with Rusty when I go out to Karen's and give my mom updates on her when I get back home.


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